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Premier Fahie’s message on the passage of Hurricane Jerry

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie is encouraging residents to remain watchful even though Hurricane Jerry did not impact the territory.

He said this is necessary because the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season has not yet concluded. The season officially ends on November 30.

Below is his full statement on the subject.

Good morning and God’s Blessings to you and yours.

Our Comforter and Heavenly Father said in His word: “Fear not, for I am with you.” I thank our Lord and Saviour for giving us the opportunity in the Virgin Islands to wake up to a bright and sunny morning.

Thanks be to God that Hurricane Jerry did not come near our dwelling and is moving away. God is merciful.

I still want us to remain vigilant though. We must not let our guard down! This Atlantic Hurricane Season is expected to be a busy one. So, let us continue to ‘Be Ready’. Let us continue to stock up on supplies. Let us continue to make the necessary repairs, where possible. Let us continue to tend to our emotional and spiritual needs and stay prayed up!

I wish to thank the team at DDM and all the Government stakeholders who helped to prepare the territory and to make information sharing possible.

May God continue to bless and protect the people of the Virgin Islands. May He also be merciful on us and our brothers and sisters throughout the region. I note that there are other systems coming as well.

BE READY, STAY READY! Rest of a wonderful day!

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  1. Too True says:

    Let’s watch out for Tropical Storm Karen.
    As of the National Hurricane Center 8:00 am update (Sept 22) the center of TS Karen is forecast to be 54 miles east of Tortola on Tuesday pm; tropical storm winds extend 125 miles.
    So, we will probably get a some wind & rain…

    • At least says:

      At least this news service is providing some warning. In the past the only reporting was after the storm left the area. Fahie should leave the Almighty out of his speeches. If the people of the BVI were so good and wonderful, the Almighty would be steering these storms away instead of directly at the corrupt and racist Territory.

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      • @At least says:

        You have no clue what you are talking. THANK God the Premier is not listening to you!!

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      • CW says:

        Save yourself, God has nothing to do with it! You mean to tell me all those people in Bahamas weren’t praying?? All those kids getting shot in the USA were prayed for. Guess what? Still got killed. BVI buries its head in the sand and wants Jesus to help. JESUS WANTS YOU TO HAVE AN EVACUATION PLAN.

        Prayers are like wishes. It’s fine unless you actually want something to happen!! THINK FOR YOURSELVES


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  2. vip heckler says:

    Sheer damage control after making a big blunder along with the deputy governor. Bottom-line they all goofed up

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  3. Nick says:

    Hi dim,as11am this morning we are on tropical storm watch.just saying.

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  4. ok NOW says:

    No more hiccups like last week

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  5. Richard says:

    Complete idiots, we are under TS warning from NHC for Karen and the Government says nothing, couldn’t make it up if you tried. Useless

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  6. rastarite says:

    Do not mix politics with religion. Praying for a storm to change course will not do anything.

    Do your job and protect the people to the best of your ability. Let the preachers do the God stuff!

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    • @rastarite says:

      This shows how much you know you. I pray you find Jesus before it’s too late. As YHWH said to Nebuchadnezzar, HE still rules in the Kingdom of man! So run tell that!

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  7. The wise !!!!!! says:

    What about Karen??????.

  8. What!!! says:

    Mr. Premier, you are the head of our country please leave your personal religious beliefs out of your addresses to us. Not everyone who voted for you agrees with your religious views and they have no place in politics keep your ideas of the “almighty” out of politics.

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  9. CW says:


    The people in Bahamas all prayed and they can’t even find them all. So many died. Looks like God isn’t helping like you thought?
    Try being prepared with supplies and an escape route to a shelter. Planning is better than praying, at least if you want to live

  10. oh yeah says:

    Jesus Christ is Lord!! Jehovah is the Creator of Heaven and earth! Premier continue to exalt Jesus He is Lord of the Virgin Islands!!! Our country was built on the prayers and hard work of our ancestors. We are indeed the Land of The Turtle Dove and Thank Almighty God for is Grace and Mercy towards. If a nation forget God then We are doomed!! Lets continue to Lift Jesus High High in our Country. If we forget God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Blessed Holy Spirit we are doomed!! But I do believe he will spare us because most Virgin Islands Believe, in The True and Awesome God. I give Him Thanks and Praise He is worthy!!

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  11. Eagle eye says:

    Our Comforter and Heavenly Father said in His word: “Fear not, for I am with you.yet you walk up and down with body guards.the people is way beyond this nonsense.

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    • Blasphemy says:

      You people on here are blasphemers that is why God is allowing the destruction. Mr. Premier, many of us love and respect you because you are a God fearing man and we know that you have to protect yourself from the evil ones. The evil doers who will listen to the voice of the devil.

  12. @ Eagle eye says:

    God also said He will help those who help themselves. Nothing wrong with protecting yourself. The Premier is no idiot.

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