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Premier goes on the defensive amid damning audit reports

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has come out in staunch defence of his administration’s record of governance; amid the Auditor General’s (AG) damning revelations about the government’s COVID-19 stimulus programme for local fishers and farmers.

The findings from AG Sonia Webster’s audit of the programme detailed the government’s systematic failures to follow protocol and the Premier’s Office’s  “deliberate attempts” at blocking her from accessing government files needed to conduct her investigations. 

These were revealed when Webster appeared before the ongoing Commission of Inquiry this week. But while speaking on his party’s Let’s Talk radio programme last evening, Premier Fahie disputed several of the improper actions his office is accused of perpetrating.

And in complete contrast to the revelations that emerged from the Webster’s sworn evidence to the COI, Premier said he respects the AG’s work.

“I will say in terms of the Auditor General that your government respects the role of the audit department and the Auditor General’s Office, as we do for all the statutory offices,” the Premier said.

Reading from what appeared to be text on his phone, Premier Fahie further stated that the AG’s office is a very crucial component of good governance.

He argued, however, that audits only represent a “snapshot picture at a given point in time”. “Therefore, at a different point in time, the picture can change as the information changes.”

Be cautious of AG’s reports

Seemingly referring to the AG’s findings of his office’s distribution of stimulus funds, the Premier urged persons to be cautious when analysing the AG’s revelations given that all the data was not made available to her office at the time of the audit.

“The validity and accuracy of an audit report also depends on the data that is analysed to come to the findings and conclusion,” the Premier said. “If the information is incomplete, then it will not show the whole picture.”

He continued: “So, if all the data was not analysed or all of the data was not available to be analysed … then the conclusion of the report has to be approached with caution because the analysis is not based on all the data.”

Grant funds can be fully accounted

Turning his attention to claims from the AG that protocol was not followed regarding the government’s COVID-19 stimulus fund distribution, Premier Fahie stated repeatedly that he can assure the public that all funds and grants can, and have already been accounted for.

“All I can say at this time is that time will reveal the truth,” said Fahie who did not directly address the AG’s claims that his office deliberately blocked her from accessing the files to do conduct the very audit he’s now suggesting is inaccurate.

According to the Premier, the people of the BVI will be furnished with another side of the story and will then be able to determine what is the truth.

He without sin cast the first stone

Amid overwhelming public criticism of his administration following audits, the Andrew Fahie-led government has adopted the biblical adage, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. 

The Premier said no one should be able to judge the BVI as if it should faultless.

He drew reference to a senior UK minister’s recent resignation on account of inappropriate conduct.

“Who is perfect to judge whom?” Premier Fahie asked. “We are prepared to defend our record … I will not go in any hole and hide,” he added,.

Health Minister, Carvin Malone meanwhile, described the COI as a 71-year audit of governance in the Virgin Islands.

He questioned the COI’s apparent central theme of “the public’s right to know”, claiming that every institution that the BVI has is being broken down.


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  1. Margret Thatcher says:

    The COI is more effective than the HOA.

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    • Jones says:

      Why has nobody tendered their resignation yet?

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    • Fiji H2o to the world says:

      Everybody thirsty…Mark is very dehydrated LOL

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    • your words says:

      Andrew “put up or shut up”.

      You should of addressed threatening matters and not protect your own.

      Instead, you give them weapons, all this will come back at you too.

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    • Blindingly obvious says:

      “He drew reference to a senior UK minister’s recent resignation on account of inappropriate conduct.”

      Can’t you see, Fahie? he RESIGNED! If the scum that have taken our money were to resign, perhaps we’d be more inclined to believe we have a working democracy. Then we’d throw them in Balo.

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  2. Foy says:

    Foy stop puffing your chest. We the people see right through your di****est, t***ving ways. You and your cronies are done. If there was nothing to hide then you could have made the information available to the Auditor General. You are not PAPA DOC. This is a democratic society and you must answer anyone’s request. Have fun in Haiti!!

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  3. Hmmm says:

    Is accounting to whom you gave the real problem here though? Criteria, real farmers and fisher folks. The general public knows. A lot who don’t fish or farm for a living received, And who does have not received.

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  4. heckler says:

    don’t mind he

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  5. Chief says:

    In the context of the country’s financial health and the corruption that you and previous administrations have indulged in, many of the citizens, the vast majority, are without sin. So we can cast the first stone. In other areas is our lives, maybe but we are not trusted with a public purse. Your defense is juvenile and bold face, with all due disrespect.

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  6. Bout Time Will Reveal the truth says:

    Chupppesssss. Tell us the truth now – right now.

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  7. Styles. says:

    So basically he is saying, we don’t give the AG all the information so you should not trust what they say.

    So Fahie, not giving information to the AG is good governance then?

    You f***d.

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  8. pmsl says:

    so the premier wanted everything to be streamed on air public and now complains that everything is being made public, the AG tore the government a new one

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  9. BVI Future says:

    It is called a paper trail. Ms. Webster has one and you do not have one.
    Ms. Webster is a credible witness, and you are not a credible witness because of your past history and story telling.
    For example, people are still waiting to review CSC contracts. How about that?

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  10. Just my two cent says:

    If the UK suspend our government which in all honestly it need to be VIP administration have no one to blame but their selves.

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  11. ok says:

    If by chance the funds are accounted for; it has still been misspent. You simply have to go. If this is your argument, you are trying to hold on to a twig as you go under for the last time. Sad, it should not have come to this. Maybe politicians can help stop the bleeding by agreeing to all step down and let us go back to the polls with not one of them present or past being eligible to run.

    It is time to shut this circus show down.

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  12. Auditor says:

    Mr. Premier,
    I was a manager/auditor with a major auditing & accounting firm in both the US & UK, plus “in the islands”. When doing an audit you take a sample, you do not look at every single transaction.
    Therefore your argument “that audits only represent a snapshot picture at a given point in time, so therefore at a different point in time the picture can change as the information changes” is a completely ridiculous argument!!!
    Please just accept and admit that the payments made to many of the so-called farmers and fishermen were ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

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  13. He has no shame says:

    At this point we’re not interested in anything he has to say. There’s no coming back from this. You’ve lost any trust we had in you. You are co***pt. The evidence is clear. Time for elections.

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  14. Be serious says:

    Pls be serious. So how come a “Fisherman” that I know of get 9k. He not even own a boat nor a rod. You think he catching fish with his hands? Then us real Fisherman not even get a cent. Then you refuse to hand over information to the investigation….what you got to hide? You cr**ked

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  15. The Queen says:

    Gotcha. Yews gone to the pokey. Don’t forget the lube

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  16. Mrs Tubman says:

    Mr Premier defending the indefensible is Satanic.
    Personally appointing Willock and Cline to be Speaker and Consultant respectively to our Elected Government is also indefensible.
    Are we to ponder why you were/are compelled to be under their spell.

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  17. Jim Reeves says:

    I think the late Jim Reeves was referring to Foy in his song titled “ He’ll have to go”

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  18. Mashup says:

    The Premier and his team are imploding and putting on a show just to give the impression that they are not s**tting their pants. The people have seen and heard enough, no sweet talk from him can change that. The COI, espcially the information put out there by the Auditor has only confirmed what most of us thought anyway, for both NDP and VIP. However, the VIP appears to be 10 times worst especially with the bold face nasty way in which the stimulus was handled. To date we have businesses and families genuinely struggling while persons working for government and elsewhere, with no overheads, who never missed a paycheck due to covid, raked in over $10K for absolutely nothing. Then our Premier can sit on the radio and say time will tell? If you do not end up in the jail something is very wrong.

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  19. Hmmmm says:

    Don’t mind him with all this noise. Him, the Speaker and others are trying to distract the populace with their mind games. When the COI calls the Premier again let us see how much mouth he has then. I’m almost certain he will throw all of his secretaries and accounting officers under the bus claiming that he had no idea what was being done.

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  20. Truth says:

    At this point the Premier might as well admit that he wanted to assist persons and felt that the fishermen/farmers line item was easiest to do so. Lying and trying to find all manner of reasons to blame everyone else won’t cut it. The Premier never expected the list to be released in the public that’s why he doesn’t know how to act. If he managed to keep that list secret he would’ve gotten away with all of the lies, but GOD!

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  21. Rubber Duck says:

    On the COI. I wouldn’t want Mr Ryan Geluk to be guarding my sheep.

    Did we pay him for that?

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  22. Sorry says:

    My Foy. It’s very unfortunate that you won’t be able to complete you elected term in public office as head of these islands. You simply have to go. We will begin with an antigovernment march first. Date ? to be announced.

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    • God dont sleep. Shame on Sowande says:

      Look how many long living resident amongst us Island people here for more than 30 years they victimized out of their rightful Status. Hope they all go Jail..They need to stop calling God’s name..Wicked..

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      • @God don't sleep. Shame on Sowande says:

        BOL are you serious? Do you think you have automatic entitlement because you’ve been living here for Donkey Years? Do the Right Thing and follow the Process. Applying doesn’t mean you fit the criteria to gaining Status. The nerve of you.

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      • Faith says:

        What have you been doing in the bvi for 30 years? Hope you were not a burden and that’s why you have not received this “status” you seem to think you are untitled to. Stupes !!

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  23. unreal says:

    Quick to quote scriptures, but hardly live by them!

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  24. Hope says:

    You all here wishing the worse on the Govt, but it is all of us who will suffer under the hands of the UK, (not just elected officials) if you all get what you want. When an airplane crashes, everyone perish.

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    • Hmm says:

      You sound so damn foolish. There was a COI in Turks and the UK took over temporarily. Are they suffering? Go read a book please.

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      • yep says:

        the people ran the country with no ministers and no house of assembly. Our father does not watch his people suffer for too long.

    • @Hope says:


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    • @hope says:

      Suffer how? In what way? Cleaning your house and getting new and sturdy furniture is a tribulation?

  25. PLAIN AND SIMPLE says:


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  26. Captain Flint says:

    Given the plethora of accountancy firms within about 1 mile of Road Town and the number of qualified accountants and auditors in the BVI generally why didn’t the Government ask for assistance with the accounting staff and audit staff?

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  27. Captain Flint says:

    Lots of boxes delivered to the Cutlass building today – some dated 2011! So there are records then?

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  28. PPlease says:

    Foy need to just stop trying to justify his gr**d. He has the right Financial planner to help to push the agenda. Hope a jail building somewhere just for all of thm

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    • True dat says:

      Yeah and you ain’t see his accountant in he office mudda get farming stimulus too. Wonder why he probably burn up the business stimulus infermation because it what really take place get out it will land he and he accountant behind bars. Them day right around the corner. Set of good 4 nuttin

  29. Always calling Gods name says:

    These leaders are very wicked and disappointing. Dishonest. Let the C**zy man know we would believe Mrs Webster word every day over his and his gang..

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  30. Blasphemy says:

    What is he… Jesus? Quoting scriptures. Him is the d***l!

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  31. He Huff and he puff says:

    and he still have not one thing to say.

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  32. Lawlessness says:

    We the people will not be distracted by your vain use of bible verses, nor by your irrelevant attack on a UK minister.

    You are rightfully being judged by the laws of men. Confess and resign. Or risk being removed in disgrace.

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  33. Carriers Over says:

    YEAH, the Premier job in politics and public office is winding down. HE CAN NEVER RUN FOR PUBLIC AGAIN. IF HE TRIES, every thing will pop into minds. The people is not going to make the same mistake over again.HIS POLITICAL CAREER IS DAMAGED. NO ONE IS GOING TO TRUST THE PREMIER TO SIT IN ANY POLITICAL POSITION, WHO IS GOING TO TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY. BUDDY, YOU CALL THIS ON YOURSELF. NEVER ALLOW POWER TO BE THE CONTROLLER.

    Like 19
    • Gill says:

      That’s what you think. Please be reminded that The premier does not run as an At Large candidate.

    • Palms says:

      The Premier was elected by an electorate who should be taking a good look at themselves. Andrew has always been sh**y. He is known to the FBI for chrissakes. Nothing in his district demonstrates that he has been using Gov funds for the peoples. However we know he has allegedly built homes within the district for family, friends, bought them vehicles and set them up in business while senior citizens suck salt.

  34. Truth says:

    Speak the truth and it will set you free. Stop quoting scriptures out of context. Well u have said it, “he that has no sin cast the 1st stone.” – The woman was caught in sin and so are you. Confess and turn away.

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  35. itstime says:

    You said they didn’t have all the Data, How can they have it when you allegedly blocked it? you are a pice of work.

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  36. Dave Chappelle says:

    Aye… Now with this level of stress you going drop it all again meh son!

    If D1 voters vote for this *** man for a representative again I don’t know what he have in their kool-aid down there.

    What is in the dark must come to light! Running to the previous Governor before Gus to make NDP look bad back fired on you my friend.

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  37. @ HOPE says:


  38. Jay says:

    As always, he said a WHOLE LOT and still said NOTHING. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone… Okay so what about he who IS WITH SIN??? What should he do? Continue to talk in a bunch a circles in hopes to hide his sin? Come on Mr. Premier.

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  39. Question says:

    the Andrew Fahie-led government has adopted the biblical adage, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.


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  40. Unconventional leadership says:

    I am thinking of a book by the same name. Maybe I can get a movie deal. These Coi guys are professionals. They set them up, they never looked into the rare view mirror. Uncle Gus your timing was perfect. Britain had the info that they needed. This is no investigation this is confirmation. I will start writing what I hope will be a best seller. The names will be changed to protect the innocent. No never mind they are not innocent.

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  41. rastarite says:

    Guilty as charged. No defense. Just crooked…

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  42. Lol says:

    For all our hot air about being honorable and Christian we are none of those. See how quick Hancock resign in uk. This is more serious and they making excuses. Be honarable. Resign and call an election. Then you will know if we the people believe you

  43. Disgusted says:

    People out here suffering and Foy give his friends our hard earn money. What about the expats who work their behind off and get put on a plane and sent hto their homeland without a dime. Then he put God name in his wicked mouth. “God is not mocked” you shall reap what you sow. You are a fake, stop pretending.

  44. Chupes! says:

    If you knew the information would have been incomplete without all the data, why didn’t you or your office provide all the data that was needed?!? That’s what I want to know. Why didn’t you provide the data???

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Really??!! says:

    During the lockdown last year, we had to spend our rent money so that we could eat during the lockdown. I was not working at the time so my other half had to pick up the slack (Bless him). I paid Social Security up until I was laid off a few months before the plandemic. When I applied for their stimulus grant they told me I didn’t qualify because I didn’t have 13 weeks contributions immediately before the lockdown, even after I explained to them my situation. They didn’t even give me a penny (mind you, I needed it at the time). They don’t truly care about who don’t really have, they only care about looking good to their friends even if what they are doing is wrong and/or don’t make sense. But I know one thing, the real big man above DON’T SLEEP!!

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