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Premier not worried about impending COI report

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie said he is not letting the impending Commission of Inquiry (COI) report hang over his head as he is confident his government has done nothing wrong.

In a press conference last Friday, the Premier said he knows there will be room for improvement in his government; however, he is not letting the report get to him.

“I don’t have anything hanging over my head. I know it’s out there to come in. But it’s not going to have me lie down in my bed worried, singing Kumbaya my lord. I am going to get up with my team and we are going to run this country,” Fahie said.

“If you do no evil, you fear no evil. If the reports come out that systems need to improve and we can improve them based on the aspirations of the people of the Virgin Islands and not trying to shift into doing things that will not help the people of the Virgin Islands, once the report comes then we will work on those areas,” he added.

Fahie said he will not pre-empt the report and he will wait, along with the people of the Virgin Islands. While this happens, he said he will continue to show people his government is responsible, and they will continue to strengthen their good governance side.

The Premier then questioned whether the United Kingdom would be able to withstand a COI of the nature seen in the BVI.

“Would those who give us a Commission of Inquiry be able to withstand the broad nature of the terms of reference of an inquiry like that if it is done on them? The answer is no. No country in the world would be able to have a Commission of Inquiry done on it with such broad terms of references and not have some areas come out of it that needs improvement,” Fahie continued.

No election before report

Meanwhile, Fahie said the report has no bearing on talks of an election and he assured the public no election will be called before the report is delivered. 

The Premier said his team will take the time to analyse the report and address the recommendations made.

“Why should I sit down worrying about something … it is not downplaying the significance of the report… but it’s no use worrying about something when you know that you haven’t done anything wrong,” Fahie said.

“Could you have done something differently? Who wouldn’t be able to improve on things they have done if they could? Well, what I know is the monies have hit the target and our government has done its best in helping the people in these difficult times,” the Premier added.

The COI was granted the extension to present the report in April of this year. Governor John Rankin said the extension was granted because he believed it is right that this process is completed carefully and methodically and to ensure that a complete report is delivered into the areas of concern that the Commission is addressing.


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  1. BuzzBvi says:

    Sure going to be a tough job to take the title of worst premier ever from this guy.

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  2. UKM says:

    Mr. Premier, If you believe you haven’t done any wrong then what we were looking at and listening to with the COI was total friction. You and your government have done more wrong in 3 years than the NDY did in 8 years, time will tell, you should be worried.

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  3. Juan Ping says:

    These NDP bloggers will blog any to regain power.

    Blogs don’t win elections dummies. Votes does. So if you blog 100 times trying to persuade that the government did bad well you are just as bad. Think about it.

    Do you believe the COU report or even England will say the government did bad so here you go, take power over.

    Set of power hungry ignorance in this place.

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    • @Juan Ping says:

      You f**l, premier a f**l too.
      Wait, watch and learn. You cannot be that corrupt without the hangman watching over you.
      The time for justice approaches!

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  4. BARRY SAY says:


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  5. Learn from the best says:

    VIP that is what you did in the last election twist truth , mingle truth with lies
    Now we know who the real liars and who show disrespect for the laws that govern the country .

    He should be concerned except he has a set of incompetent and unconventional mind set leaders and followers
    1. See what he did use psychology to give them a taste of leadership then take over all the Ministries that makes money

    2. Let expatriates feel he was in favor of them fool a few of them with belongers status and then use Mr Whealtley to make all kind of immigration policies

    3. I hear he had meeting with the disgruntled airport staff and promised to give them 25% that was taken away during the hurricane with increased increments at the end of this month .

    POOR WORKING Staff not a penny given
    What you called that . .. Th COI is a welcome step in in some areas Ting to talk

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  6. dead man walking says:

    Having presided over a term characterized by sleaze, mendacity, a toadying personality cult, disgraceful personal attacks on house members and civil servants, this morally bankrupt gang are about to face the music.

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  7. Smh says:

    You are not worried but you spent over 6M of our money on a legal team.

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  8. NB says:

    Mr. Foy, if I were you I won’t be talking so much sir.

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  9. Bumpy says:

    Mr. Fahie the look on your face tell a different story. Lmao

  10. @ NB says:


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