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Premier: Paraquita Bay squatters have to be removed!

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

Premier and Minister of Agriculture Dr Natalio Wheatley has made it clear that persons squatting on Paraquita Bay lands given to farmers for agricultural purposes “have to be removed”.

He made that declaration while speaking at a press conference on Monday, January 23. In fact, he said a committee was established a few months ago to manage these Paraquita Bay farm lands.

“One of the tasks I gave them was being able to come up with standard leases for everybody who are in Paraquita Bay. Every body who has a standard lease for land, they have to adhere to the conditions of that lease and one of those conditions is that it has to be for agricultural purposes. No squatting whatsoever will be tolerated,” Dr Wheatley stated.

“It’s gone a lot more slowly than I would like,” Premier Wheatley admitted. “Often times, I’m here pulling out hair that I don’t have; wondering why it can’t go more quickly but I’m satisfied that we’re moving in the right direction.”

He continued: “We had a meeting with the committee. I think it was a about two weeks ago and they updated me on their progress and I made it clear in no uncertain terms that I need that standard lease … because we have to be accountable to how we use the precious resource of land; especially given the fact that we have a scarcity of flat land in the Virgin Islands and food security is a priority for us.”

According to reports to the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) last month, Paraquita Bay Crown lands that were subdivided and given to persons for farming purposes “have been transformed into living quarters in some instances”.

Director of Agriculture & Fisheries, Theodore James said persons have sheds on the Paraquita Bay lots. He said, “the notion is that there are a lot of non-locals who took up residence. However, locals are allowing persons to occupy the land.”

Non-locals using Paraquita Bay farm lands as ‘living quarters’?


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  1. Pure old talk says:

    he is not going to do a thing because he is afraid of the lady who rides the donkey

  2. Roger Burnett says:

    For the most part committees are a colossal waste of time.

    If God had depended upon a committee when creating the world, we’d still be floating around the universe as a wisp of gas.

  3. So…. says:

    What are you going to do with the peoiple displaced? Barbed wire fences? Laughable use of the word accountability which hereabouts is some sort of illusion.
    Food security may indeed be a priority but the Territory’s agricultural output is unlikely to be meet its needs.

  4. Maybe........ says:

    I don’t know…. maybe just maybe you should, instead of making committees for things that aren’t that important… maybe you should establish one for regulating rent or living costs. maybe that way you’ll be able to get “rid” of squatters and have them be able to live… you know since you wanna be making up committees

  5. Gadaman. says:

    I agree!Especially the so-called Technical Review Committee.

  6. COKE IS IT says:


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  7. Guest says:

    1. Identify the squatters.
    2. Interview the squatters.
    3. Enquire from the squatters if they are paying any monies and if so to whom.

  8. @ COKE IS IT says:

    😎 and I suppose the roads in east end looks better 🤔 , ( perhaps you need to leave that COKE alone ( he and his entourage went to Buckingham palace and spoke vwith nthose white boyz and as he reach home , he put the joyful news on the news sites ~ hollering out AH GOT THE WEED FREED , like it was the greatest accomplishment in the BVI’S history , well praise the lord , AMEN 🙏 ~ he saved us from those white demons

  9. Simple says:

    Deport who aint from here.

  10. VI GYAL says:

    government allowed it.

  11. Redstorm says:

    I think someone believes them smart. Did those people ask where is the land to plant the weed and your answer was Pariquita Bay. Well most of those farm there more than twenty years now, and minute piece of standard lease is not going to solve the problem. You want the farmers them to pay for that first set of cannabis seeds, so now it pushing, we could see you now.

    Imagine, no one for the last thirty years, has produce 500 bananas plants or less to secure the food here, and the silly word is thrown around like it can happen with a piece of paper. Where is the water you promise the farmers?

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  12. disgusting plot says:

    I used to love a stroll along the agriculture road after work but its now a scary place, busy with cars at dusk, i really feel there is a lot of nefarious activity and it is not a safe place. Not sure why you need heavily chanined dogs when nothing is planted

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