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Premier postpones regularization indefinitely, applicants told to await instructions

Premier Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has postponed the government’s programme to regularize select expatriates, effective immediately.

The Premier made the announcement moments after a meeting with the Virgin Gorda community on the matter on Thursday night.

“In respect to the people of the Virgin Islands and for the process of listening to their views and reshaping our agenda, the submission days for the ‘Clear path to regularization: Residency and Belonger Status Programme from May 27 to 31, 2019 has been postponed,” he wrote on his social media page.

He continued: “Applicants are asked to await further word and directions to apply. We regret any inconvenience caused.”

The Premier, however, advised applicants to complete the ‘preparation of all necessary documents’ required for the now-stalled application process.

Some locals were against the initiative

The indefinite postponement of the initiative comes days after the Premier suspended the amendments that were to be made to the Immigration and Passport Act in the House of Assembly. The amendments would have been critical to facilitating the regularisation.

At the time, Fahie said his administration decided to suspend the second and third readings for the amended bill because he does “not intend to run the country in a dictatorial manner.”

A group of concerned citizens had launched an online petition, staged a protest, and orchestrated social media blast in an attempt to dissuade legislators from voting in favour of the amendments. Notably, any legislation brought before the House requires three readings before it can pass.

The Premier has since held two community meetings on the matter.

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  1. When says:

    is the send final send fair well?

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    • BuzzBVi says:

      Yes. So 115 Signatures determine what is done in the BVI. BVI is directed by a select few as always. Who cares about the majoirity or the BVI. We may never know who cares.

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    • whistleblower says:

      Thanks to the whistleblowers or else we would have woke up with one reading in the house and Poof another bill is passed with out the public’s input.

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    • Ancestral Spirits says:

      Why are they, politicians not focusing on the local people and their needs? jobs, job industries other than the vulnerable tourism, salary increases, good health care, affordable consumer prices, better roads and improving educational standards?

      Instead, clearly the strategy of this regularisation legislation is to secure a large voting pool for the next election cycle.

      While, the above are the things any government who are concerned about its people, and not just about re-election would be thinking about and bringing into effect, this seems to be about maintaining power at the future expense of the future traditional local people.

      Indeed, any people who becomes a minority in its own country suffers discrimination by the majority whom it has welcomed in.

      Any people who lose its political, national and cultural birth rights, as this bill will surely accomlish, will surely perish into future.

      Any people who relinquishes of its lands holdings and other resourse for a meager temporary economic gain is fooish and will succumb eventually to the whims of physical and racial exploitation, oppression, discrimination and poverty.

      These are the futures of the local Bvislander if he/she does not wise up today and chart a new course forward.

      Apparently, our currently leaders have on two blinders 1) money greed, and 2) polit . ical power. Our people and their future matter not to them

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      • BVI says:

        @Ancestral Spirits: I hope this thing is dead and buried. I certainly don’t want to hear anything about it again

        • Really? says:

          This is just a forced pause. The premier only put the brakes on to pretend that he is listening but he is really not listening. But even if he gives them all belonger status he will still lose the next general election. But then again the prophet has spoken.

      • indeed says:

        We should have never introduced naturalization in the Virgin Islands. Anyone who can count can see the inevitability of a foreign voting majority if this continues. It will then be their territory. If you are ten percent of the population, your ideas will not matter, for they will introduce all manner of laws for their exclusive benefit.

        Virgin islanders should now focus on resending the naturalization law. Anyone who reads this law for the first time will see it is against the people of the Virgin Islands. We should not create our own demise to prove that we love others.

  2. Think Tank says:

    Think clearly and objectively at all times before one acts. Ask what if questions before implementing an action. Speak to those that will be affected or who thinks they will be adversely affected before taking action. Put out all information to the people before a decision is reached. No scheming, defrauding, etc by means of incomplete information. Cheers!

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    • Tell Them says:

      To remember BREXIT. Did the UK citizens and leaders really thought it through? Where are they now?

      Think Tank is right! Think think think the whole matter through, then act with justice. One cannot start at the foot and then come up to the head.

      Take a top down wholistic approach

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      • true says:

        yes they did think and voted YES and now the MPs who are voted in to do the countries will are now refusing to exit Europe.

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    • @Think Tank says:

      Oh shut up…where were you in the NDP reign of terror? For pete’s sake just hush

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    • Anonymous says:

      The premier had no right to make his grand announcement at an OECS meeting. The people of the VI should have known about it before he announced it to the world. He should have expected the backlash that he got. He should have known that such a delicate matter need to be handled very carefully.

      I am so disappointed in him. It is true that you can’t please all of the people all of the time but look at the way the premier managed to upset the whole country and reignited the ‘them against us’ flames. Hon. Premier, I hope that you will be more mindful in the future.

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  3. Albion says:

    Pure political cowardice. Promise to do something at election time, and then back down as quick as you can the first time somebody says anything. The whole country has to be run badly just to please a small vocal minority.

    You are supposed to lead. So lead.

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    • Weir D. Playne says:

      Postponement does not mean cowardice or cancellation. Based on all that he has said during the meetings I do think that he intends to follow through but there will be amendments and more thought will go through with the process. He needed to postpone it since there is only a week left to carry through with his original plans and more research is needed.

      The Premier may have acted more with his heart and didn’t expect such negative feedback from Virgin Islanders. Many decisions have been made in the past decade but none has caused such an uproar besides Biwater. I hope whatever decision he makes in the coming weeks is accepted and we make more effort to unite since there is obvious discord between residents of the BVI with all different statuses.

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      • Not2Sure says:

        I think we all know what “postponed indefinitely” means.

        It means “it is cancelled, but I’m not brave enough to say that it is cancelled.”

        I don’t believe there was an uproar at all. They could barely muster 100 signatures on a petition (and nearly half of those were from BVIslanders who were – ironically – living in the US).

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        • @Not2Sure says:

          Postponed indefinitely means that a specific time period for the postponement is unknown or not set. You are only looking at the petition to make a judgement on whether there was a significant impact made by the announcement of the regularization but if you look at the number of views and comments from the Town Halls in VG and Paraquita Bay, the initial meeting with the Premier and other local forum this obviously is a big deal. Well over 20,000 views combined and over 3,000 comments on FaceBook. Even people that are well known VIP supporters have spoken out against about it publicly. It would have been foolish for the Premier to continue without further consideration especially after complaining about how NDP did things.

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        • So says:

          Those in the US have land and property here. They have a say.

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      • BuzzBvi says:

        Ha ha,
        Negative feedback from 115 VIslanders and it is cancelled.

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    • @Albion says:

      Fahie is not backing down. You watch, wait and see…the man ain’t dumb…he say he going to listen to all sides and THEN MAKE HIS DECISION. There is safety in a multitude of counsel as the Bible says. If God put this regularisation initiative in his heart…it will be accomplished.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      So not the leader we thought he was.

      Just another promise making promise breaking loudmouth.

  4. OZYMANDIAS says:

    That is how you lead, listen to the people let our voices be heard. that is all we as k for. Some licking their chops to take advantage and gobble up alot.

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    • No!! says:

      Again his tactics wins! First come to the people like the party promised to do before trying to implement! How about that?

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    • Imbecil. says:

      That’s all the sense that you have for true? The Premier takes on a matter of this magnitude without any form of preparation. No clear strategy has been presented. No economic impact study. No social cohesion strategy. No plan of how to address the fears of BVIslanders or concerns of the expat community. No plan whatsoever expect talking. He goes to Grenada and says that he will be implementing this process before he even formally told the people of the BVI. He goes and gives the first reading in the house without any kind of consultation and here you are praising him for listening because his ill prepared plan fail? Something is really wrong with our thinking. What he has done is caused an even greater rift in the community because expats will think that is was the locals who stopped them from getting their papers and the locals will no longer trust the immigration process. I rest all this confusion at the feet of the Premier who clearly had no idea what he was doing. If you want to congratulate him perhaps it should be on that. I’m being sarcastic btw. Just in case.

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      • Wow says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more Imbicil. His cabinet couldn’t steer him straight either because every last one of them lack fundamental experience. But, it is what we voted for so we make the bed we lay in it.

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  5. Sonita says:

    Nice one guys, you’ve just stopped Hon Fahie from preventing the UK from implementing full rights to all UK citizens living in the territory and the start of dissolving the status of Belonger. You should all feel very proud of yourselves this morning. Oh and don’t forget same sex marriage!

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  6. Ideal says:

    What many belongers want
    1. Outside people to come and do all the dirty work for nothing
    2. Outside people to pay belongers rent and buy overpriced items in Belongers owned stores
    3. Outside people to stay out of the way and say nothing when not working
    4. Outside people to treat with disrespect and disdain since bingers are superior
    5. Outside people to bring and leave all their money here.
    6. Outside people to leave unless they can live with 1-5 above.
    7. Outside people to leave once they have reached retirement age notwithstanding taxes they may have been paying for the last 30 years.

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    • Help me! says:

      I am confused!

      What is the difference between BVIslanders, BVI Overseas Territory Citizens, BVI Citizens, BVI Belongers and Outside People?

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    • Oh really says:

      There are a large number of individuals here in BVI who are seeking “status” who do not pay any taxes, social security nor NHI. Yet they are in the front of the line making demands.

      In checking an individual’s character, does that not involve submissions proving income levels for the pass 15 years, tax and social security payments? If it does not, it should now be included.

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      • Tame says:

        That sounds like an illegal you are speaking about. You have no clue what is required to live here and have legal stuff done. Clueless!

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    • @ Ideal says:

      My dear,

      “1. Outside people to come and do all the dirty work for nothing” please correct me if I’m wrong but how many outsiders come here and work for free? Everyone is paid for their work. Any if you volunteer you should do it out of the goodness of your heart not because you wish to get something in return. I you go to any country for any amount of time if you don’t have somewhere to live you have to pay rent, hotel or otherwise and you have to pay taxes. Any many still benefit from Social Security long after they have left.

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      • Lodger says:

        Poster was being sarcastic about what many locals seem to think of outsiders. But if people are working here all those years its because immigration, labour, employers, cabinet etc have permitted them to be here, and presumably they have contributed to society including paying taxes, rents, food,etc etc, so why begrudge them some certainty of tenure.

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      • @Ideal says:

        $4 an hour was slave wage. $6 an hour is not a living wage when apartment rent is $1,000 and up.

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      • Fostina says:

        If “outside people come to do allthe dirty work for nothing” that is a choice that they made. Trust me, BVI belongers are treated horribly on some jobs as well, but you can see from one eye only.

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    • Busy Bee says:

      So very, very true.

    • @ Ideal says:

      You don’t have to put up with it. Just LEAVE. Tired of this crap.

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      • Boo says:

        If we leave y’all going suffer…You know that right? First thing y’all can’t prepare a proper meal… You’ll have no trade-man skills ..should I go on??? Stewpzzzz!!!

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        • @Boo says:

          Would not be surprised if you are one of the unskilled, ignorant ones. So many from the islands come without proper education and no significant skill ( not saying all). Have seen it all. Many of them learn right here in the BVI on the job. You have spoken negatively and untrue about the BVI. What are you still doing here. It says a lot about so many expatriates who look down and don’t truly like the BVI. Obviously they don’t have better options or the BVI has greater benefits than if they left. So many of them are just takers and feel entitled to everything we have.

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      • @@Ideal says:

        Half them would not get hired any where else.

    • Curious Cat says:

      And you are scrambling to be one of them? ??‍♀️

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  7. Father Time says:

    Y’all are some haters. I hope this resumes so people who have given more than half their lives to a country that does not appreciate them, can have something to show for it.

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    • Why? says:

      Why would anyone want to have a piece of the country pie if the country people do not appreciate you?

      No comprende!

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      • Father Time says:

        Believe it or not, a lot of the people who migrated here came here because they were living in poverty elsewhere. I know a few people who left where they are from so that they can escape crime and violence.

        They have given years and years of their lives in order to properly care and provide for their families. This country has given them nothing. The least we can do is give them some form of equality.

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        • @ Father Time says:

          You still have not said what they did for the country, “They have given years and years of their lives in order to properly care and provide for their families’. That is something we All do for our loved ones. They are not doing us a favour, we still have to pay them for services, and even help them out when they beg for the little we have, give free rides everyday without them offering a cent. They even let taxis pass going the same direction as them so they can catch rides. How is that contributing?

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        • @ Father Time says:

          You still have not said what they did for the country, “They have given years and years of their lives in order to properly care and provide for their families’. That is something we All do for our loved ones. They are not doing us a favour, we still have to pay them for services, and even help them out when they beg for the little we have, give free rides everyday without them offering a cent. They even let taxis pass going the same direction as them so they can catch rides. How is that contributing?

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    • truth says:

      they have been paid for their labours they are a right to nothing, they have the opportunity to apply but no right to apply as a right cannot be taken away from you.

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  8. Resolve says:

    Resolve the Anegada, Virgin Gorda, JVD, Salt Island, etc. land issues. These should be a priority of the Territory.

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  9. really says:

    Mr premier i though you had some back bone to do whats right for the BVI and not what a few things.

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  10. Ausar says:

    Let’s hope postponement, does not mean disbandment, Premier Fahie!

    Reassess the complaints, revise the laws on the books to reflect the changes and bring about the solutions neccessary for it’s continuity.

    If the people are no longer interested in Belongership for immigrants, but mandatory residential stay for no more than twenty years, let the laws relect that!

    If the people are only interested in immigrants purchasing quarter-acre lots and no more, let the laws reflect that!

    And,if the people desire that immigrants should hold no free-hold land, but lease-hold for 99 years only, let the laws reflect that also!

    But do not keep immigrants hoping for Belongership and, by default, are forced to live in the BVI for sixty years, or die while waiting, to aquire such, Premier Fahie!

    We are counting on you Premier, to make the decisions neccessary, for the betterment of us all!

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    • Lodger says:

      I want to LIKE 50 times!

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    • Ok says:

      Know one is forced to do anything. Please don’t put pressure on the Premier in this matter. This process is complicated and must be done right. So if you don’t want to wait simply go. This should take some time.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    As said before I will stay on the side and look at the white people take over that place. I will end by saying what ever black people have done Lord forgive us.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      And guess what, I wouldn’t care if the white people take it over for right now, it is BLACKS against BLACKS and there is NOTHING worse than that!!!

      BLACK people are BLACK people worst enemies. Black Outsider against Black Islanders because of what really? What kind of status really. LAND status! We all going go dead leave it and guess what else, the person you left it to going let it go like butter ‘gainst the sun, as the old people them say.

      And you killing yourself to get LAND when done it becomes a tribulation for you. You wouldn’t pass it on to a child because you fraid he treat you like a dog when you get old and you dead leave it unsorted for years of infighting…

      ? ? ?

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  12. Quiet Warrior says:

    Aesop Tortoise and Hare fable states: Slow and steady wins the race. Someone (John Ray?) recorded that haste makes waste. The Premier immediate regularization initiative was probably well intentioned but the haste and process was flawed. He should have consulted with the people, dotted I’s and crossed the T’s. Every managerial decision has opportunity cost, unintended consequences ……etc and every effort must be taken to minimize any fallout(s). The regrettable thing in this stumbling action is that people’s emotions were exercised.

    Moreover, immigration is an important but increasingly a hot button and divisive issue across the globe, ie, US, UK….etc. In fact, Theresa May just resigned as UK PM because of Brexit; the genesis of Brexit was about immigration. If I were the Hon Premier Fahie, I would appoint an ad hoc committee to review immigration and make recommendations. In politics, timing is important. An issue may not be sellable in January but may be December or it may sell not sell in 2019 but could in 2024.

    Further, from Day 1 of VIP taking hold of power, I suggested that the Premier conduct routine operations and initiate a stand down to capture the current conditions on the ground before ploughing full speed ahead. Situational analysis completed, a strategic national development plan ebooks ve developed; the national development plan should be the blueprint from which government operates. In fact, the VIP should have had a rough national development plan in hand even before taking hold of power. All it would have to do was smooth it out and complete the fleshing out. A pilot does not leave an airport without a flight plan or a captain leave port without a float and a national leader lead without a strategic national development plan. Leading and making decisions from the seat of the pants/skirt is disastrous. Squandered political capital is hard to regained.

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    • Uncertainty Costs says:

      Perhaps if there were a clearer, more *certain* path to bringing their families, making a home and a future for their families, the money would stay in the BVI.
      How many lost even what the storm didn’t take when forced to leave because their work permits blew away in Irma?

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      • flimsy excuses says:

        You are talking about bringing at least one to five thousand more people. The BVI does not need any more new citizens and if one had a work permit they can go to the office, show their ID and get a new copy.

  13. Breaking News says:

    Theresa May is stepping down in June.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    I think the premier should just forget about this whole idea it a loosing battle.

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  15. The Nation says:

    Delayed does NOT mean denied. GOD – JESUS CHRIST – WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY. BVI consider Montserrat and select wisely. Consider Montserrat…

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  16. Juicy fruit says:

    If the bvi didn’t spend US one will come there to work from other islands.So when they make there money from bvi go down to money gram and western union on Monday,Friday and Saturday and see how much they love the bvi when all the money is going home to bill up there own mr premier think long and hard it’s not adding up .we are not building the bvi we are building there countries.

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    • Quiet Rebel says:

      What is the difference between $1 US and $2.70 EC? What would you prefer, $1M US or $2.7M EC? Remittance is common in any country with immigrants. In 2017, remittance from US to Latin America and Caribbean equated to approx $75B. Immigrants send money home to take care of their families. They don’t do it because they hate the BVI.

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    • Weir D. Playne says:

      You are stereotyping all expats. Just remember that even white people emigrate to the BVI as well. I have never seen one in Moneygram or Western Union. Some people actually prefer the serenity of the BVI compared to their country. It’s unfair and stupid to expect anybody to just come to the BVI or anywhere else with the sole intention to build it up unless you are a member of a charitable organization that came for that specific reason. People come to the BVI for the serenity and financial opportunities including work but end up staying because they fall in love with the BVI. When things were bad in the BVI many Virgin Islanders left to greener pastures as well. They didn’t leave to build up the USVI, USA and Santo Domingo etc. It was all about the money and opportunity to work. Sounds familiar don’t it?

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    • Smh says:

      So we shouldn’t send money to our families & children back home?? Should we make them suffer to please Bvi islanders?? Youur statement is pointless; You have no sense!!! *roll eyes*

    • Political Observer (PO) says:

      The English speaking (Anglophone)Caribbean region (except for Trinidad) has small, service-oriented economy, primarily tourism, with limited economies of scale and a small range of products. Unemployment is high and there is robust intra and inter immigration and emigration within the region and beyond, ie, US, Canada and UK. As such, emigration occurs so that people can pursue better economic opportunities to take care of they and their families in home countries.

      Consequently, as a result of emigration, remittances are a major capital inflow for most countries; it is a major income stream for many families in home countries. It also has a multiplier effect on the local economies. Thus, people don’t remit funds back to their home countries because they hate the BVI or any other host countries; they do it to assist and support their families, eg, India, Philippine Islands, Mexico (major remittance recipients). By the way, Virgin Islanders use to remit funds from USVI, US……etc. Further, countries where the US dollar is not the legal tender currency also has robust immigration, ie, Caymans, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Martin …..etc. As Quiet Rebel noted, if a consumer in BVI has 1$ US and a consumer in say Grenada has $2.7 EC, each has the same amount of money. It comes down to PPP (purchasing power parity). If a basket of goods cost $100 in Tortola and same basket of goods cost $270 in Grenada, it is all good—-both getting the same value. Nonetheless, there may be disparities in the baskets of goods. That is the challenge for the region——equilibrium.

      Moreover, the Caribbean region lie in the Atlantic Hurricane path and therefore highly vulnerable to natural disasters, ie, monster hurricanes Irma and Maria; it is also in the forefront of the effect of global warming. As such the BVI, along with other regional countries, must effectively invest in resiliency and to reduce human and economic losses. Furthermore, why do people immigrate to the BVI?

      My WAG would be because there is a surplus of skilled and non-skilled jobs. Further, the VI did an ineffective job in training locals for a range of job skills, especially in technical areas, concentrating more in admin areas (the clean, cool jobs). The reality there are some jobs that locals are not racing to do. In any country, as the standard of living and quality of life changes, locals shy away from certain jobs; it is the natural order of growth and development.

  17. son of the soil says:

    nice…..keep it so indefinetly

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  18. Vip heckler says:

    The government top priority should be to give us continuous electricity and water

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  19. Reeso says:

    Where does the word “Belongership” came from?

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    • Why says:

      Why do so many question the terms we choose to use and don’t say a peep about the United States. “Non resident alien” or “Resident Alien” is much worse but no one says a thing.

    • Richard Branson says:

      It’s my idea. I can be a be longer and contribute nothing.

  20. Private says:

    Postpone and reassess, and while you are doing that please process all those application that have been languishing in the system for years. All those applications that have been neglected, hidden and shuffled from desk to desk.

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  21. Oh boy. says:

    Juicy Fruit you sound so dam ignorant that it is not funny. Stop this BULL SH…T. After a man or woman is finished working and I would assume pay all the bills that they owe there is not a BORN HERE THAT CAN TELL THEM WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR MONEY, so come again with your ignorance as to where you see them On FRIDAY,SATURDAY OR MONDAY MORNING. AGAIN IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAM BUISNES WHAT THEY DO WITH THEIR MONEY. Come on. You all are really going overboard now. That is why the Premier tell you all that is the same reason that those who are residing in the BVI for 15 years and more and who meets the requirements they should be given some sort of status. Hence they would have a reason to keep more of their money in the BVIs. My God. You all will jump into God’s face just now.

  22. What a ting says:

    The children born in the country are the ones to be given priority . That is a law that needs changing

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  23. Shame says:

    BVI News you are the one that said indefinitely not the Premier. It is a minor postponement. Stop stirring up trouble and report accurately. Such a shame if you going the way of that other news site.

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  24. Lilly says:

    Interesting blogs. But I rather like a speech by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago today on the Venezuela issue. go to “Real Talk with Saieed Ali”

  25. Bvi folks says:

    You better had .. Them Bvi people ain’t playing with you .

  26. Expat says:

    Hon. Fahie we respect your decision God will forever bless you. To the Virgin Islanders who are fighting against us! You are the people and we understand some points made, but also bare in mind that after Irma; was the same down-island governments who send help to get back the BVI where it is today. It was some of us blood brothers and sisters who came here to help!! And remember u all have family and children in foreign countries seeking rights as well. God don’t sleep and he have the last say! Have a bless day all. An Unbothered & proud EXPAT!!!

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    • So glad says:

      I am happy that you can say you are a proud expat without any one getting upset
      If you were a Virgin Islander and say you are a proud to be one you will be bashed. Protect your rights and stop trying to make us feel we are bad because we are fighting for our freedom to even speak.Set of Christians who is using the bible to oppress your own brothers and sisters in their own home. I know for sure we won’t do that to you.

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      • @So Glad says:

        Love your post. As Virgin Islanders national pride is frown upon. In fact, I have had many people look me in my face and sneered at me while asking “you from here?”. The fact is most Expats concentrate on the money they can amass from living in the Virgin Islands. It is their primary focus. Some can’t read and write but can say I have $ 40,000 and up on the bank back home. Truth be told they are just acting like sheep. More grass in the VI with its U.S.$. They care nothing about us or our country. They openly discuss how stupid Virgin Islanders are because they recognize our spirit is different. More of us could go to the U.S. And make more money but love our home. And truth be told, the influx will not stop until we are standing knee deep in people Blacks and whites from other countries. Now while I believe the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, this lust and thirst to feed combined with the tiny space we all have to share, a mere 24 square miles on Tortola, won’t you be nervous? I think we should all go back to our various corners and think because this golden goose will be seriously overridden and trampled on if immigration is not seriously looked at and managed properly. The come one come all approach, though not nice to say is not working. If the new ones come in some that have had a leg up and can now contribute to their economy back home should make room for their brothers and sisters. How can we take them all? Please put yourself in our shoes and imagine how overwhelmed we see our Virgin Islandes becoming. Even the Phillipinos are here a new one each day. We love everyone but you see our plight.

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        • Haha says:

          “More of us could go to the U.S. And make more money but love our home” This is pure B.S not only do a lot of “BVIslanders” leave to go to the US for better opportunities but many stay in the US after finishing college in the US. We can’t really complain since most are Americans by birth. I’m from here and old enough to watched my friends and classmates disappear for 20 years only to link with them later on FB all around the world with new non local last names. Some only return for funerals. If we all go back where we came from the BVI would still be full of people with expat backgrounds because most of the people with indigenous links will have to go back to the USA their really place of birth.

          • @Haha says:

            You know, you are right in so much of what was written

            Yet, many of us chose to come back home, after educational training and intake sojourn abroard, and serve our people, counrty and children, even with our dual citizenery choices and or priviledges.

            Cleaarly, this piece of legislation has brought out many voices, on both side of the issue, and the debate has become even more complicated given the reality of how we “locals” TREAT our own “locals.”

            As many, and rightly so, and relative to this blog, wants to be assured that authentic Virgin Islanders rights are proctected under law, and that no law should be enacted that may seem to diminished their rights in anyway.

            Though i agree with that premise 100%, i pose this question to my “local,” often times your own family and blood relations, people now.


            Imagine being denied what you worked for for an entire career. Imagine your “local” sitting behind a desk and pushing papers to illegally and unethically make sure that happen for 17 continuous years and for a grand total of 31 consecutive years to a “local” by “locals.”

            It can be safely written here that not one member of the Hon. Fahie government would be pleased, happy or trilled with contentment with such horrific treatment of any human being.

            Yet many of our “local” officials were comfortable in engaging in such holy, godly and facist treatment of this “local.”

            Therefore, may this government also look deeply into cases of severe, discriminatory, aggregious acts pf victimization commited upon hard working and contributing citizens of this country, and redress them with tangible rewards.

        • ghutty says:

          lol this is some crazy thing going on here. just look at who own lands here. white almost who belmont estate and belmont park which was own by cyril romney our past chief minister. smugglers cove, necker island, saba rock, oilnut bay, peter island, salt island, cooper island, grand camano, small camano, parts of jvd and anegada, parts beef island…who own these? is it black or white? locals take a good look at what is happening round here. you are fighting against the wrong colour. caribbean people can’t buy million dollar land and still have to find the money to build on it. only people with money and colour who can do that. it wasnt over crowded when people stay here all these years and work,now a piece of paper is given to them, now it is over crowded?smh it was over crowded for the past 15-40yrs for the same people? the uk will have the final words on this and many of local will regret this. by human rights, anyone who is living in a place for 10yrs and over is consider a citizen. all local born their kids outside of the bvi…just now tortola wont have any indigenous people anymore.

  27. Ahem says:

    Your comment suggests that outsiders have a monopoly on avarice. Hospital project, Pier Park, Wallwyn’s wall come to mind, even local builders who submit proposals without being able to explain how they might have arrived at their exorbitant prices, suggest otherwise.

  28. Spirit of the Ancestors says:

    Since 1950, the BVI began its ascendency to economic stability and power house status in the Caribbean.

    Hence, from then until today, that status and that money continue to attract people of all races, white, Black and others.

    Were it not for the money, none of them would be here. None would be saying i was here for thirty years and icontributed x, y, z to this country. What did you really contribute is what you should be saying.

    Meanwhile, if anyone lives in a country for thirty plus years and have met certain established national requirements, and have not committed any serious criminal offenses, he/she should be afforded certain priviledges to residency.

    However, this government appear to want to open the flood gates and render a dwindling local population absolete politically and psychologically.

    Today and forever, more so than ever because of the demographical realities, this has to be thre case. We must look out for and protect our own.

    None will ever protect and look out for us. Never!

    When Mr. Fahie and Mr Wheatley grand children grow old and die, they will be buried and forgotten and the BVIslanders will be unceremoniously written out of the history books and forgotten.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Except that all of the wealth of the BVI was created by outsiders. The finance industry, boating, hotels, even the only decent supermarkets – all created by non belongers. And the majority of the physical work was done by non belongers.

      Without immigrants the BVI would be Haiti 2.

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  29. Happy expat says:

    Calling on all expat let us leave the bvilanders with their country stop pushing to get status let’s just work until our time here is expired , but please stop supporting business that is own and apperated by locals , I am living in the bvi over 26 year’s I work and do all my savings here with Scotia and as of from nxt week I’ll withdraw all my money and send it home to my country , because it’s clear to see that any given time the bvilanders may want us to leave their country , as u can see it’s the voice of the people that run’s the country , please I am begging all expat do not submit one more applications form for any status . just be prepared ,may god be with us all because

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  30. WTF says:

    Andrew Fahie is weak. There are a few backwards a** people who don’t want progress because they think that they will become Invisible. We will never improve our status on the global stage if they are the only voices we listen to. Everything to improve this territory to make us competitive, there are those idiots on the side line shouting, “We don’t want da”. Who are they speaking for? Their own selfish selves. There are those of us who wants improvement and upward mobility. Anguilla, St.Kitts, Antigua and Dominica is ahead of us by leaps and bounds. Premier you do have to listen to the people, but there comes a time when you have to take the bull by the horns.

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  31. USBVI says:

    Hopefully the USA can give BVI landers a taste of their own medicine and they will see how it feels to treat expats like they don’t matter. Expats have been treated unfairly for as long as I have been growing up. “ Down island garrot “or some derogatory name. But welcome the Caucasian with open arms. BVI people are very prejudiced against their own fellow islanders. Why? Because their dollar value is less. Guess what ? Take away the dollar value from the BVI and where are we? At the bottom of the barrel. Most of these people work hard and put In their fair share to keep the BVI going. Start treating people fairly. Ayo forget back in the days when our great great grand parents had to go Santo Domingo to look work. Keep it up?

  32. Anonymous says:

    And here we go, as you can see many people have left some interesting comments, on how they feel, but to be honest let’s talk for a minute and bring truth to light, I am not going to be long winded, just pointing out a few things, 1. Rwal government needs real leadership and there is none there, you dont have the resources to rebuild, educate or re establish,
    2. There is to many entitlements.

    My name is Michael Todman I went to high school there, I have been back and forth and I have not seen any changes nothing is updated in government, there is no structure, the is no leadership, you guys are living in the 19th century,

    And yes there is discrimination amongst islanders if you are not white you will get the Tortolian greeting, I love my Island I love my family that is still there, but your government and the people have lost all will and hope for better, and when I see a White person commenting on status, and think you need them there
    Is a wake up call, proper training is what is needed, so you dont have to allow people to come to your country make twice as much as your citizens doing a job they. can do, what the government should be doing is making these companies that want to establish themselves there invest in projects, like rebuilding roads, education donating computers to the schools, allowing islanders to advance in their companies with programs such as junior associate to help create the kind of innovation and individuals that can build leaderships skills. Stop arguing, and fix the real problems, you see them everyday, work on that.

  33. God's will says:

    God created the heaven and the earth for every one and so sad there r so many wickedness some of us believe that only bvi is God’s creation and only them should live i hope when u all inherit the lake of fire which burneth fire and brimstone u all enjoy it alone fire

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  34. Children of god says:

    May God bless mr fahie

    • read his book. says:

      God is against those who squander their birthright and the birthright of the people; especially for short term gain.

  35. Just so says:

    Reference is always being made about BVIslanders travelled to Santo Domingo to work some years ago. Just so you know they along with others were sent back home and could not leave with any thing more than what could of fit in a crocous bag and their cutlass. They did not get status and they were as broke as when they left home. They had to leave everything elze they own in Santo Domingo.

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  36. Concerned says:

    I like Hon. Premier, he is not a perfect man but i think he is good at heart. The problem is he put the cart before the horse. The Townhall meeting should have come first.

  37. The Green says:

    Its the Green. U dont know they love US

  38. Mr. Hodge says:

    Thank you Mr. Honorable Premier for postponing the clear path to regularization at this time… NOTE: I said at this time. There are too many loose threads that need to be tightened up before we can blanketly regularize.

    1) The time period gave the wrong impression as if this was the only opportunity to become “regularized” (whatever that means) and sent people in a frenzy. That was completely unnecessary. Simply consider the individuals who had been here for the longest period and start there. Clear the back log of previous applications etc. and move forward.

    2) EVERY country has a right and an obligation to look out for their own people…UNAPOLOGETICALLY. would you starve your own children but go out of your way to feed someone else’s? If you visit any country their mantra is all the same… “look for our people”. After hurricanes Irma and Maria didn’t planes come here to retrieve the nationals from other countries? why did they do that, they were looking out for their own people. There is no need for non-virgin islanders to be offended when Virgin Islanders stand up for their own
    rights and defend our country. After all… you defend yours don’t you? At the end of the day you can always go back home… for me, this IS home

    3) Citizenship is a privilege not a right. Anyone wishing to become a part of another country should do so with a level humility and sobriety. How fickle some are that when things don’t appear to be in ones favor, the same ones rushing for status now are angry and are quick to denounce the same country and people that a fews days ago wanted it’s rights

    4) It is necessary for the territory to have proper immigration reform, labor reform, border protection, and an accurate census before “a clear path to regularization” is established. There were thousands of individuals that came in to work after the hurricanes. Who were they, where are they, what are they doing now? Please understand, I am not ungrateful these individuals came but let’s not get it twisted. This has been an even exchange hasn’t it? None of these individuals are working for free and many are doing quite well. Take a look at the exchange rate of USD to the EC, TTD, GYD, DOP, JMD, ZAR or PHP to name a few. After they earn their salary many send money back home to their relatives as our forefathers did when they left the BVI to find work is the USVI and elsewhere.

    5) There are terms that need to be clearly defined and the benefits of those terms need to be clearly outlined… who is a resident, who is a belonger, who is a naturalized citizen? What are they entitled to?

    These are some of the things I think we need to determine before the “path” is made clear.

    • @Mr. Hodge says:

      Your report, because that is what it is, penetrates to the core, explains clearly and concisely the pertinent issues and its side bars.

      Further, i articulates for all of us Virgin Islanders our accurate thoughts on thee issue, while affording, and rightly so, much respect to the other side.

      It is believed, therefore, if the policy makers, including the Premier, do read these messages and take them as a temperature gauge of the public on any given issue, it is hoped that your valuable contribution will be disected, studied and implemented, when and if the times comes back around, by the powers that are in.

      Thank you sir for a well thought out piece of study.

      Lastly, we must protect our own. Everyone else does, because if we don’t school will ask us one day, “dah mak sense?”

    • Mr. Hodge says:

      Excellent points.

  39. USBVI says:

    BVI have a plaster for every sore when it comes to treating the people better. Like I said… Keep it up!! Our time is coming. I’m BVI lander too. It’s just sad that when the almighty drops his hammer again, it will affect us all including me. 🙁

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  40. Juicy fruit says:

    You know this is nonsense everybody have the right to stand up for their house, every where you go you have to pay taxes do not be jealous of bvislanders because their government put them first you should be mad at your country for not putting you first because we all know if it wasn’t for the US dollars you guys wouldn’t even look at us. I have listen to you all say that bvislanders are dumb and stupid and don’t have ambition and all sorts of things. It’s a privelege the premier is giving. It is not a right you all need to be more humble and stop putting us down because we have the right to look out for our house

  41. Bvi people says:

    Wake up bvi people that’s all over the world .pack up your bags and get home .These people are rude and disrespectful to come in to the bvi and tell us how to run our country go home man.

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  42. Bvislander, Howard County MD. says:

    @BVI People, come back home to what. So you are saying we should give up our good paying jobs and what we have invested in to come back to a Country that is broken. Sorry but, I am not willing to do that.

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