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Premier promises to rebuild Prospect Reef before his current term in office ends

What remains of the Prospect Reef Resort on Tortola. (BVI News photo)

Premier and Minister for Finance Andrew Fahie has pledged to breathe new life back into the hurricane-ravaged Prospect Reef Resort before he demits office.

Fahie said having the state-owned resort back into operation will considerably assist in increasing the territory’s room availability for tourism purposes.

While delivering his budget address for the upcoming 2020 fiscal year recently, Fahie said: “Your government commits that reconstruction of a hotel at Prospect Reef must take place during the current term of office. Such a venture, along with the return to service of our major privately-owned local hotels and resorts, will bring us much closer to our desired medium-term room stock target of 5,000 when completed.”

Weighing other options

In the meantime, the leader of government business further said he is considering other options as it relates to state-owned resorts such as Prospect Reef.

“An attractive formula is to partner with large international brands that have a global marketing structure already in place and which are synonymous with high-quality service. Invitations for expressions of interest will be going out soon,” he reasoned.

As it relates to his plans to ‘accelerate’ the expansion and upgrade of the territory’s room stock, Fahie said: “Your government intends to ensure applications for hotel aid tax relief are turned around within three months of the submission of completed documents.”

The government is the majority shareholder of Prospect Reef.

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  1. hmmm says:

    That is a tall order. Also be reminded that this will be your first and only term. “You gots to go”

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    • Thank you says:

      The Premier has to go.We are sick and tired of your lies and unfairness. Promise to build back? Maybe after you give Cline the 1million dollars that he was begging for to clean up cane garden bay beach a few weeks ago. Get out of here with the game playing and favortisum Mr.Premier. You canot be trusted.

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      • To Thank you says:

        Stop lying. You know what you are saying is foolishness. The Premier is not going anywhere but upwards. He is a progressive and positive leader that will take this VI to the next level with or without your support and hatred.

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        • Go sit down says:

          VIP ra*s kisser. What you need to do is stop lying to yourself ra*s kisser,you are one of the cronies waiting to get your pocket lined with the tax payers dime. GET OUTTA HERE YOU MODERN DAY RA*S KISSER.

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          • To Go sit down says:

            I am blogging for the first time and I am a realist and not a hater like you. The Premier has been a breath of fresh air with an aggressive but positive drive to get plenty good things done for the BVI. Obviously everyone will never get pleased with everything he does but he is doing great for only the 8 months in office.

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    • Not going says:

      This premier is here to stay so learn to live with that

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      • Whistleblower law? says:

        Where is the whistleblower law that you
        Promised us?

        Where it is?

        You promised to allow us to reports missspending and other bad deeds that our elected officiales do to us.

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  2. Oh hush says:

    You people still in election and party mode? Give it a rest. You all are too personal and bitter.

    I am happy to hear this and I tend to hold the Premier to it because rooms of quality are needed, it is prime property sitting doing nothing and it’s an eyesore. Why bash before it fails?

    This negativity around this community is crippling our growth. For the past 8 years I sat by waiting for something useful to be done with this property and that failed.

    Let’s see what this government delivers but stop prematurely hating the vision just because you hate the messenger.

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    • @hush says:

      Another suck, suck fool. The people have a right to say what and how they feel.

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    • NO HUSH says:


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      • Ha ha says:

        Poor thing. You blogging out of pure hate. It’s sad.

        How could anyone do anything when the last Goverrnment already had a signed agreement with potential developers!

        Pointless debating with an angry person who can’t be neutral and who convenient forget the facts.

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    • You hush says:

      As far as I am concerned it is this government who started the negativity. Instead of moving forward they chose to focus on every mistake that the NDP government made. So it is not our fault if we are following the protocol that they have already established.

      On another note, isn’t it best ensure that people who voted for them have a roof over their heads? So much people are still displaced from the 2017 disasters. So you tell me, how do you plan to develop a country when the people you are dependent on are still in recovery mode?

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  3. College Student says:

    How about building another admin complex so that government can stop paying rent and increase wages, fix roads properly etc.

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  4. The Truth says:

    I think private investors/owners is the best way forward. I never heard of a government owning a hotel.

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  5. Yeah but says:

    Do you really think they want the Government nose up in it after investing all that money?

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  6. What a set says:

    You cannot please the BVI people for the most part. The Government never said that they were going to build the hotel at Prospect Reef. They said they will leaae the property for it to be done. Learn to listen and read and stop being so negative for ni reason other than hatred.

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  7. Windy says:

    Promises promises – Andrew you’re overdoing it. You’ll regret all those promises. Bulldoze the whole thing and have a 5 star resort come in.

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  8. And..... says:

    After your term is up and you didnot keep your promise,you will find a way to blame the past Government.

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  9. Divajs says:

    Currently that facility is being used to repair cars; the first order of business is to have the persons doing this fined and removed from Government property. I do not understand why we think that we can open garages/body shops on every empty lot we see fit.

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  10. No! says:

    Not a dime of government money should go into any rebuild! Nonsense

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  11. Dman says:

    Another lofty well intentioned idea. Fix the infrastructure first.

  12. LOLZ says:

    this government has continued NDP’s getting in the way of entrepreneurship so far and it has to stop somewhere. When will the BVI hold these people to account?

    There is only on reason it’s still a dereilict eyesore and it’s the same reason it was purchased from the former owners by looting the government funds; corruption.

    We have seen how there is no belonger interest for years on this and so we need to now turn to a credible developer to lease the land under strict development guidelines. Including training and developing local contractors and investing in the infrastructure.

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  13. Simple says:

    Lease the damn thing to a proper and proven top tier resort for $1 a year and let it be what it needs to be. Government has NO CAUSE to be directly involved in this. Facilitate the takeover and get out of the way!

  14. Hit the Nail on the Head says:

    I have observed the nay sayers and I am no political pundit, but I believe with all my heart that the process of rebuilding will restart before his inaugural term as being Premier ends.

    The Premier recognizes that there is a paradigm shift in the atmosphere of dominance in the global arena and more is expected of him and all leaders around the world to lead and direct their own people and those who chose to live among them to maintain sovereignty and control of their destiny while crafty masterminds and puppets come around with “flowery talk peppered with catchy phrases and programmes including “sustainable development” from the UN and other powerful groups who are interconnected and with the view to slowly and craftily cause countries around the world to lose their sovereignty to it. The next 5 years are going to be very interesting 2020-2025 where efforts will be made to make all of us connected to AI in order to achieve total control of humanity.

    The key my people and all the nay sayers here is to be able to see through the tainted glasses of life, connect the dots and Be wise as serpents!

    Sorry if I sound like a riddle master and those who are awoke know what is coming.

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