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Premier reports on first 100 days in office

Fahie. (Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

Premier Andrew Fahie has now reached the hundred-day mark of his tenure as leader of government business. He delivered the following report to mark the milestone.

Today, June 6 marked the first 100 Days since the Premier of the Virgin Islands, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie and his Government took office.

Premier Fahie issued an official report on his Government’s first 100 days in office titled, “Restoring Hope and Prosperity to All.”

Premier said, “It was 100 days ago, that the people of this Territory gave the Virgin Islands Party the mandate to lead for the next four years, and to usher in a new era of change and renewal.”

He added, “We came into office understanding the challenges that face us as a people; and also understanding that it will take bold, sometimes even unconventional, leadership.”

Premier Fahie added that the lessons of the first 100 days have told them about the crucial needs of improving the efficiency of the public services; setting up a broad policy unit and making their processes more accountable.

Premier said, “Our first 100 days have confirmed to us, what we knew coming in: that there is a challenge in governance that must be fixed to be able to deliver for our people. When we came into office, we had to act quickly on a new national budget, with the built-in deadlines approaching shortly after the general elections.”

He continued, “We were able, against the tightest constraints, to present a transitional package. Importantly, we outlined our agenda for building our tourism sector, diversifying the economy and investing in our youth.”

The Premier reminded the public of his Government’s commitment to pay public servant increments in a phased approach; and set out the agenda for housing development and small business development.

Premier also spoke on his Government’s focus on education having been able to fast track the process and sign construction agreements for the L-Shaped building in Road Town at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS). Because of this, he said, “we remain confident that our ESHS students will return to attending school full time in September for the first time since Irma in 2017.”

The Premier concluded, “The thing I am most pleased about in this first 100 days is the fact that we have begun to open up the government… In 100 shorts days, we have lifted the profile of the BVI, and created broad awareness to both our struggles and successes. We have begun laying the foundation to usher in the era of change and renewal that we promised.”

The First 100 Days in Office is a report by the Premier of the Virgin Islands on Government’s activities in its first 100 days since taking office. The address is aligned with the administration’s core principles of accountability, transparency and good governance.  

This is an opportunity for the public to get a holistic view or understanding of where the ministers and their ministries, departments, units and statutory boards currently are in achieving government’s agenda.


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  1. Ok says:

    What a joke!!!

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  2. vip heckler says:

    Claude, willock and the body guards were the first set given out.

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    • @vip heckler says:

      Pure foolishness you saying about the Premier. What leader doesn’t hire body guards. Also you are angry at some of Fahie policy which is better than when we were angry with the NDP over our missing tax dollars.

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  3. TurtleDove says:

    I hate to be negative but I don’t see what was done in a 100 days? This is a campaign speech not a report.

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    • @Turtledove says:

      All you are is negative because if you had bother to look you would have seen that they:
      1) Fixing the L-shaped building at ESHS so our children can attend school full day again since Irma in 2017.
      2) Getting a physical bank in VG
      3) Restart the scholarship programme
      4) Put back Willy-T where the NDP took them from.
      Plus many many many more. So get away you negative fly.

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  4. HMM says:

    100 days of Ntn

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  5. vip heckler says:

    Let me see what the VIP did in the first 100 days{1} denied mark his salary, retirement/current pay {2} hired cronies consultant/speaker {3} the premier racked up more frequent flyer miles than kedrick (3) placed a bunch of supporters, friends and family on all the boards {4} proved that it is a dictator type run government {5} all ministries are micro managed by the leader (6) hired unnecessary body guards from one of the VIP cronies {7} purchased an overpriced unnecessary bulletproof vehicle {8} continued the much talked about contract splitting on the high school………………..I can go on and on

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  6. My take says:

    The Premier and his team has done well in their first 100 days. Don’t mind the haters.

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  7. NDP former supporter says:

    I am with the Premier. I admire his drive and hard working attitude. He and his team will do great.

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  8. 100 says:

    He was better off not issuing a statement. The first 100 was very disappointing to say the least:
    1. Poor selection for the speaker of the house;
    2. Claude is a consultant for a particular project, but keep getting involved in areas that has nothing to do with his engagement;
    3. Poor roll out of fast track to citizenship initiative;
    4. The continued debacle with the speaker and the D4 rep, that is costing tax payers a fortune;
    5. The instability of the Deputy Premier position;
    6. No real plans how to stimulate our weak economy;
    7. What about the jobs he promised to create in his first 100 day?

    I see this government as just serving one term, as they are not off to a good start.

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    • @100 says:

      You are a bitter hater. You forget to mention
      1) Putting Willy-T back to where they belong because the NDP couldn’t do it because they were bought out.
      2) Fixing the Elmore Stoutt High School so our children can return to school full time. The NDP could not do it because they were busy paving roads and going with the treasury.
      3) Start back the scholarship programme
      4) Begin Immigration and Labor reform
      5) Bank going back to VG
      6) Hotels coming back on stream
      7) Bring back the good name of the BVI locally, regionally and internationally & improving relationships.
      You name 7 so I did also. Come again and so will I.

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      • The truth says:

        I guess the truth hurts.
        1. What bad name BVI had regionally and internationally?

        2. The hotels were already coming back on stream hence prior to election; so this administration cannot take credit for this;

        3. The negotiations for the banks began with Dr. Smith;

        4. What does immigration reform entails neither you nor i know

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        • To truth says:

          Obviously you haven’t figured out that the truth was a foreign entity to Orlando and his NDP. They crashed our economy while they did well and continue to do well.

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          • @ To truth says:

            So I guess the two hurricanes in 2017 had nothing to do with our weak economy? I guess the continued changes in global regulations didn’t affect our economy?

            Based on what I’ve seen thus far, this administration is also setting up themselves to do well and continue to do well after leaving office. So what is your point?

            I voted for them and I am not so blindsided that I cannot express my disappointment in their performance thus far.

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      • Hotelier says:

        The government has had absolutely nothing to do with hotels coming back on stream except stand in the way with their usual mindless bureaucracy.

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  9. And says:

    no incremnts and salary increase yet. People still suffering while a small few happy and contented.

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  10. Windy says:

    Some people want instant miracles. Have to say the roads west sure look the best in 8 years

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  11. Unknown says:

    I applaud the premier an his team for what they doing. (1) The premier need to focus on civil servant long over due increments. We are working for him an needs to see we are happy an comfortable in these working conditions.
    (2) The resident/ belongers fast track is good. He needs to have restrictions for that . It wont be fair for them to have the same rights as bviislanders.

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    • To unknown says:

      The public servants increments is up to the Governor, Deputy Governor and the Director of Human Resources and not the Premier. All the Premier does is budget the money they told him to budget.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Give more money to the worlds worst Civil Service?

      You cannot be serious.

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  12. DAY 1 says:

    Day 1 Will@ck
    Day 2 Skelt@n Cl!ne
    Day 3 Body Guards
    Day 4 a lil trip
    Day 5 A lil internet increase proposal
    DAy 6 -100 Bad wardrobe

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    • Day 1 clarified says:

      For the few ignorant ones who only want to paint the VIP Government in a bad light as if they did nothing in their first 100 days. Let us get the record straight:

      Day 1: Bank going back to VG
      Day 2: ESHS being repaired
      Day 3: ESHS returning to school full time
      Day 4: Public servants will start to get their increments that was held from them.
      Day 5: Many public roads are being fixed and paved.
      Day 6: Initiatives to help all belongers to get jobs.
      Day 7: Initiatives to BVI persons especially our youth to be certified in the marine industry.

      I will stop there until you come again.

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  13. lol says:

    nothing there!

  14. Anonymous says:

    strip club always need work permit labour dept never out of work.

  15. GWEN says:

    To the haters, weren’t you born in the BVI?
    I guess you were not ambitious enough to serve your country, instead you sit on your ignoramus a** and criticize a “man” with a Purpose. Shut the h**l up.

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