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Premier says election day to be announced soon; explains delay

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

As anticipation continues to build ahead of the upcoming general elections, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has denied being the main reason for the absence of an announced polling date.

According to the Premier, an announcement on the election date should be expected within the coming days. 

“By no means should persons think that I’m arbitrarily just, you know, holding up making an announcement,” Premier Wheatley told the Talking Points radio show yesterday, March 13. “But we are going to have it sorted, maybe either tomorrow or the day after.”

Premier Wheatley said he previously planned to announce election day when the House of Assembly dissolved last Friday, but explained that a discussion with the Elections Office showed that there are ‘one or two things’ to be worked out ahead of that announcement.

Meanwhile, Premier Wheatley registered his support for fixed-date elections, noting that the issue has been a topic of discussion for officials recently.

“Persons should know, that I actually support having fixed elections dates,” the Premier said. “It was one of the recommendations by an ad hoc committee set up to basically make recommendations for election reform, as well as the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association members who were here as election observers.”

According to Section 86 of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007, “A general election shall be held at such a time within two months, but not earlier than 21 days after every dissolution of the House of Assembly as the Governor shall appoint by proclamation published in the Gazette.”

We’ve got 10

The Premier further confirmed that his party has so far ratified 10 candidates, including seven district candidates and three Territorial At-Large candidates. These are Dr Karl Dawson (D1), Luce Hodge-Smith (D4), Kye Rymer (D5), Alvera Maduro-Caines (D6), Dr Wheatley (D7), Allen Wheatley (D8), Vincent Wheatley (D9), Carvin Malone, Neville Smith and Sharie de Castro.

Current VIP President Zoe Walcott has already signalled her intention to join the party’s slate as a Territorial At-Large candidate, but Premier Wheatley said a congress is expected to be held later this week to ratify the VIP’s additional candidates.

At least four political parties have declared an interest in contesting the next general elections, including the Dr Wheatley-led Virgin Islands Party (VIP), the National Democratic Party (NDP), the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) and the Progressives United (PU).


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  1. Bad system says:

    Hope one say we will get be able to have a set election date and not these people holding the date as a rafdle in their pant pocket. Its sickening.

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  2. bull shiggidy says:

    We need a fixed date not the Premier walking around with the election date in his shirt pocket.

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  3. NO FIXED DATE says:


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  4. Head Coach says:

    Is running for district 1 for VIP?

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  5. Hmm says:

    He’s just like the former premier a sweet tongue with poison at the end. He and his party members sat back and allowed fahie to render disgrace upon this country and sanction everything he did as far as bad spending is concerned. Thank goodness for the feds the UK is so slow what game are they playing with the BVI people.

    Then Natalio gave away the water rights to the USVI. He was going to stuff that police Bill down our throat if there was not a public outcry. He has no guts nothing he believes in but to deceive.

    The debate was disappointing you could see he was prepared for his questions like he knew what was going to be asked and how can any moderator have a debate and not address the drug problem plaguing those two districts and howthe current candidates and future representatives for the districts intend to address it.

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  6. Hog city says:

    I hear OJ in the 3rd for VIP. That will be a serious race.

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    OJ would be their most reputable candidate.

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  8. Crazy Joe says:

    Very hard to get rats to leave the cheese shop.

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  9. O J says:

    A blasted o***rtunist..

  10. Show me the money says:

    These politicians are all the same. We are doomed. Always playing with the peoples minds.
    Can ‘UK Rule’ be a choice on the ballot box?
    I am done with all these clowns!

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  11. Make the most of it says:

    You’ve been given a chance and you haven’t taken it. The next HoA will be in office for a VERY short period. As Paul Revere said: “The British are coming”

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  12. disappearing act says:

    We in the 3rd havent seen OJ in ages

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  13. Real says:

    You all sound so silly with this UK talk open your eyes and minds. If the UK had dealt with Fahie, the cookie monster and Ralph years ago we would not be in this mess.

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  14. Gate keeper says:

    Keep driving around with the date in your pants small right pocket.time longer than twine.

  15. VI Gyal says:

    as the flyer did say. the questions were sent to the candidates.

  16. Charles says:

    I think April fools day would be appropriate .

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  17. Admission of failure says:

    It’s no surprise by when an election has to be called. So if the Premier could not fix the date before the House was dissolved and the Elections office is not ready yet, then both are totally incompetent.

    With terrible candidates declared so far and an Elections Office that now seems open to being corrupted, God has a lot to do and quickly to save the BVI.

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  18. Really says:

    Why do we put out opinion as facts?

  19. lol says:

    This and his random rantings on the radio confirm that we have a problem…a big problem.

  20. @disappearing says:

    You will see him now!

  21. Me says:

    I hurts when this boi is refered as leader of my country. He is out of it.Pls.people of The BVI THIS IS SERIUOS TIME no Lunatics for leaders.When Andrew was doing us all unjust they were a part.Now acting like they don’t know who he is.I SAID IT BEFORE WILL SAY IT AGAIN ANY ONE OF HEAD COACH ASSOCIATES SHOULD NOT BE REELECTED cause they destroy this country.Sorry Alvera but you are part and parcel love you but respect lost since you are amongst

  22. Jello says:

    Oh bvi….

    This man has you on a leash like a dog. He snaps it and and you just cower

    So sad

  23. To show me the money says:

    Thank you. Maybe if people would let the givernor know how they really feeling we might have another option. Yours is the best comment I read all day because we really doomed and feel like we have to remain doom. Everybody who think we need qn alternativa to elections right now please write the governor. He probably thinking we happy with how the country running.

  24. Sowande again. says:

    Be prepared for April 25th or 27th. Another VIP win.


    Don’t come with any campaign talk unless an election date is set.

  26. Comprehension says:

    The Premier stated that the Elections Office said there were a couple things to be worked out. He did not imply that the Elections Office was not ready nor what the things that needed to be worked out.

    We are so negative towards our own and cannot see no further than our noses. Person who was always accusing others of being corrupt are …………………..

  27. Mmm! says:

    The almost 1 year anniversary of the Mighty Head Coach’s arrest..What a thing 🤔

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