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Premier to ask UK to fund scholarships, recruit BVI locals in British armed forces

Premier and Minister of Finance, Andrew Fahie. (GIS Photo)

As the delegation of government officials heads to the United Kingdom to negotiate better conditions of the UK’s loan guarantee offer, Premier Andrew Fahie has said he will also be asking Britain to fund a number of local scholarships to sweeten the deal.

In a public statement ahead of his trip on Tuesday, September 10, Fahie said he will be seeking, among other things, to get locals integrated into Britain’s militia.

He said: “I will be using this opportunity to ask the UK government for scholarships for our people in areas such as, but not limited to hotel management, marine industries, medical training, and aviation training and for recruitment in BVI for their navy and other armed forces.”

“Also, I expect to have talks with the UK’s tourist authority to assist in branding BVI as a sand and sea destination as we create more opportunities for our people. With God’s help, I am mindful that I am to create a myriad of opportunities for my people,” Fahie added.

The BVI’s terms for accepting UK’s offer

As for the negotiations specific to the UK’s offer of a £300 million loan guarantee, the Premier said he and his delegation will be entering the talks with “an open mind”.

He, however, said certain conditions are “a must” for the BVI.

“As we go off to the UK to redefine the conditions surrounding the loan guarantee, the principles that the people of the BVI must be economically empowered, and Cabinet must steward the outcome of the procurement, with all loan funding going to the consolidated fund or a special fund to be set up with criteria to be met before transferring to the Recovery & Development Agency,” Fahie said.

The Premier further said the territory is headed into “uncharted seas”. He said his government must, therefore, remember that they have “not truly served” until they have made the lives of locals better.

Below is an audio clip of the Premier’s full statement.

September 10 statement by Premier Andrew Fahie Premier ahead of his official visit to the United Kingdom.

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  1. BS says:

    I only reach as far as to sweeten the deal and … kidding me?

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  2. BS Again says:

    Now I reach the end. Sounds like no ammunition … lack of thoughts and ideas for way out of the situation.

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  3. don't forget to ask for.. says:

    some corruption free legislators..and maybe for them to keep an eye on the accounts!

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  4. vip heckler says:

    After being rude to the governor and his boss, i don’t know if the UK will take the premier on

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  5. Hmm says:

    Why is it such a big secret who is in the delegation?

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  6. Britannia says:

    I’m the sure the UK would be happy to provide the conduits to train the BVI locals in the said industries which would be fantastic news for the youngsters graduating here in the BVI, there’s huge potential here to ask the UK for help in areas other than money. Andrew please don’t go in with your big boots on, they are happy to guarantee a loan but clearly have criteria that has to be met. You have an opportunity to create a better relationship with Britain and only good things will come of it. I think everyone knows the UK isn’t interested in “colonization” or “taking our income”, I know this language works on the uneducated but stand up and be the leader and be honest with us islanders.

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    • Longshanks says:

      Agreed. The UK would probably be happy to help with education and development. I’m sure they won’t mind with more advisory services such as branding. But they will mind if these are “demands” and “conditions” from a resentful territory which it is insisting must be put in place to sweeten the deal of a lifetime.

  7. rastarite says:

    ‘sweeten the deal’- Who is giving and who is receiving? Strange logic here

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  8. watch says:

    so they leave on a private jet ? Maybe thats what the UK is talking about .

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  9. Dash and dine says:

    Locals should be recruited in the RVIPF also

  10. Brexit in disguise? says:

    This negotiating strategy sounds scarily similar to the UKs approach to leaving the EU. The strategy hasn’t worked particularly well for UK “negotiating a deal” in that scenario so don’t see it being any different for BVI in this one.

    Oh, and BVIslanders can already join the UK Armed Forces so I’m expecting that negotiation point to be “won”.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Haha fantastic, we will only accept the £300m guarantee you are looking to provide us if you give us even more stuff… I’m sorry do the UK benefit from helping the BVI with loan guarantees? Just keep demanding more, that’ll work!

  12. PROBLEMS says:

    I do hope he is respectful and dont act like a prick. I personally dont want them to change how the loan was structured. I want oversight by the British.

    As for the other things he mentioned I whole heartedly hope that the Nritish agree to do and in fact do those things he mentioned with the sponsoring of the youth and recruiting for its armed forces and pushing the B.V.I. as a tourist destination and so.

  13. CW says:

    What chance does the man stand with you lot anyway? He could go to UK, get all the money for free, and you’d still find a way to complain he didn’t do good enough. All you do is hate from your keyboards and sour the spirits of those around you. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MAKE BVI BETTER?? At least this man tries. You’re a bunch of hypocrites who don’t understand the world is bigger than your islands.

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