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Premier to share good news on loan talks with UK

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley. (GIS Photo)

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley recently revealed that loan negotiations with the UK government have been going well, adding that those talks will yield results before the end of the year.

At a recent press conference, the Premier said he will give updates during his annual budget presentation on efforts to secure favourable loan terms from the UK government.

“We have been in direct talks with them (UK government) and those talks will yield fruit as early as the budget, which will be presented and passed before year end,” the Premier told political commentator Cindy Rosan.

Premier Wheatley has been open about his government’s intentions to get more favourable borrowing terms in order to get loans needed to fix the territory’s failing infrastructure.

But he has never given a definite amount that he intends to secure. Recently, Dr Wheatley stated that the territory will need “hundreds of millions” in loans. While addressing the Premier at the press conference last week, a member of the media told him, “the fact that you’re unable to say what kind of funding you need is a little concerning, the number on the table was $400 million. Is that what you’re looking to borrow?”

In response the Premier reiterated, “we’re gonna borrow what we can afford to pay back and those figures will be presented in the budget. Of course, you know we have ratios as it pertains to borrowing but the United Kingdom has been flexible as it pertains to the ratios,” the Premier stated.

With the growing frustration over the state of public infrastructure, residents will be watching the budget presentation closely on November 21, to see how the government plans to spend on infrastructure upgrades.

During the budget presentation, the Premier is expected to give an overview of the territory’s performance over the last year and spending plans for 2024.


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  1. ................. says:

    We desperately need progress in this country, especially as it pertains to our infrastructure. But, in all honesty, I cannot image a worse set of clowns to be given a load of money in which we the people depend on to follow through with on anything or any sort of value, or good design. I fear it will mostly go into the pockets of those that are least deserving while we as a country are left with the debts and poor-quality work, all while our elected leader’s sail off into the sunset with the proceeds of their cronies’ ill-gotten gains.

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    • @........... says:

      Take a look at two recent projects:
      Road Town market – seven figure sums to build an odd collection of shacks which no-one uses. Now extended to include a bus shelter (check the plastic paneling put up this week – y’all gonna fry sitting there) but no attempt to consider traffic flow, parking etc. Genuinely my 5th grader could have come up with a better plan.
      High School: looks like my high school built in the 1950’s! No solar power, no thought to natural cooling, no drop-off and pick-up areas.
      Look at the ridiculous plans for the West End Ferry dock – ugly, not appropriate to the environment, again no solar energy.
      Pier Park: a hell of a lot of money for a not very well considered development. Should have been a mixed use project (retail, offices, entertainment and residential). Where is the parking provision? Why weren’t the buildings all fitted with toilets? No use of solar.

      We definitely need the investment in our infrastructure but only if the plans to spend it are well considered. By all means use as much local talent as you can, but understand that we will need to utilise experience professionals from elsewhere.

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  2. Real says:

    This guy is selling us out

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  3. Politics says:

    Bush politics is why the BVI is in the state its in. Everything is calculated because thats how the BVI voting populace behaves. N0 govt will come out swinging after elections, they usually ramp things up in year 2-3 and go heavy in year 4 in hopes to secure re-election. The people have short memories and always vote in that manner so the games continue. It sounds horrible but check the trend of the last 20 years.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Four years ago you could have had a loan at historically low interest rates, they didnt want it.

    Now we have the highest interest rates for many years they are keen to go ahead.

    You couldnt make this stuff up.

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  5. The way gov spends says:

    Hundreds of millions is not enough….

  6. lol says:

    Everything is about a photo-op or “breaking news”. can we just get over this and just run the country?

  7. Well meh boy! says:

    Why did you reach out to the UK government for assistance in order to borrow money? Why didn’t you reach out to the UN and the OECS where you usually go to complain about the same UK government. Every chance you and Ms. Wiggo gets you all would bash the UK Government, and now you are there begging for help.
    I believe your head needs checking, Sir.

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  8. Helen says:

    Hear this joker about good news when he and his silly colleagues let us miss the opportunity by 5 years. This man is delusional.

  9. Resident says:

    I cant help but wonder WHY BVI government always looking for MONEY from The UK YET always bashing them for trying to put the PEOPLE of the BVI FIRST by doing the complete opposite of which has been recommended. Just wondering though…

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    • Migoman says:

      Natalio Wheatley Today;
      Independence(or self determination as they call it) is a MUST! We need to rid ourselves of modern day slavery! Let us March!

      Natalio Wheatly 2 months later;
      Got some good news for you guys on the loan im trying to get from the UK for us. I’ll be sharing it shortly 🙂

  10. Be careful! says:

    Be careful of the fine print. Anguilla took a loan from U.K. and the people are suffering with taxes over there. it’s sad.

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  11. Needing to Borrowi Money says:

    Where’s the good news.

  12. Sink Tola says:

    Good News,poor country loan can never be mutual ftiends.

    .Frenermies’ yes

    Friend, No!

  13. SMH says:

    seeing that the only wuk you doing is f$#k, I have some news for you too …..but you already know dont you!


  14. hmmmm says:

    the UK will help us but our government will not manage that money. RDA here they come because more is transparently done there.

  15. Shimmy Shimmy Yah Shimmy Yeah says:

    What part of the BVI did this guy give away to convince a foreign government with their own issues and desperation to find new and easy ways to expand its empire to loan us money at this time. I scared to find out

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