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Premier touts EE/LL sewerage, road projects among successes

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has counted his government’s progress in the East End/Long Look (EE/LL) Sewerage Project as being among some of the successes that warrant his re-election to office.

Premier Wheatley, who is the current Seventh District Representative, counted strides in infrastructure, social development and education as being among the achievements of his Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government.

“We’ve been able to do some work on the sewerage project. Particularly, we have areas in Paraquita Bay, we have areas in Fat Hogs Bay, and Long Look that we’ve been able to advance the sewerage work,” the Premier said at a forum yesterday, March 12 for Seventh and Eight District candidates contesting the next elections.

He added: “We’ve tendered for the Long Swamp pumping station. We’ve also tendered for the repair to the sewerage treatment plant there in Paraquita Bay.”

According to the Premier, while there have been challenges with the tender for those repairs, he expects this to be resolved sometime later this year.

Additionally, Premier Wheatley said there are a number of roads expected to be completed within the Seventh District which he said have already been put out for tender.

“One area that we’ve had challenges with in the past is being able to build roads with proper drainage, which are properly engineered and properly designed. So, this particular road will be built with drainage, properly engineered, properly designed, similar to what you see in the Fish Bay area,” he explained.

In the meantime, Dr Wheatley said this was one of the most difficult four-year periods in the territory’s history and pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic as being among the challenges that affected residents during his first term in office.

The territory’s leader said two social homes, a Seventh District pantry and various assistance grants were also part of contributions made to residents in the district.

Dr Wheatley added that persons in the Seventh District and other areas have had access to scholarships which he noted allowed them to complete a solar training programme and scholarships for the marine training programme at the local community college.

According to the Premier, this will help young people to become a part of the blue economy, and also to become boat captains.


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  1. Nah Man says:

    Slow-Andy stood idly by while Big-Andy pillaged millions from the public purse. Yes, we definitely need to give him a second term, there must be some money left that still needs misappropriated.

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    A delusional f**l who achieved zero.

    The voters must boot him out along with the rest of the pack.

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  3. Seasalt says:

    Governor John Rankin has added his voice to the audit on Assistance Grants between January 2019 and May 2022 by pointing out the lax nature in the way taxpayers’ monies were distributed under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration, which fell to a no-confidence motion in the House of Assembly (HoA).

    You voted against your own party saying you have no confidence in your own self, now how can we have confidence in you????? Who and what give you that moral authority to come asking us to vote VIP again. Just a question, help me understand.

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  4. Vislander says:

    We going to give Perline a chance. She has passion and drive for her district.

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  5. Not special Citizen says:

    Who was getting the assistance grants???? We want Names!!
    I bet a lot of them never planted or set bait in their lives.

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  6. Truth says:

    The VIP/NDP have been in power for 30+ years, and had millions to spend, yet the sewage still runs in the streets, roads and other infrastructure are bad and there is no clear national plan to fix everything.

    All these clowns (including VIPM and PU) need to go, disappear, and stop their corruption and incompetence.

    Where are the honest, bright and resourceful BVIslanders ready to serve their country now? If nobody decent stands, then goodbye BVI in one form or another – it will either be takeover by the UK or USVI, or descent back into poverty as financial services (and most of our income) disappears.

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  7. Premier Poo says:

    OOO wow, Talks about pumping stations. And where is that poo being pumped ? Not the treatment plant that has never seen a poo. DIRECTLY INTO THE SEA.

  8. Competence says:

    She is not competent . She is less than a rookie n. Not at the threshold where the bVZi is right now . Passion alone does not run a country . She must be intellectually minded , love people of all nationalities, tkinl
    Out of the box .You are not ready for this time ‘m

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  9. Aunty Susan says:

    I see the bewigged one has withdrawn from the race. And Mark V is not standing.

    These are the only two adults named in the AGs report.

    Coincidence. ?

  10. 1st district original says:

    This is how he measures success, shitz!!

  11. Long looker says:

    @vislander you can give her your vote at least she has 1 but she don’t stand a chance just like pickering she did nothing to improve her district and get on the mic and say sewage pipe on top of water line all this done under your watch at water and sewage, you couldn’t manage then and you sure can’t manage a ministry just enjoy your retirement let Natalio continue his journey no one can blame him for Andrew failures or flaw’s judge him base on his position now. Unity government needs a next chance to complete the task at hand news comers will be taken advantage of by the UK and this governor.

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  12. Earl says:

    I thought the NDP had done most of the sewage works in East End but then came across a stumbling block where they wanted to site the pumping station.
    Then miraculously the VIP where able to use this land later from the Barge family.

  13. Voter says:

    Craziness!! Birds of a feather flock together.,, go figure who was Andrew’s deputy.

  14. Wtf says:

    Natalio crazy? What successes is he talking about? His government only success was misappropriating our money and drying the treasury. If he was decent he will just go home and don’t let us send him. He is as good as gone.

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