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Premier unfazed by ‘bloggers’ on online news sites

Premier Andrew Fahie has said he is unfazed by the comments scores of readers leave below news stories on local online news sites.

Speaking during the January 5 sitting of the House of Assembly, Premier Fahie said he doesn’t pay much attention to ‘bloggers’ as some news sites have been arranged to publish negative comments about him.

He also said oftentimes, numerous negative comments are being left by a few individuals.

“I know that there are certain sites that they have organised to blog Fahie to smithereens. A gentleman met me and he said, ‘Fahie, you know you gotta be careful because one or two of these sites — they’re blogging, blogging, blogging’. I said, ‘man, listen to me, an unknown entity blogging seven, eight times; I must get tempted over them? Tell them to put their real names and come forward,” Premier Fahie stated.

Premier Fahie isn’t the only elected leader who has expressed an opinion about online commenters. When giving speeches in the House of Assembly, elected leaders often refer to opinions expressed in the comments sections of online news sites.

Local online news sites allow readers to leave their comments below news stories.

Why blogs are popular

In the BVI, many people are often afraid of disclosing their identities when expressing popular and unpopular opinions.

This is believed to be part of the reason the comments section — more commonly known as the ‘blogs’ — are favoured by readers.

Individuals are not required to disclose their identity and the comments are seen as a safe medium for persons who fear their public opinions could lead to victimisation and public scrutiny.

It is possible for one person to leave multiple comments below a single story. As a news site with an open comments section, BVI News often makes an effort to filter multiple comments left by the same person once they are tagged and determined to have a hidden agenda to attack one person or entity.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    but he wanted/tried to silence them

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    • Yeah Right! says:

      The country knows you gone wrong already. You believe you and your ”CLIQUE” own everything. Just a matter of time before we give you and your club the boot. And it will be done by the VIP. You bashing the UK for nothing. The people see it as a Smokescreen. The UK going nowhere as long as you continue to victimize your own people.

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      • LOL says:

        Well well… so many angry white racist comments from this article… and not one will be observed by the Premier. LOL… He don’t care guys!

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        • @LOL says:

          You think the Premier care about racism? He using the UK and Governor as a smokescreen to cover for his misc***f. We all know the man and so does the UK. The man has a long record. The man only care about his b***y.

    • Doh says:


      Get the names and then Dear Leader will “silence” you. Worse if you are white, a work permit holder, or a member of government. What an a**. Trump is on his way out, so should this cl**n.

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  2. lol says:

    Only v**o does protect yo

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  3. This is why... says:

    Why even address this? The comment section is free speech. It should not be a problem if some of your constituents disagree with you. Everybody talks about everybody and complains about everything. Sorry to break it to you… your not special. Living on Tortola , one thing I know ppl gonna talk…sense and nonsense. It is what it is.

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  4. Overwatch says:

    The powers that be, along with the Caucasian population and their peers that reside overseas have created a “social internet group” responsible for blogging and commenting their interests on certain sites like these news sites and also social media eg “facebook”. But the dastardly thing about it is that when they comment here, the try to make it sound like its one of us commenting; with poor language and written skills.(That’s what they think of us)
    Dont be fooled. Use your wisdom.
    They hate that we as black people have so much power and that threatens their false sense of superiority.
    Call them out. They are a lot of racist whites on this island, but they are smart, they only say what they feel around their social circles. Think i’m lying? Then bait them with a talk about how locals(black people) are bad and doing you wrong and see what spills out of their mouth……REAL TALK…TRY IT OUT YOURSELF AND SEE
    Peace and Blessings to my people, for the struggle is not yet over but has only begun.

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    • Ken Dreger says:

      Dear “Overwatch”, obviously that isn’t your real name so we will just pretend you are ashamed to have it actually published because of your totally STUPID comment on people who are “White”. Let’s turn your comment around 180 deg and see how that works……Right it stinks! If you want to talk about who is doing the crimes, look at the stats that the police give, you don’t need to “PROFILE” people by the color of there skin, that is just WRONG and YOU know it. I truly hope you find some type of reality from what you seem to be living in that can bring you happiness. Respectfully, Ken Dreger

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      • BVIlander says:

        @ Ken, it should be “their skin” not “there skin”
        White or black your English is atrocious

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      • Hook, Line & Sinker says:

        Ken Dreger, you just proved “overwatch” right. Your racism cant hide. See how you tried to camouflage that racist statement without no provocation.

        “If you want to talk about who is doing the crimes, look at the stats that the police give,”

        Thats exactly the point overwatch was trying to make.

        Also by seeing how many likes are attached to your comment, i think “overwatch” just caught all of you slipping and made you reflect all the points in his statement.
        It does seem like there IS a “social Caucasian internet group” responsible for blogging and commenting their interests on certain news sites.

        You foolishly fell for the bait. At least we know who YOU are now for exposing that mentality.

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        • Liston J says:

          At least Ken Drager gave us his name. Can you do the same “overwatch” and “hook, line & sinker” ?????
          Your racism is even worse because you know what it means to be racially abused and yet you still decide to do it yourself. Shame on you

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    • Observant says:

      Well said @ Overwatch

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  5. Blogger says:

    Yes we blog and there is nothing you can do to silence us. I would like to know when will you start speaking English in the House Hon Prem? Your behaviour is hardly dignified, and the utterances out of your mouth at times make me shudder, and s**t with shame!

    You wanted the Premiership, you have it. Go and do some real work and stop acting so petty. Have you sorted out Telecom as yet? We are paying high electricity bills? Why??

    Don’t get me to start blogging on your performance, and stop with all these smoke screens to detract from the real issues at hand!

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  6. all ah we says:


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    • @all ah we says:

      This is pure facts. Y***ow site continues to make him look like a saint. when he is not. We ready to vote VIP out.

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      • SURVEY says:


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        • MYRON SITDON says:

          Myron go sit down: we ain’t bringing you back. And Marlon Penn better get with a team of honest BVI Islanders to have any hope next election

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    • Yes all ah we says:


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    • love alone says:

      so true the dam ye***w site post nothing against him.. that B***ch w******..

  7. Liar, Liar says:

    Fahie you to l**. The blogs bother you yes. Do you stay on all social media responding to whatever anyone has to say about you? You have been labeled the P***y Premier. The blogs hurt and dig deep under your skin.

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  8. Sue says:

    Unfazed alright, my dear boy like the old folks often say, there is no way you are unfazed. The blogs get to you for sure. If you were unfazed, you would not have mentioned it. GO FIND SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE TO DO RATHER THAN WASTING YOUR TIME TALKING SMACK.

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  9. HAHA says:

    NDP thought it was only “one or two bloggers” when they were in too and we see what happened there. Keep talking!

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  10. He is a coward says:

    If you are not fazed by it why even mention it? He had his cult members doing the same thing when the NDP was in government. He was the main person going to the same governor’s house carrying tales on the NDP. Remember when he had the governor take the leader of the opposition position from Fraser and give it to him?
    He passed a law as soon as he got in to silence bloggers and people who send out memes on WhatsApp like what they had done during the last election. He is afraid of his same nasty tactics coming back to haunt him. What goes around comes around Premier. You have a rude awakening coming.

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    • BULLY AND TYRANT says:

      The Premier has shown his true colors. The Public Service is a mess with fear and victimization. The Premier is simply s***eful and wants to prove he is boss by wrecking the public service. I pray the new UK Governor deal with his tail.

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  11. Watchman says:

    My comment here is for the ones v*** don’t publish… thats why he will be slaughtered here.

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  12. Critic says:

    Someone once said to me when you receive criticism learn from it, don’t reject it. You have the wrong Yes men and woman near you and your my way or the highway style is leading you down the wrong path. You say you are humble but you are not listening and instead throwing shade at everyone, especially the UK. We don’t want empty rhetoric is the HOA, your talks should be concise.
    There is issues with the UK/BVI relationship but instead of half assed allegations we want solutions because your latest sounds like a power trip of I want it all.
    You want people on the streets listening out for you but you are already turning down plenty of input.
    A country that is not divided and sees progress in the things that matter like schools, roads, sewage, water, health and jobs is far more likely to re-elect you.

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  13. Choops says:

    Haha. Sure. That’s why he’s addressing it, because it doesn’t phase him. You don’t need to be phased. You just need to know how to count votes. Votes you won’t be getting this coming election. Then you’ll see the few people making many comments. Delusional.

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    • @ Choops says:

      The Premier is not smart. He should have left the public service and the governor alone, and governed quietly. But he allowed that oaf CSK and another lady known to rule from behind the scenes to give him bad advice. So now he will face the music until he is booted out of office. He best stay off the online news or his *** behind will know high blood pressure real fast. The UK going nowhere any time soon Fahie

  14. Yawn says:

    If you don’t have haters you ain’t in thing and when you know you are in for the right reason no one can led you astray.

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  15. VI says:

    I wonder if he is also unfazed about Moorings announcing a new base in Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas?

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  16. The Truth says:

    Empty vessels make the most noise.

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  17. Rubber Duck says:

    He should be very concerned.

    These sites and other social media is where the power lies.

    And the general opinion of the government and its leader is poor.

    The entry portal does not work by the way. How much have they paid their Jamaican cronies for this absolute rubbish.

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  18. joke says:

    when something don’t bother you, you don’t give it any attention at all

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  19. D****tor says:

    Like a true d*****or, he doesn’t care about vox populi, all he cares is f***ing his p***ets at the expense of the island, don’t let him fool you in thinking that he is trying to help us the belongers or the fact that he pretends to be a religious man, remove this man

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  20. Anonymous says:


    If we reveal our names work permits get revoked, true democracy…

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  21. 007 says:

    The Premier smart cuz history shows that the comments reflected on news site do not reflect the majority of voters. Last election I swear VIP would lose cuz even Andrew was being spammed with negative comments and almost the whole team won. The previous election NDP was being heavily criticized and they won easily. The haters seem to be more passionate and blog multiple times daily.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    By the way people that comment on news sites are not called bloggers and commenting on a news article is not called a blog.

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  23. Except says:

    You cared enough to comment about them. Clearly they mean something to you. If only you’d take them to heart and realize you’re not loved.

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  24. WOW says:

    The Blogs are the people of the BVI. The bloggers are the people who employ you Fahie. You are unphased by us? Really? You aren’t studying we? You work for us! You aren’t an emperor. but don’t worry, 2 years are going to come faster than you can blink. I bet you get phased all of a sudden.

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  25. Penn says:

    Andrew fahie need help
    This is a free world speech is free
    I want to see how fahie will stop ppl from speaking the truth
    The truth hurt so he bashing ppl comments
    If you were a good person/premier you would’ve had to go down this road
    Ppl sick of your nonsense

  26. Hmmm says:

    All I can say is there is one thing he can learn from Dr. Smith. Take your blows like a man.

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  27. Hold him says:

    When they were bashing NDP everybody mouth was Zip. Now is your turn . That is freedom of speech . Remember the bells tolls again !!

  28. VIP says:

    Just like how we ban Trump from Social Media we gonna bang all alyo form speaking bad about our beloved Premier

  29. My My! says:

    This is another Trump. Everything don’t need to be justified with an answer. Bigger fishes need to be fried.

  30. YOUTH says:

    As usual the same people blogging foolishness about Fahie over and over on this site with different posting names.

  31. one district cant work says:

    We really need to change this crap or election system where only one district decided that Andrew is Premier…

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