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Premier unphased by petition from business community

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie said he is in receipt of a petition from outraged members of the business community but does not feel pressured to move quicker in unveiling a plan for the December 1 reopening of the territory.

On October 4, members of the local business community launched the petition after claiming their proposed protocols for the territory’s reopening were rejected by the government.

Among other things, the petition called for the government to include business leaders in the decision-making process and deliver “the protocols which inform the reopening of the territory on or before 9th October 2020”.

In an a radio interview with ZBVI, Premier Fahie said he welcomed the petition. He said it will be used to ‘add value’ to the draft protocols his government already has. 

We can’t afford to experiment with new ideas

Fahie further said the BVI is taking best practices from other countries as the territory cannot afford to experiment with new ideas in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This pandemic is not static. No one has all the solutions on how to handle this pandemic. We have seen persons in many countries experiment with ideas based on assumptions. In some cases, things have worked out but when they go wrong, the results have been devastating and even fatal,” he stated.

“As countries, we are learning from each other and using that knowledge to build and to eliminate options that do not work. What works in other countries may not work in all,” the Premier explained.

Fahie said the petition has been sent to the BVI Tourist Board for them to use in enhancing the draft protocols the government is working on.  

But earlier this week, Chaunci Cline — a member of the BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association — said the BVI Tourist Board had already seen and embraced the proposed reopening protocols before they were rejected by the government.

In the meantime, Premier Fahie said the petition shows that democracy is at work but said no one has all the answers 

“No one is a specialist in COVID-19 so we have to look at best practices around the world and some of them may not fit us but we have to continue to look at what others are doing, come up with our own ideas and fit them in a way that balances our economy and keep us safe,” Premier Fahie said.


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  1. Well says:

    Truth is he ain’t got no plan and needs to hand out a few more consultancies.

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  2. Hotelier says:

    This so called association for whom Mr Cline speaks represents no one in the industry and speaks for no one but themselves. Time for a new and relevant association of those who actually run the tourist industry.

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  3. Yup says:

    A di****or is never moved by the desire of the people. His selfishness and his lust for power is the only thing that moves him.

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    • Stunned says:

      Hi wants to be Idi Amin, throw all foreigners out and run property values in the ground that his cronies can buy up Hotels and Villa’s cheap. He is proving himself already as a D****tor not listening to anybody. BVI what are you going to do?

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    • Please says:

      Go disrespect your own, on this, he is looking out for the well-being of his people. Thank you Premier!

  4. Democracy says:

    My f***ing A**

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  5. Facts says:

    It is obvious now more than ever that we need a Ministry of Tourism. All other Caribbean countries have one. Then we would be in a better position with a strategic plan to facilitate the reopening of the territory to tourists. This is a job for those with background knowledge in health & tourism….

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    • Really says:

      Need a Minister of Tourism? How about a Premier that has a background to lead a country during tumultuous times. This Foy only has a background in f**d. Even there he only knows how to eat it. This man has become overwhelmed by the power he has and the sheep of the Territory are following blindly. Have a happy demise.

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      • @ Really says:

        You sound like the cop in the Malcolm X movie who said Malcolm had too much power for one man, but what he was really saying was ‘he had too much power for a black man’. This is a new day…and you all will see this soon enough!

  6. Ok says:

    He’s “unphased”?! We will be unphased by him next election too..

    Time is longer than twine.

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  7. Plan says:

    If possible, quarantine for tourist shouldn’t mean a lost of vacation time, is there a location larger enough to allow tourist to have some positive experience while they are in this holding stage. 4 days looking at walls will be difficult when decided to spend my hard earn dollars. Even those who have the Virus, but without symptoms should have something available to them, limited movement with beach access etc.

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    • No no says:

      Make it too difficult than tourists that support economy WILL go elsewhere. When tourists go, unemployment increases ALOT. Unemployment increases, so does crime ALOT

      Simple really. Find a balance between safety and keeping tourists. Plenty of other places to go folks.

      Keep it in the BVI

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  8. I think says:

    he just told the business community to go f.. themselves

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  9. Lost Lemon says:

    I believe you are right!

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  10. Hmm says:

    You will lay down Foy boy that is guaranteed

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  11. BVIlander says:

    “BVI Tourist Board had already seen and embraced the proposed reopening protocols before they were rejected by the government” This sitting government is truly a disgrace to this country. They do not value experience or interest in a particular industry. People with the country at heart and common sense would not simply reject the protocols from the business community. We are in for a long road of suffering under this government.

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    • Comment says:

      So when was BVI Tourist Board elected to run the BVI or the selfish inhuman money worshipping citizens, residents, visitors or NDP supported?

  12. PT9 says:

    You can’t tell him anything because he is to bull headed. He is going to take the British Virgin Islands down if nothing is done to stop him. We need to march him out of office.

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  13. Song of doom says:

    When Election Day comes around next time it will be the state of the economy and the s**t show of reopening that is remembered.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    The petition is mostly a handful of NDP supporters and a whole lot of Caucasians who are heavily dependent on the charter boat industry. I was expecting a lot more recognizable local business owners.

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    • Sailing says:

      Doesn’t the boating industry support the BVI economy. Why is it made to be racial and political?

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    • Charter says:

      This has nothing to do with race. I am a white dude that employs a lot of different races. Stuck it out thru Irma and we all supported each other.

    • @ Anonymous says:

      On this issue, it is understood that the Premier cares more for the welfare of his people than greedy interest groups. That is the mindset of great leadership! So yes, on this matter he has told them that their views do not matter to him nor to us… and he is correct!

    • Comment says:

      So now we see where the NDP stand, and that is why they did not get my vote.

  15. Heckler says:

    Mugabe says is his way or no way.

  16. Lol says:

    Cant get any worst. The people have no say. How about the others who we elected, are they adults are children just doing as Papa say?

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  17. local business says:

    So Fahie has a plan, but he isn’t telling us what it is! This is beyond clueless!
    He is taking Trumpism to extremes. Refusal to engage with stakeholders for the critical next moves for the economy!
    Failure to provide consensual leadership!
    Reliance on secretive cronies to provide “consultancy”!
    What next? Accusing the BVIHCCA of undermining his authority?
    This egomaniac Premier is a disgrace.

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  18. Yo says:

    We are in George Orwell’s Animal Farm

  19. American Tourist says:

    We are scheduled to arrive for a bareboat charter in early December. We will cancel our trip if we cannot arrive by seaport or if we have to quarantine.

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    • IHOP says:

      I don’t believe you in other countries it is 5 days you have to quarantine before you are allowed out so please don’t come with that you have to go with the rules

    • Agree says:

      Yes. Us also. Too much bs

    • @American Tourist says:

      Well cancel! However, if you’ll are bringing $100 million on your trip to rent a small uninhabited island from our government for those days, then you and your Corona can sail freely!

  20. American Sailor says:

    I just cancelled a bareboat for early December, and two for January. Along with it went hotel rooms pre & post charter for 30 people.

    I feel that BVILOVE is a fraud operation encouraging people like me to spend more money for nothing.

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  21. Good says:

    30 new Covid spreaders. Who knows?

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  22. LearnToLiveWithIt says:

    They should have opened yacht charters on 1 October. Directly from airport/seaport to your yacht. Briefing on the yacht and out you go provisioned for 7 days. Post security at the outer island restaurants, allow visitors to pickup their food on the dock and head right back out to their yachts.
    BVI – wear your masks and respect social distancing.

  23. $$$ says:

    C’mon Cline let people know your plan to the government which by the way was not solicited by Governor cane with some major $$$$
    Since when does a government have to accept plans from the private sector and pay for them ? What country reopened with plans from private citizens ? Governments have lead the way, not saying input cannot be sought but these private entities will think of their best interests only.

    • IHOP says:

      I don’t believe you in other countries it is 5 days you have to quarantine before you are allowed out so please don’t come with that you have to go with the rules

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  24. Mark Thimineur says:

    The requirement for tourists to quarantine is a deal breaker. Most people have 7 days to vacation and will definitely avoid destinations with this requirement. When we learned that BVI was opening for tourism on Dec 1, we booked a flight for Dec 3 into St Thomas. Learning of the actual requirements, I turned my BVI trip into a St Johns trip as there is no quarantine in the USVI, just negative Covid-19 test. I will look longingly accross the channel at Tortola and all the other islands which we have so frequently visited aboard our yacht. Hopefully this situation changes so we, and all other BVI travelers can come back.

    • @Mark says:

      You do what you feel is best for you and your love ones, we are also doing what we feel is best for ours as well. Have a great vacation.

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