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Premier urges businesses to donate to ESHS’ reconstruction

The L-shaped building at Elmore Stoutt High School in Road Town.

Premier Andrew Fahie is challenging local businesses to donate towards the completion of classrooms at the Elmore Stoutt High School to ensure a smooth start to the 2019 September school year.

He made the call at a contract signing ceremony where Quality Construction Ltd, Metro Construction Ltd, Autland Heavy Equipment Ltd and Construction Industrial and Equipment were all awarded contracts to reconstruct the school’s L-shaped building in time for the new academic year.

“Although the government is doing the project, I still want to take the lead, to challenge all the alumni, all the businesses to come and adopt one of these rooms here and make it your room. The majority of the persons in the BVI went to the Elmore Stoutt High School, so let’s get some businesses go to the Ministry of Education. They already know what they want for each classroom, how they want it to be laid out with the smart boards or whatever the case is, so they know the cost by classroom” said Premier Fahie.

He also stressed the importance of donating towards the cause since it will benefit the future of the territory.

“Let’s not be spectators or saying I am not helping the government. You’re helping yourself because every time you fix a classroom you’re helping a child whose parent might not have the money to help but they’ll be able to get the education in an environment that’s conducive to learning. So I make that appeal today.”

The four construction companies involved in the rebuilding process were the first to each pledge a donation of $10,000 towards the building.

A fifth company that is set to sign an air condition contract for the said building has also pledged $10,000; bringing the grand total of donations to $50,000, so far.

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  1. Reader says:

    Great start. Great job Hon. Fahie, Hon. Wheatley, Mr. Glasgow and the Project Management Unit and all others involved in this important project. Blessings on all who will contribute…

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Notre Dam cathedral will be rebuilt faster than this high school and both will cost the same.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      You want us to give money so your cronies can be given even bigger corrupt consultancy contracts?

      Same old, same old.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Thought the building is 4 stories. Somebody can’t count? Where’s a picture of the building under contract?

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  4. Yes... says:

    But don’t donate money. Find out what the school needs and buy it. Never give the government money. If the Ministry gets vex, then its their loss.

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  5. The Reaper says:

    Where the Money he try too hide bring it back oh FBI watching it Hmmmmmmmmmm The only Hon went to The High court Now want help for the school. Really!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Hmmm says:

    Where are Fahie’s critics now? This man will turn out to be one of our best leaders in the history of this country.

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  7. Now Now Now says:

    The Premier’s heart is in the right place

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  8. FACTS says:

    The $98000 given to claude could have gone into the high school. Andrew get u properity straight

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  9. Smh says:

    I guess this all started 6weeks ago. How long will we allow Fahie and his gang to fool us. This work started over a year ago by the NDP. How is it the country was broke but you can spend 3.4M out of the local funds?

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    • To Smh says:

      It didn’t start 6 weeks ago but what started 6 wks ago was leadership started to lead. This decision should have been made long ago.

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  10. Society says:

    He should approach the ex leaders of the NDP, those that lined their pockets with wall & cruise ship dock money.

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  11. Come again says:

    Reconstrucrion hasn’t even started properly but you are asking for donations!?… Why don’t we see how far the money gets the project then donate later?…

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  12. Anonymous says:

    lining of pockets were and are their intention We support them on behalf of moving the country forward, but we also know the main motivation of quite a few of them is self enrichment. One actually said so.

    So of course they will be dipping in deep. That is real.

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    • To Anonymous says:

      I am an NDP supporter but I totally disagree with your irresponsible statement. What the Premier is doing now should have been done long ago.

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  13. CLAUDE FREEBIE says:


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    • Weir D. Playne says:

      I’m totally against Claude getting another consultancy contract but it seems like people are mostly complaining mostly because of who got the contract. Replace Claude’s name with someone else and I’m sure there wouldn’t be as much outrage. NDP spent over $20 million in consultancies now people are complaining about $98,000. NDP gave Claude a $96,000 consultancy contract in 2011 days after Dr. Smith said VIP left the country broke but there was little outrage so what’s the difference now. Does the extra $2,000 make it that much worse? Is it because Claude is affiliated with VIP? Well Claude ran as a candidate for NDP, lost the election, got the contract then about a year later was named the head of the Ports Authority. The people had no problem then because NDP was rewarded with a Second term so enough with the fake outrage.

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      • @Weir D. Playne says:

        The difference is not 2,000.00 is actually more if you look at the time frame. It was 96,000 for at least a year if I remember correctly. This is a six month contract for 98,000.00. Also the scope of this contract is quite broad. Where is the other was more specific. How do you judge if one is “monitoring” something in order to evaluate their work?

        96,000.00 for a year is 8,000.00 a month. 98,000.00 for six months equates to 16,667.67 a month to monitor (not necessarily to advise).

        And when was Grace Consultants started?

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        • Weir D. Playne says:

          The contract is actually good based on how much he has to do. The areas of responsibilities include Climate and renewable energy, 1000 jobs in 1000 days initiative, telecommunications, managing the development of Prospect Reef, cruise line berthing agreement. That’s a lot for $98,000.
          Other times just one of those projects would cost that amount.The contract obviously in terms of cost and scope is great. Some people hate that it was Claude that got it and the rest hate because it’s a VIP project. If he fail to deliver or we cant see the results from the projects then the outrage maybe justified but for now looking at the cost and scope it’s not bad at all.

  14. I am not fooled says:

    One cannot cover up sin with snow. The sin must wash out to be whiter than the snow. It seems to have been strategy to bring this out right after completing a questionable transaction. I challenge everyone to hold that administration responsible and yes I am a VIP supporter. Fahie, you ask me to hold you accountable. I demand you to explain those 3 contracts to skelton-cline and I will NOT let this go until I see an answer. Stop playing the people of the BVI. I will not be appeased until you ae transparent on that transaction. Explain thyself!

    I know it questionable for up to now you have not come out with the information. You going around explaining ESHS contracts and I understand and applaud that one but yuh fail to explain skelton-cline. Next on the agenda and the Speaker can add this one: Explain decision making process behind skelton-cline contracts. Okay then.

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    • Hah says:

      Only one contract he got. It was pure cronyism but it is not a criminal act or the worst thing that ever happened. I think people are blowing this way out of proportion. It is not unusual in the BVI. It isn’t a huge contract and I would prefer if someone else got it but y’all overreacting.

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      • Oh please says:

        Every contract that gets dished out, I want to understand what it for and me Fahie need to be held accountable. I don’t care who name on it. It could be Skelton-cline. It could be anybody. But yes even more so questionable when a name like Skelton-cline come up. Isn’t that what he and his team promised? Accountability and transparency? Claude didn’t get contract for climate resilience consultation, youth consultation and prospect reef consultation? How is that one contract. What’s the logic?

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  15. No donations as yet says:

    As a business owner, I am willing to donate classroom supplies to the teachers once the project is completed. As far as donating to help rebuild, no.

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    • Totally Agree says:

      I am also willing to assit teachers and students with classroom supplies/ supplies towards the running of the school. As far as donating to help rebuild the school, Not this time. I am quite sure there is enough money in the budget to rebuild the school.

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  16. Plan says:

    I would suggest that the needs are set out in a ‘tender’ document against the backdrop of a plan that businesses can buy into. The Ministry already knows but the public doesn’t so information on room use, equipment and material needs, dimensions, layout etc in the context of a wider strategic plan for education in the Territory and in the school should be communicated. This makes it real and tangible so people can help, including to fit out entire classrooms and other areas in the building. Businesses are not going to just drop money in a hole unless they can see the bottom/ exactly where their hard-earned and properly-managed money will land. They will be looking for accountability and transparency from Government for this to work and I don’t think we’re quite there yet. What I know is that if this Premier wants this, he will do the necessary to get it done. This is both an invitation and a challenge to Government.

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  17. Nope says:

    I believe business owners should not donate any money into rebuilding the school. I believe business owners will not have a problem donating money towards books and other school supplies to assist staff and students once the school is up and running.

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  18. Not so fair says:

    Business owners should not be made to donate any funding/donations toward the rebuilding. That is the Government tab. My father is a small business owner and my mother all ready warned him not to donate any of his hard earned money.

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  19. Really, Premier? says:

    Cut out that $98,000 contract and there is a sizeable contribution. Be for real.

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  20. No name says:

    You all must read and understand. Did he say donate money? When the school finish, you all need to go back.

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  21. Resident says:

    I don’t think the premier was asking for donations for the rebuilding but to outfit the classrooms. Furniture snartboards etc. At least that’s what I gathered!

  22. WOW says:

    I see why the BVI is still in the rut it is in since Irma. The negativity has gotten worse.

  23. People says:

    What I am seeing from some of these negative comments is that there are some NDP supporters who are still bitter over losing the Government. They will see no good the VIP does and they are determined to work to try to get it the VIP Government to fail and break up. Thank God that is not God’s plans for the BVI .

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  24. Blah says:

    I see many people commenting about willing to contribute to school supplies etc. but not the actual rebuilding. If people actually read the article and not just focused on the headline they would see that that’s exactly what Fahie was requesting. BVINews used the words rebuilding when it should have been refurnishing but if you read you would understand. We have a comprehension problem or so it seems. He said adopt a classroom. The ministry already knows what they want for each room, smartboards etc and know the cost for each room and asked businesses to go to the Ministry which suggest that the donations is for furnishing the classrooms, buying smartboards etc.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You know, each may and do have a preference relative to a particular party being in power, but after all is thought-out, everyone wants to see the country soar and not flounder.
    because a particular did not win a given cycle.

    It is believed that deeper in the thoughts, that is where we all ultimately thinks. Development and progress irregardless of which party is ruling.

    And so it should be.

  26. hmmm says:

    BVI absolutely full to the brim of negative a$$es. You all whining. If you don’t wanna give, don’t give but stop complaining and moaning.
    Surely nearly 2 years has all the moaning from your systems and you are keen to start educating children properly again in a purpose built school. Jeez.

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