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Premier urges shift away from BVI’s colonial mentality

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has called attention to a persisting colonial mindset within the BVI, criticising an ingrained tendency to favour colonial structures over elected officials.

During a recent House of Assembly session, Dr Wheatley expressed concern over the influence of colonial legacy on local governance, particularly regarding land and public policy management.

“Ultimately, a lot of our people have been influenced by the mentality of a colony, and we don’t even realise it… it’s been ingrained in us so much that we think it’s logical to sideline the minister,” he stated.

He pointed to unelected officials, such as UK-appointed governors, as part of the problem and emphasised the importance of recognising and empowering local voices for true democratic governance.

The Premier’s comments came during discussions on the Crown Land Management Bill, a government effort to redefine land management and prioritise the rights of Virgin Islanders.

The bill seeks to establish fair criteria for land allocation, particularly for Indigenous Virgin Islanders and those with ancestral land claims.

In the meantime, Dr Wheatley highlighted the historical context of land ownership in the BVI, noting how local ancestors acquired lands after slavery and stressing the community’s right to maintain these lands.

He also contrasted this with the situation in other places in the world. “We can be very proud because we who are the descendants of the enslaved own the land, and that is something that we want to preserve as Virgin Islanders,” he declared.


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  1. Styles. says:

    The people deserve independence. For sure.

    However, the current and many previous governments have proven not to be fit for the task to govern with integrity and honesty.

    – CSC contracts
    – Barges
    – walls
    – BVI airlines
    – covid grants
    – farmers grants
    – pier park
    – former premier in prison

    Many of the current ministers were involved with these matters and Natalio is not holding them accountable.

    Until we hold each other accountable. Until we govern with integrity. Until we give work to competent people and not our friends. Until we declare our conflicts of interest. Until we distance ourselves from criminals l.

    Until that time Natalio needs to shut up and focus on cleaning the mess that is called the BVI. If he doesn’t want to do that but only wants to complain he should leave and let others do the clean up.

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  2. Mick Mars says:

    So in other words he wants us to choose an elected officials boot in the face as opposed to the antiquated whip of the “colonial” masters with regards to how the public is treated by governing bodies.

    Don’t let them take advantage of you, instead let us, the ones you elected.

    Big man go catch another flight, cause you ain’t grounded in sensible reality at all.

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  3. What!!! says:

    He would love independence then all the thiefs in HOA could do whatever they want.

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  4. Words says:

    you are using the word “colonial” to mean “a system of effective checks and balances”. The latter is what you are opposed to, sir.

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  5. BuzzBvi says:

    It is not Colonial v elected officials. It is For the people v. For the few.

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  6. Trevor says:

    The possibility of corruption is why we want oversight.
    That simple.

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  7. SMH says:

    We need to get rid of your mentality because you are causing more oppression to the people of the BVI.

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  8. ... says:

    Imagine if we were French, itd be worse. He has a point & it includes Spain, France and other past invade-steal-enslave countries, the true definition of colonialism.

    Whatever they did worked over the people’s mind so bad we see the effects of it to this day. The Dutch were here too.

    While the united kingdom is unrepentant and sending asylum seekers to Rawanda against their own court’s ruling, France in particular has not shifted from invader-steal-enslave mentality.

    They still control currency in Africa and want more & more of Africa. They can not focus on fixing their own home because the French will riot.

    In the past the conquests were an excuse to pacify their people & maintain artificial blood profits.

    How can the UK talk about human rights & then send people looking for a better life to Rawanda, depopulated site of terrible genocide incited by french colonialism which the world stood & watched.

    As Bob Marley sung know your history.

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  9. This man says:

    this man need to stay off that jungle juiice

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Would he consider the US or UVI the same? I wonder I mean he is taking a trip to the US. Someone please make it make sense cause it all sounds like lip service to me.

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  11. Looking at life through a different lens says:

    Like his boss a peep hole in a cell door

  12. BVI Is Hopeless says:

    The Crab In The Barrel Mentality will never allow the BVI to achieve any form of nationhood. Envy and jealousy among relatives and neighbors will continue to divide and destroy this country to the benefit of expatriates and the colonialists. We are trapped in a downward spiral because of our mentality. This is what the premier is trying to put nicely so go ahead and bark and growl as you usually do when confronted with the truth. Everything that is happening is your creation because you had these islands in the palm of your hands and fucked it up because of envy jealousy and greed.

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  13. Patriotic bvi says:

    This man has a problem.he is obsess with independence.please let’s not not repeat the same mistakes,like our caribbean most of them are regreting it now.

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  14. Us vs Them. The never Ending Fight. says:

    None sense geminating from lack of reading and knowing, and or the notion and or desire for perpetual European colonial rule..

    Colonial rule does not and will never equate to effective checks and balances. Without pointing its fallacies, Uk’s and European historic realities, it remains an anti-Black, corrupt uni-centered, European domination philosophy and selfish union as it always was.

    Similar to others, but especially France, it remains an invade-steal-enslave doctrine since its inception, has made no effort to change, is yet to develop and demonstrate conscience and pay what is for crimes against the African Black humanity which has made it the rich country it is today. It and all those European who engaged in and are the benefactors of slavery today remains a true bastion of colonialism.

    Finally, , it baffles the mind when actual truths and facts are posted in this section as comments, how those truthful comments do attract so much thumbs down, illustrating a baffling and wayward mentality. Particularly it seems, the UK and other European loves and will support glittering words and statements that paint them in a good light.

    But when face with the true realities of their history or ay syllable they find distasteful they jump to the thumbs down button even when what was stated are actual acts. That is truly an indication of a weak and dissonant mind.

    One often has to ask, “In what condition is their mind? And if those individuals were in power, though their kinds are, what condition would the world be in? It is mind-blowing the mental constructs we see emanating through thumbs down from the minds of so-called human superior people.

    Some will continue to view the current management of certain “independent” countries as reasons why we should not consider independence, which simply indicates and is founded on a very racist view that Black people cannot run a country or its economy.

    That view is false and based on the old racist premise that only certain lolored human beings can run a country effectively. Many often use the condition of Haiti as an example, when that country’s condition is a direct result of continuous destabilization efforts by the USA, Europe and especially the most pernicious of then all, France, the evil and greedy French.

    In ending, I support the Premier’s views on this issue one hundred percent, even as I have firm disagreements on others, and especially the management of the public purse versus the development and maintenance of the country’s infrastructure.

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  15. John says:

    And he is the new colonial master,look how they treating people children born here as to go on work permit to remain here, slave master mentality

  16. @Styles. says:

    Perfect Post! Thank you.

  17. ** says:

    Came here to see what the anti BVI, pro UK trolls were gonna have to say about this sage piece of advice. As I expected, they have the comments blown up! Smh

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    • No. No. says:

      We are pro BVI.

      But we are anti-corruption.

      Has nothing to do with racism/colonialism.

      The BVI is a fantastic territory. It just has terrible and dishonest politicians.

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  18. Indigenous says:

    Who are the indigenous people of the Virgin Islands? As far as I am aware all BV Islanders are descendents of either African or European forefathers

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  19. Of course…. says:

    Sadly when the elected officials have repeatedly betrayed the trust of the people and in some cases have turned out to be straight up criminals, then yes, people’s confidence in their elected officials get shaken.

  20. Funny says:

    A set of silly chat between the party and the flights.

  21. One love says:

    Go Trellis bay and you might meet one of the few first people’s of the Caribbean basin.

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