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Premier wants ‘visual aids’ to get public excited about recovery

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith wants graphic depictions showing the various projects being funded with the $65.2 million government has borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for hurricane recovery.

He said these depictions would stimulate public interest.

The Premier was speaking at the launch of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan initiative held at Treasure Isle Hotel on Tuesday.

“What I would like to see … is engagement with the community through visual aids to allow them to understand what these different projects are projected to look like once completed,” Dr Smith said.

“For example, let people see and appreciate what the school will look like. Let the students see and get a better appreciation so that they can get excited about the new school. Let people see what the new Department of Disaster Management (DDM) building will look like so that they can get excited about what is to come.”

The Premier said the $65.2 million amount will be disbursed over the next three years.

He also said not all the funds from the CDB is in the form a loan.

“There is also a grant portion which does not have to be paid back, and for that CDB, we thank you,” Dr Smith said.

He said relationships like the one shared between the CDB and the BVI are just one reason the territory is able to look ahead with the hope and promise of a brighter tomorrow.


The CDB funds will be broken down in several areas around the territory.

The deplorable roads and sea defence wall in Carrot Bay are set to receive over $4.5 million.

Another $5 million will be allocated to the Road Town and West End ferry terminal buildings.

Four million will be channelled towards the development of a brand new building for the DDM, and $8.75 million will go to the education sector.

In addition, unspecified amounts will go to the road network and sewerage projects around the territory.

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  1. Sarah says:

    GIS is free

  2. Lordie says:

    Nothing will stimulate interest when you have your key s— system in place with your people to continue to t— the money.

    No more PR stunts

  3. Fedup says:

    So this money is not going to be spent by the recovery board. There just seem to be a conspiracy to destroy the people in this country our lively hood we are made promises by even the UK Government and none is been kept why are these people controlling any money.

  4. Really? says:

    You focusing on fluff at a time like this?

  5. Jerry says:

    I am from the US. I spent five weeks in Tortola this year as I have for the past ten or so years.
    I would suggest two things.
    One – You need to replenish palm trees. When people think of your island, they think of swaying palms framing beautiful seascapes or green hills. Sadly, so many have been destroyed. Much worse than in Puerto Rico.
    Two – and this is less important than the first. You need to fix the main roads. They were never great before, but when you go to Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Lucia, or other islands, the roads are better.
    If I were the premier looking to bring the island back for tourism, I would have a major project on palm trees. But I am merely a tourist who loves your country.

    • sam the man says:

      Jerry you are right unfortunately the recent plans have been only to replant seedlings and saplings which will take some twenty years to achieve full height! somebody needs to show some visionary leadership rather than just drift along as tourists will simply not return unless people wake up and do something about it….I agree roads were appaling before, I have seen a tremendous deterioration even in the past 2 years before Irma – they are just not built well enough or maintained properly..

    • Concerned says:

      In 1975 St Lucia built roads at a cost of $1.3 Million (US) per mile, while BVI continues to spend under $0.5 Million (US) per mile. You get what you pay for. It’s not the advisers; it is using proper standards.

  6. TRUTH BE TOLD says:

    Jerry you are much more than a tourist, you are the voice of reason and wisdom. Much appreciated.

  7. Herbs says:

    Yes create a smoke screen which will distract the real agenda. Brilant plan mister.

  8. Soiled Son says:

    this is great news! i wonder how much will be spent on consultancy fees for these visual aides. all aboard the gravy train

  9. Excited? says:

    People will not get excited by pictures! You may try reforming the way you treat people. You should be embracing people who want to stay in the BVI to help with recovery. Instead bvi turns them away, kick them off the island and are not even welcoming to visitors. It doesn’t matter how many pictures or how many $$ you get, until bvi treats people like people it will never recover.

  10. Bills says:

    Mr. Premier, here is a visual we all can get behind of.
    1. Fixed the infrastructure (roads, sewerage, telecom, etc.)
    2. Clean up campaign of the country from two devastating hurricanes and a flood.
    3. Audited Financial Statements as promised
    4. You giving an account of the $7 million dollars given to BVI Airways

    More to add at a later date.

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