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Premier Wheatley on Fahie verdict: I don’t wish bad on anyone

File photo of current Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley (left) and his predecessor Andrew Fahie.

In the wake of former Premier Andrew Fahie’s conviction in a Miami Court on charges of money laundering, racketeering and drug smuggling, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has commented that he does not harbour any ill-intent towards anyone.

He contended that persons should accept the outcome of the judicial process since it is an important part of democracy and pointed out that persons also have the right to appeal when convicted of a crime.

“Individuals have to look within themselves and to be able to say, ‘Well, what have I done? Or what have I not done to put myself in whatever position I’m in?’” the Premier said. “Then we have to look within ourselves and see how we can improve ourselves as human beings.”

He added: “That’s how I look at any kind of situation involving anyone who faces our system of administration of justice and I always wish everyone well. I don’t wish bad on anyone. I stay humble. Of course, for the persons who are sad and disappointed, we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.”

At the time, Dr Wheatley was responding to questions from members of media related to Fahie being found guilty. He was asked about the potential reputational damage that could come to the territory in the aftermath of Fahie’s guilty verdict.

In response, the Premier said he remains laser-focused on strengthening good governance in the territory and on strengthening the BVI’s integrity systems.

“We have a Director of Public Prosecutions. We have the arms necessary to be able to recognise and to fight wrongdoing. We have to be able to strengthen those arms and then we have to have a fair judicial process,” Dr Wheatley said late last week.

He pointed out that it is the government’s role to ensure that law enforcement agencies have the resources necessary to work and emphasised that when persons go on trial, they should have a fair trial.


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  1. Styles says:

    Natalio claims he is humble.. Yet he said he was appointed by god himself to do his job. (not very humble is you ask me).

    Natalio claims he is concerned about good governance in the territory. Yet he has not publically distanced himself from Fahie, he has supported the CSC contracts, he has not condemned other Wheatley and Education minister for taking money from the covid grants.

    I guess we can say he is a little hypocritical, and since he is not against criminals, he is probably with them.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Andrew deserves everything he got…no doubt. As for Natalio…humble? OMG…he’s so is f*@king NOT! He’ll get his bird of a different kind. Mark these words today, Feb. 14th.
      Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

  2. Karma says:

    We should not wish bad for anyone. However Andrew Fahie has tried to destroy the reputation and lives of a lot of people. When you are digging a grave for others you should dig one for yourself also.

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  3. DONT MIND HE says:


  4. Foxy says:

    Yeah..his sympathy doesn’t cover the folks that Fatty’s drug running would have hooked on drugs, or gotten shot in gang shootings. Pathetic.

  5. good says:

    He right where he belong. Wutless MS.

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  6. so... says:

    the 3 arabs when are they getting arrested? Government minister 1 when are these people being brought to justice?

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    • @So says:

      You all have a lot to learn, the FEDS don’t arrest FEDS! LOL!

      • Why wouldn’t we ever learn says:

        Correct. The FEDS left a piece of cheese for a rat and caught a Rat weighing over 300lbs.

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        • Licher and Sticher Good says:

          Correction, they caught 4 rats, let one go as that one lead the other three rats to the stash, put one rat in a circus, the other one in a bucket with milk and say run hard and we will put you in the circus with the first rat (she run so hard she made butter) and the final rat they kept to feed to the cat. Therein ends the story

  7. Shimmy shimmy Yah Shimmy Shimmy Yeah says:

    FAHEY was willing to sell the BVI and caused harm to the Territory’s ability to earn revenue. How can S!0w W@nde and the A$$ C!0wn Brigade stay quite on this. Are they idiots?

    • Concerned citizen says:

      The VIP party is a not for profit and regulated by the FSC. If they want to be taken seriously they should investigate the US$87000 reportedly received from FAHEY via the drug money he received. They do not need political permission and should if they do not want to be regarded as a joke

  8. BuzzBvi says:

    This is so bad. Our Premier should not be an apologist for Fahie’s behaviour. He should be a leader to a better place. Hope he is not next. Two Premiers in a row would not be a good look. Why would he not be condemning drug smuggling and ill gotten gains. This is pathetic. And worrying. There are lots of others and friends of Fahie that he may also be protecting.

    • Under and over the hill he came says:

      Remember Official 1 is still out there. He may already be sitting at the helm The UK, Interpol or MI6 need to scrape the bottom of the pot (I hate to say it but it look so)

  9. #NDP says:

    NDP Next Election!!

    • Over and under the hill he came says:

      Nah, I’ll stay home if it’s NDP VIP and PMP. We need fresh faces and more transparent associations

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