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Premier’s Office had breakdown to properly manage public purse?

The Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Complex where the main government offices are located.

The government’s Internal Auditor, Dorea Corea, has suggested there was a likely breakdown in the Premier’s Office with regards to its stewardship of the public purse.

Corea made that statement in response to potential criticisms put to her when she appeared before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) last week.

In the criticism, the government said Corea failed “to appreciate the international context of the COVID-19 pandemic” during her audit of government’s controversial stimulus programme.

Using the UK government as a comparison to bolster its argument and to further illustrate the international context, it was suggested that the UK effectively suspended the rules for the proper management of public money to support the economy in the first four months of the pandemic.

According to COI attorney Bilal Rawat, the criticism suggested that the problem was not isolated to the BVI, but instead, it was one where governments around the world of all sizes were struggling.

Audit Department sought to reduce risks

But Corea said her office did mention the global context in its report.

“I wanted to underscore that, even though we did not apply or correlate BVI government to an international jurisdiction, we had some sentiment as to what was going on around the world,” Corea noted.

In her response to the government’s criticism, Corea further said: “The mere fact that the Premier’s Office is justifying foregoing controls and normal public financial standards to achieve speed and urgency, signals that there may be a breakdown in the understanding of government’s fiduciary responsibility and stewardship in managing the public purse.”

“What the Internal Audit Department sought to do was not to pronounce failure on the government’s response to the pandemic but to evaluate what was done with the hope of offering recommendations that would reduce risks, inform future decision and improve programme outcomes”.


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  1. judge ito says:

    The premier used that opportunity to give out money to VIP cronies

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    • Commission on Inquiry says:

      The Commissioner seems to be intimidated by Sir Geoffrey – lots of stammering and hesitation. Why a shame Sir Geoffrey was not present every day to stop the bullying nature of the inquiry.

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      • Appears says:

        It appears that the Ministers, politicians, PS’s, etc do not have the ability to govern. They need to have Sir Geoffrey speak and write for them because the locals cannot put a coherent sentence together whether written or spoken. This is self evident through the rambling of the Foy and the others, past or present Ministers and department heads. Sitting in a big office with secretaries wearing business suits does not mean there is sufficient brain matter to rule and manage. It’s like dressing up a Bab**n and having him run the country. He looks good but nothing behind the eyes.

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  2. Wellsaw says:

    The permanent secretary does not have the managerial experience to run the country. All of these Ps are very weak. Don’t talk about the department heads.

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  3. no says:

    the PS of the premiers office needs to be fired and charges brought as it was her decisions that brought this to pass, either her or she throws her boss under the bus and comes clean about WHY.

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  4. Translation says:

    …..”There’s a global pandemic, people are panicked, everyone is focused on COVID, now is our time to raid the chest!!!”

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  5. Puzzled says:

    all over the world people are getting help and still continue to be assisited. Here in BVI the opposition vex ..because the VIP helping people.

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    • Resident says:

      we don’t mind helping people, but you have to account for how the money is spent and is the person deserving of it, a non farmer shouldn’t be getting farming stimulus

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    • Fairy says:

      Thay hoped themselves and their cronies.
      They overlo
      oked helping the country snd sll of its people
      You are myopic possibly because you are a benefactor. Well open your soul and your heart and look good at the VI…it is in the mud..everything.

  6. Not good at all... says:

    Both Auditors had problems with getting corporation and documents from the Premier’s office….That clearly shows they knew what they were doing was wrong and make every effort to hide and cover up.

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    • And says:

      the cooperation from Ministries and departments is not new to the auditors. Maybe now things would be straightened out but the regime has to go and then you would see civil servants working without fear.

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  7. @ PUZZLED says:

    hey blondie , you need to take off your WIG when you going to bed

  8. Hmmmm says:

    Anyone can correct me if I am wrong but from the evidence I have heard so far from the Premier’s PS, she said the reason she didn’t cooperate with the AG is because an Internal Audit was underway. The Internal Auditor’s evidence said she didn’t cooperate with them either so it seems there’s blatant disregard for the truth by the leader and his cohorts. I don’t think this COI will end well especially with the stimulus and crown land issues.

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  9. @Translation says:

    This is exactly what happen!

  10. lol says:

    Sounds like we basically need a new Government. These guys basically have no understanding what the job entails. Country needs a reset.

  11. Ajic says:

    Permanent Secretaries need to understand their obligation is to safeguard this country and it’s people and not to buckle to the pressure of Ministers

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