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Prince breaks from handcuffs to make second escape, court hears

Khori Prince being escorted to court this week following two consecutive escape and recaptures.

Nineteen-year-old Khori Prince had escaped police a second time after he was recaptured on January 30, the court has been told.

And while his second reported escape was short-lived, the court heard that the accused man had damaged a pair of handcuffs to free himself.

Prince is now charged with two counts of escaping lawful custody and criminal damage.

He was not made to plead when he appeared before Magistrate Jack Husbands on Tuesday, February 5.


The court heard that about 4:39 pm on January 18, police officers were returning Prince to his holding cell at the Road Town Police Station.

He was in custody as a person of interest in the December 2018 burglary of Mi Amor Jewelers, where an estimated $800,000 worth of jewellery was stolen.

While being escorted to his cell, Prince allegedly pushed one of two police officers that was present and sprinted towards the station’s back entrance in an attempt to flee.

The court heard that the officers then gave chase and one officer discharged his taser gun twice to disable Prince.

However, both attempts were futile, and Prince reportedly made good on his escape through the Roy Hill area. A search party was deployed, but the teen had vanished, the court heard.

He was recaptured nearly two weeks later on January 30 during a police operation in Greenland, East End.

It is alleged that on the same day, Prince was taken from the police station as he was needed in relation to the ongoing investigation into the Mi  Amor burglary.

During that time, Prince allegedly damaged his handcuffs to free himself then fled to nearby bushes. However, police recaptured him for a second time soon after.

Bail denied

In court, The Crown objected to bail for Prince on the basis that the accused man is likely to flee.

Magistrate Husbands upheld the Crown’s objection and ordered Prince remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until the conclusion of his case.

His matter was adjourned to February 18.

Attorney Reynella Rawlins represents Prince.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The new Harry Houdini

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  2. Prince says:

    The new Harry Houdini

  3. Throw away the key. says:

    Lock B———t up and throw away! Street are safer with out this wanna be thug.

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  4. FACT says:

    I bet C@&dy be proud now after years of helping him.

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  5. Houdini says:

    the student has surpassed the master

  6. dfdfdf says:

    Cardcaptors of the Clow,
    Expect the unexpected now!

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  7. Buckwheat says:

    Kid always been trouble. Stolen from so many hard working people.

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  8. son of the soil says:

    deport he backside

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  9. Stay strong! says:

    ???? always. A living King walking round’!

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  10. Thing is says:

    Prisoners should always be handcuffed behind their backs.

    • @thing is says:

      Prisoners don’t have to be handcuffed behind their back these prison officers and police officers need to know how to properly handcuff an inmate or person when they putting these cuffs on n they also need to make sure that these cuffs are double locked n double checked

  11. true says:

    Were those handcuffs made in The Peoples Republic of CHINA??

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  12. Hush yuh ms says:

    Tola people like to talk wtf they don’t know . Keep an eye on yuh moda ! You and yuh moda is bad news

  13. hmm says:

    why are prisioners and police in the bvi hair are not cut low. I know in many caribbean countries the police HAVE to have very short hair ( male police) and when a prisioner is in the jail serving time they do have have very short hair almost bald (im not sure about rasta)

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    • @ hmm says:

      What does the length of ones hair have to do with this prisoner’s ability and desire to escape custody? You are so illiterate and I am sure you read over you comment and did not realize that you are. Shameful the things people see as important and don’t even know why these primitive things were done in the past.

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  14. WOW says:


  15. The village says:

    It takes a village to raise a child. Sankofa-go back and fetch it. We all need each other, we are all interconnected. When we begin to realize this then we begin to live. When one down, ALL down! Unity is strength, division is detrimental and taking us out one by one! Real recognize real. I pray for strength for all affected.

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    • Lock up Buckwheat says:

      Are you kidding? If you are part of the village raising and protecting Mr Prince shame on you! Blood or not we all know right from wrong. He should have been forced to take responsibility for his actions and face his consequences years ago and maybe he wouldn’t have ended up as this wanna be t—. Surround yourself with honest, positive hardworking people – that will give you strength.

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      • The village cries says:

        Are you honest, positive, hardworking? Have you tried reaching out to someone in need of these qualities you speak of? Are you on the “straight and narrow”? No need to respond to the questions, just keep your mind going on positive solutions. It is so easy to criticize and judge. The real challenge is to ensure our brothers and sisters don’t end up in a jail system meant to take their youthful lives away.

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        • Lock up Buckwheat says:

          Yes I am honest, hardworking and through all my tough times including post Irma where I lost everything I’ve never felt that stealing from others or helping others to do so is acceptable. The reason bvi’s crime is going up is because of people like you. Jail is there for those that break the law. If you don’t want your family in jail teach them from a young age to respect the law & others, get an education and be someone that contributes to society instead of someone who brings down this generation.
          Mr P—- has been in jail mulitple times. His youth & future have been stolen because he’s been enabled to make wrong choices. He needs to face the consequences for his actions. Streets are safer without him. I know so many he has stolen from….for years.

          • The village cries says:

            Again, as expected, you are not grasping the original concept. I agree on one of your points though. Also, you sound like you know these people really well? How come you weren’t an influential force? But, “the real reason the bvi’s crime rate is going up is because of people like you.”??? LOL. You don’t even know me yet you judge me. Oh, you forgot “positive” in the attributes, clearly that is missing. Stay prayed up and keep your front step swept. The end.

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