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Prison Bill: Security dogs for HMP; inmates may be asked for semen

Guard dogs may be introduced at Her Majesty’s Prison to enhance security and overall operations at the Balsam Ghut-based penitentiary.

Provisions to introduce dogs are written in the Prison Act 2018 Bill which is now being debated in the House of Assembly.

While making his contribution to the debate on Tuesday, Health Minister Ronnie Skelton raised concern about the introduction of the animals at the prison.

“I just look at some of these dreadful things that I see on television where they use dogs to really hurt people and they call it ‘appropriate force’. I think we need to ensure that there are some specific [ways outlined on how] you can use the dogs in the law,” Skelton said.

Inmates can be asked to provide semen

The Health Minister also raised concern about another section of the bill that deals with certain powers of the director of the prison.
In its current form, the bill gives the prison director the authority to demand blood, urine, and other biometric data from inmates.

“I think when you go as far as to say ‘semen’, I think you’re really going too far and that needs some court order or something. I think that’s a step too far,” Skelton said.

The Prison Act 2018 bill was brought before the House through the minister responsible for prison, Myron Walwyn and, if passed, will serve as repeal and replacement to the age-old Prison Ordinance.

The bill effectively seeks to modernise the territory’s legal framework with respect to the management and security of prisons and the rehabilitation of inmates, Walwyn said.

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  1. Not2Sure says:

    He must be worried about who might have to stay there in the future…

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  2. hmm says:

    If they wanted to retain rights in relation to what they are required to give – the crime shouldn’t have been committed. They need to give all of this biometric data, in order to easily run any future crimes against existing data.

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  3. Gumption.official says:

    Mr.Skelton I heard you loud and clear. But No dog can do What Most of those prisoners did to other people lives even their own self especially those who we sent to St.Lucia.

    If people don’t want Cereal without sugar or milk let them keep the a$$ out of issues that will land them there. Used the dog as a sniffer to sniff out anything that shouldn’t be in there as well as the prisoners and guards when re-entering the prison after being out on different task etc.

    The other taboo the BVI have to brake is stop making balo sounds like it’s the place to go! Many young man do petty crime just to go up there to cool out like them say. 3 Meals, sports entertainment etc. the stories of our prison don’t sound like a place anyone should work hard and focus not to end up. I do understand that they are people and human yet we have to acknowledge they’ve done something unlawful and why they are up there. We have to decide what kind of Society we’re trying to build and what kind of message where sending out not only to the world but to out citizens.

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    • OG says:

      Patna stop talking F**k no young people wan go up there to “cool out” that’s what the blok for…..petty crimes to this society (cannabis smoking) are legal in order countries. we should amend our laws to issue fines instead of taking young people balo.

      learn from COLORADO legalized, regulate and tax

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  4. Hmmm says:

    @hmm.. shut your a** . I agree with the minister. Seamen is a bit to far. Where else in the world do you ask an inmate to provide semen without a court Order etc?

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  5. the public says:

    In the old days Government ministers use to support one another’s bills and motions in the house and voice their objections during the committee stage, which is closed to the press. What happened to those good old days?

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    • SMH says:

      Exactly! Everything seems to be a big joke, horse and pony show now. All they simply had to say is yes, I support this bill and will put forward my concerns at the committee stage so that we can debate and have a bill that everyone can more or less be comfortable with before passing in HOA. The modus operandi of many is to make Walwyn look bad but I hope they realize how foolish they are looking at this time.

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    • . says:

      That was the good old days when BVIslanders sat in Legco and the BVI was for BVIslanders.

  6. Again says:

    Why are we going soft on these criminals who didn’t give two f–ks about the hours you spend in the assembly to debate these same laws that they broke? Also they’re murderers! Like yall need to get it together. Yall too soft to run anything.

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  7. Hark the harol says:

    How are they going to get the semen?

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  8. ndp heckler says:

    Does the lady with the bag still give out food up there?

  9. Prisoners have rights too says:

    Hon. Skelton is absolutely correct on everything that he is saying asking an inmate to provide semen is not part of the Prisoners Act and it’s inhumane plus what are you going to do watch a inmate Ejaculate in front of you to provide such said semen when you do so then you have committed PREA… Walwyn think he two quarter slick… he wants to do things like the USA and ain realizing all the crime he committing while doing so.. FYI Gumption you sound like a real BIG DONKEY also… if you go to the prisons or jail in the USA they are fed 3 square meals a day, they also get to watch tv, go to the gym, get an education while in prison and work these workers are called trustees

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    • Vince Pck says:

      So why is the focus on semen when that was a part of other samples mentioned in the Act? If there is a problem with it fine, but why do we try to sensationalize everything? What’s the difference between giving a blood sample and giving a semen sample? It’s both forms of DNA no? Of course the proper channels must be followed and I do see the concern here but was just wondering why we couldn’t simply say the matter of DNA samples need to be tightened? We see a click bait headline and just fall for it?

      • the public says:

        You asked what is the difference between giving a blood sample and a semen sample? Well to me, giving a semen sample seems very degrading and a serious violation of a person’s dignity, if it is involuntary.

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    • Gumption. Official says:

      @ prisoners have rights to: I fully agreed that prisoners also have a right to a never said never had a right. You missed the message but that’s fine!

  10. Dead Press says:

    Rewriting crap you hear spew out of anyone’s mouth isn’t news, BVI News. How old is the prison ordinance? Did you mean be instead of me in the first line of this article? How was the community informed, educated from this piece of notes thrown together?

    I wonder if I will be censored by this site? Hmmm……

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  11. Weak Skelton says:

    Weak on crime Skelton..“I just look at some of these dreadful things that I see on television where they use dogs to really hurt people

  12. Yes says:

    the brother/Minister is quite correct.

    Come face to face with or be chewed on by one set on you by a “race-o” cop and experience will surely govern all proceeding opinions.

  13. Longshanks says:

    Why would you take semen?

  14. Bvislander getting mental says:

    MOST PERSONS ARE IN JAIL FOR WEED , WH*t f**king shit y’all talking. Got some help BVI y’all getting sick.mentally

  15. hmmmm @ Funny Man says:

    that want semen from mon now … a real butty mon move that cause he funny man will love doing the semen job …. bullet !!! ????

  16. well sah says:

    He forget finger print?

  17. guest says:

    garnering votes for the election

  18. For real says:

    Ok ok use sperm …….instead of semem.

  19. Electroejaculation says:

    If there a need for a test (rape) make them

  20. Pumpkin says:

    Let me jerk them off

  21. MY IDEA says:

    Why spend more on dogs, and Her Majesty Customs and the RVIPF has dogs they can make use of them when they need to search the prison. Let’s stop spending unnecessary money in this country and start utilizing our resources please. And work as one goverment.

  22. says:

    “In its current form, the bill gives the prison director the authority to demand blood, urine, and other biometric data from inmates.”


    The word ‘semen’ only occurs once in the Prison Bill – in a section specifying the samples which the Director is NOT authorized to collect from an inmate.

    (2) The authorisation under subsection (1), may further
    empower the prison officer to require the prisoner to provide a sample of any other description specified in the authorisation, not being an intimate sample, whether instead of, or in addition to a sample of breath.

    (3) In this section and section 31, “intimate sample” means
    (a) a sample of blood, semen or any other tissue fluid,
    urine or pubic hair; – #74 17th September, 2018 EXTRA

  23. Mr W. says:

    Make sure Mr. Walwyn don’t end up in there after his i———– end.

  24. A Woman's Viewpoint says:

    Was the opinion of some cross section of the general public sought when the revision of the ordinance was being contemplated?

    I find it discriminatory, as what is mentioned in the article above speaks primarily of males (semen); forgetting that there are also women prisoners jailed at HMP.

  25. Haha says:

    Lol, future premier or minister of semen?

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