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Prison tightening security, hiring a dozen officers

BVI News photograph of a prison officer.

Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut is seeking to tighten security.

Superintendent of the state-owned penitentiary David Foot told BVI News on Thursday that the prison is recruiting 12 additional staff to do just that.

“Some officers left the territory subsequent to the hurricanes, and the government has approved that we can have more officers. So the number of staff that we have will be going up,” he said.

A least two prison officers left the British Virgin Islands since, Foot said.

Learning from mistakes 

The penitentiary has also been on the receiving end of negative attention, one of which was massive contraband discovery after the hurricanes.

Law enforcers discovered contraband such as cellular phones, alcohol, tobacco, offensive weapons, and a number of other illegal items.

Local police led the search with assistance from the United Kingdom military.

There was also a massive prison-break following the disasters.

Asked if those were some of the reasons behind bolstering security at the prison, Superintendent Foot said: “The reality is we have to learn from lessons of the past and put things in place to make sure that those things don’t happen again. And that’s what we are doing.”

He explained further that the new staff members will be used for “frontline security for the prisoners”.

“And so we are looking for some good quality candidates. There is a career in the prison service … opportunities for promotion and all the bits and pieces. So I am hoping that we can attract some candidates so that we can move things forward.”

The prison boss said recruits will undergo an eight-week training course at the Balsam Ghut facility.


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  1. Smuggle Nuggle says:

    Well it seems like things are still slack up there cause prisoners are still in possession of cell phones and are often on WhatsApp and other social media sites. I’m guessing if your momma works there and you’re incarcerated even if it’s for messing with underage girls, you’ll get whatever you want cause mommy is there to pamper you. I weep for my BVI

  2. fake news says:

    More outsiders? I hope not!

    • Concern says:

      @fake news – actually they need outsiders so that there is no biase with local getting special privileges. When UK cops were here, there was more control as they had no relationships with anyone. They were here about order. I hope they recruit from the U.K to get some order at that prison.

  3. HMP says:

    Who should be fired first?

  4. HMP says:

    The m– — is completely useless- a poor choice from the UK

  5. Kiss says:

    Well you just dont go up so your mam dont have to look for you go set your aaaa down

  6. Fine says:

    But, the corruption will still go on behind the prison walls. The change for the best will come when inmates stop having access to cell phones,What’s App,drugs, liquor and be issued prison uniforms with an inmate number.

  7. Dad says:

    What you know what take place in the man house look in your own house are just fast in people life and yours mess the hell up

    • Real says:

      I honestly don’t even know what you just said?

      • Momma says:

        That happens a lot on this site.
        I gave up trying to read what some people write here years ago and just try to glean the faintest morsel of logic or information from the posts. Anything else is just a stab in the dark.

  8. A friend says:

    Mr. Foot I hope give locals a chance to serve their country. It’s time bvislanders start to take their rightful place in all aspects of the society. And been marginalized by expats who get big jobs from government.

  9. Hoax says:

    ?What massive prison-break……….?

  10. Laid back says:

    Make room for the gold chain wearing safe thief and his friends.

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