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Problem worse than thought – Flow offers more help

Flow offices in Road Town, BVI. File photo

While stating that its team is still working diligently to restore service to customers, telecom company Flow today indicated that the damage to its infrastructure as a result of heavy rainfall on Monday is worse than initially thought.

The company yesterday said ‘some equipment was damaged that controls international calling’.

But some residents immediately raised concern that such description does not fit the communication challenges they have been facing locally.

In an update this morning, August 10, Flow said it has conducted further investigations into the situation, adding that ‘local voice services’ are also affected.

“Further investigation has uncovered damage to systems related to international and some local calling, including a number of fiber cuts due to landslides. The teams continue to work diligently to restore services as soon as possible,” said Colin MacDonald, Country/General Manager at Flow.

He further stated that internet services to most customers with electricity is not affected, and Flow is now offering more assistance regarding modems.

“Internet services are unaffected for the majority of customers with power restored. However, customers that have had a power surge may see their Flow modem with no lights showing. If this is the case, please take it to our store where we can arrange to have this swapped out. FLOW would like to thank you for your understanding at this time,” MacDonald said.

He added, “Customers are reminded that they can use their mobile data or fixed line broadband service to make calls using applications such as Skype and WhatsApp.”

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