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Propane tanks contributing to PWP fires, gov’t exploring safer disposal measures

Minister of Health & Social Development Carvin Malone.

The Ministry of Health is actively working on ways to properly dispose of decommissioned propane tanks within the territory, as these tanks have been linked to spontaneous fires at the landfill in Pockwood Pond.

This is according to Health Minister Carvin Malone who told BVI News the issue has become a grave concern.

“From time to time we do see propane tanks there and once there is any holes caused later and the gases begin to escape from the tanks, then this is an easier cause for which any sparks will cause further fires,” Minister Malone stated.

“Untreated waste has natural emittance of gases, so together with that, this would make igniting of fires at the plant even faster,” he further explained. 

Efforts to reduce tanks to landfill 

Malone said talks with a local propane tank businesses has prompted government to find methods that will effectively track the life cycle of these tanks to minimise the possibility of them reaching the Pockwood Pond waste facility.

“Locally, the importers are saying what should be done is that the tanks should be decompressed and there will be no more gas to be leaked from them. But sometimes these tanks are moved from homes directly to landfills and this is where the problem comes in,” Malone explained.

“So we have to find a way of inventorying as to how many tanks we brought in, versus how many tanks are returned or stored safely so that we can then have it fixed and reduce the transport to the landfill,” he added.

In search of proper disposal protocol

The Health Minister further said that a number of additional measures are being taken by the government to discover the proper disposal techniques of propane tanks within other countries.

“This seems to be an issue in many of the jurisdictions that we have contacted, but we’ve reached out to Puerto Rico so far to find what is their method of safely restoring and of disposing of propane tanks that have been put out of commission,” Malone said.

He further said he was not satisfied with the safe disposal methods identified by any of the outside jurisdictions so far but assured the public that his ministry will continue to seek measures until a suitable one is discovered.

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  1. say i say so says:

    If ayo sort the garbage these types of problem wont occur

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    • Morons says:

      You can’t train your highly skilled workers to recognize a propane tank and not place it in the dump. That’s just a bullshit excuse because if there were propane tanks in the fires they would be exploding. Wake up man and get a life. Even the people of the BVI can figure this one out.

    • Einstein says:

      Why not start a recycling program? It all starts with how trash is collected.

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  2. Pass the fault says:

    Blame the fires on old propane tanks ! Please we’re not that stupid. The blame goes to the old government who started the fires to reduce all the trash piling up. still burning years later

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  3. Devon says:

    It’s not rocket science ! The LPG can be removed,then remove the valve(so it’s obviously empty)and recycle the scrap metal.

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  4. TruDat! says:

    …or charge a fat deposit when the tank is purchased…bring it back empty and you get your $20 back…ain’t nobody going to send a $20 to landfill knowingly.

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  5. He He !! says:

    Anybody ever seen a propane tank ignite/explode without a flame? Come on sir stop putting the cart before the horse. It is the fire that causing the propane tanks to explode and not the other way around. We do agree however that propane tanks should not be carelessly dumped with other garbage.

  6. Hmmm says:

    Propane tank in the garbage!.

    Wheel and come again.

  7. Refund Deposit says:

    A refundable deposit is taken on these tanks. The people can’t find the receipt after so many years, the agent should be obligated to return the deposit, reuse and dispose of accordingly. Problem Solved.

  8. Devo says:

    Oxihydrogen generators for gas appliances. Water as fuel, fill up, plug in, you have fire, no tanks and you don’t store any gas, just water. I build them.

  9. No nonsense says:

    And all them toxic fumes from burnt tires settling on my house roof in Carrot bay. I drink my cistern water!

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