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Prosecutors share more details with Fahie and Maynards‘ attorneys

File photo of Oleanvine Maynard and the disgraced former Premier, Andrew Fahie.

US prosecutors have shared new information with the defence in the matter involving now-disgraced former Premier, Andrew Fahie and his co-defendants—Kadeem Maynard and his mother, former BVI Ports Authority Director Oleanvine Maynard.

Fahie and the Maynards are facing conspiracy charges of drug smuggling and money laundering after being arrested on April 28 following a months-long sting operation conducted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Kadeem was arrested in St Thomas, USVI while Fahie and Oleanvine were arrested separately at a Florida airport after going to inspect what prosecutors alleged were fake bribe payments.

In the latest court filing, prosecutors noted that they received additional video recordings and electronic data extracted from devices belonging to both Oleanvine and Fahie. According to prosecutors, there was also information coming from two phones belonging to Kadeem. Prosecutors said this data was received after the initial disclosure of evidence was made earlier in the year.

The court filing also noted that due to the voluminous amount of data and technical formatting issues, the government’s IT department was enlisted to assist with the copying of the files onto external drives provided by counsel for Oleanvine and Fahie.

The new data, the court filing noted, was provided to Fahie on August 17, and to Kadeem on September 7.

Prosecutors said they remain engaged in discussions with Oleanvine’s attorney and noted that they expect to receive an appropriate medium for the file transfer to her lawyer shortly.

Previously, Theresa Van Vliet, the defence lawyer for Fahie requested an extension for filing deadlines in the matter after it was revealed that there were technical difficulties in downloading a file of data that purports to contain extracts from phones and computers.

Kadeem is represented by Jose Rafael Rodriguez while Raymond D’Arsey Houlihan represents his mother, Oleanvine. The government is represented by Assistant US Attorney Shane Butland.

Fahie and his co-accused are expected to face trial early in the new year with the court setting a January 17, 2023 date for the beginning of proceedings.


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  1. may god be with you and the maynards says:


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  2. Phones says:

    remember everything now.

    Smart criminals only use a cell phone for a day or 2 then throw it and the sim card away.

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  3. says:

    The biggest set up but Fahie will go free

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  4. Again says:

    Now pls.can someone tell me if andrew is still collecting my tax dollars?Something is wrong damn wrong.andrew need to stop itas always tried to bring down heaven,of you are honest pls.stop receiving such caise that’s a dishonest.We know.carvin is in close contact we can hear your resonance whenever he speaks.King charles please this a priority as slowande the globe trotter is also one of them.

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  5. What!!!! says:

    I’m sure Fahie is still getting paid with our tax dollars WHY?

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  6. Bvi til i die says:

    Now how in God’s holy name this man is distinguish as “disgrace”and still collecting a salary from my honest taxes.Only in the BVI .

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  7. It does not matter. says:

    It is still recorded on the Mobile provider system. So all it will take is a court order to get the information.

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  8. Hmmm says:

    This seems more about Kadeem than anything else

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  9. Okay says:

    This is old news though. Probably only now the site here decided to run this story to make it seem current, any way let us wait and see.

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  10. Please says:

    Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.

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  11. Provider System says:

    Listen up my not so smart people. You can destroy your old phone card and destroy your old phone, the memory is still recorded and stored in the system. Keep telling y’all be careful what you say or do on your cell phones, they are keeping track and this is all over the world.

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  12. Bvi til i die says:

    Now how in God’s holy name this man is distinguish as “disgrace”and still collecting a salary from my honest taxes.Only in the BVI .j u

  13. Agreed, however says:

    I believe the co-accused goose are cooked. The fact that it appears evidence “voluminous amount of data” was retrieved from cell phones indicates to me the prosecution is weaving a timeline together as they build their case.

    On another note, I find it curious that “Prosecutors said they remain engaged in discussions with Oleanvine’s attorney and noted that they expect to receive an appropriate medium for the file transfer to her lawyer shortly.”

    Are they pressuring her to turn state evidence? She and her son are between a a rock and a very hard place. I cannot imagine mother and son will turn on each other, and neither should the prosecution.

    However, I cant help but wonder if one or both will turn against “Head Coach” in an effort to save themselves long prison times, or will they remain loyal.

    We shall see.

    Note to self: Be mindful of my late night telephone calls. I might have more to worry about than my other half. No…I don’t do drugs, but admittingly I’ve done a little ummm lusting..just a lil bit.

    You never know who may be listening or who may gain access to your digital footprint in the future.

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  14. ???? says:

    Just wondering, did or does a US agency (DEA) have the privilege or right to operate on British soil?

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  15. @???? says:

    wait till this guy finds out about interpol…

  16. Youth says:

    I am not making any judgments. All have a chance to prove their case.

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  17. Easy says:

    You have to pick a special type of Idjit who is willing to enter the US to collect the proceeds of crime and be arrested

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  18. Ralph says:

    Dishonourable A. Fahie. This man help brought the BVI to its knees.

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  19. tola people ah set ah sellout says:

    Free Fahie “known for drug trafficking
    Free West Bank “Known for durg trafficking/ probably accuse of murdering someone yet it’s so surprising how many people are actually wearing a shirt of a known drug kingpin just because of a few USD.

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  20. Local says:

    Mr fahie is innocent until proven guilty it the law he must be found guilty until then he is innocent and is to be paid half salary until found guilty.

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  21. PLEAZEEEEE says:

    Fahie, Maynard and her son put themselves in the hot water that they are now in. FREE THE DREW AND WEST BANK? BOTH OF THEM WILL BE SPENDING SOME TIME IN CLUB FED AKA THE FEDS PLAYPEN.

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  22. Sure he is says:

    And so is Maynard.

  23. good says:

    the video where LG and his wife PS invaded one’s house and carelessly posted those videos around should also be on the phone, only time will tell.

    all who are involved will be singing to the melody like AF

  24. Albion says:

    I am really curious why no newspaper or news website in BVI has yet interviewed Fahie. He is out on bail, so presumably he is free to talk to the media and explain his actions and/or why he refuses to resign his 1st District seat.

  25. Da truth says:

    I would like to know why that man is still being paid after what he did. That’s why the corruption will never stop because only some have such priviledges,let him go tell the USA authorities ” he born here” like they like to say that statement only relevant in the BVI

  26. Licher and Sticher says:

    They goin put Fahee / AKA the Coach under the jail for about 20 or so years. A literal death penalty for a man of his physical size and age.

  27. @ ALBION says:


  28. Sprout says:

    May his name live in infamy for generations to come. His greed and dishonesty seriously damaged our small country. 100 years from now school children shall learn of our darkest hour and hear stories about the man who nearly ruined us.

  29. Really says:

    You are dumb because that’s not what I see .how is he innocent until proven guilty? He was guilty when they handcuff him and read him his right. He guilty because now they are trying to proof his innocent. People need to wake up these people running this world can tell you one thing and show you another and you won’t even think about the information and research it.I see why people does get locked up.i will definitely have to defend myself if anything happens to me because lawyers are dumb also. Why the lawyer don’t ask the questions who have the resources from the beginning of time to make the drugs? Ask who made the lawyer to lock up people for something the government make and put out on the streets?Ask the questions why do we need people to govern us. Mankind is definitely toast because they don’t have wisdom,understanding and knowledge. They don’t even use common sense

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  30. To sprout says:

    Oh please. You will never see your lies and hate for him come through.

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  31. @Ralph says:

    Your lies on Fahie will not stand. Stop blogging against him all the time under so many different fake names.

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  32. Judy says:

    This was a setup and it should not hold up in court because the whole of the sting preformed was phony it was not a true drug operation it was setup as phony they should put those who set them up in prison

  33. At the truth says:

    Not that I agree with what he did, bc I want to see the fool pay for his idiotic behaviour. He would deserve all the jail time that is headed his way.

    In response to you though, of course it is relevant in the BVI only. He ain’t born in the US. Dohhhh

  34. Arrion says:

    I know the three of them will look different when they return. All of that fat will have fallen off those big bones. That all looked like they were in a feeding frenzy. So this may be the action they needed to jumpstart their diets and save themselves from a heart attack. No joke,

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