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Protesters kicked from HOA grounds | Unnecessary removal, says Vanterpool

Residents were kicked from the grounds of the House of Assembly (HoA) in Road Town where they had congregated to protest what they perceive to be the unfair treatment of Mark Vanterpool, who Speaker Julian Willock is refusing to swear in as Fourth District Representative.

BVI News understands that no permission was sought beforehand for the protest that took place Friday morning. Protesters were removed by police who were clad in riot gear.

However, Vanterpool, who described the protest as ‘peaceful’, said the removal was unnecessary.

“It’s unfortunate. It brings back memories to the US in the ’60s with the Martin Luther King, Jr demonstration. I don’t know what is the reason for that because this is the people’s House of Assembly. The compounds of the HoA is the people’s right,” Vanterpool said.

He continued: “This is an extremely peaceful demonstration. I see they (police) are searching the people who come into the House now, which is fine. If they are concerned about security they should do the right thing. But to be chasing people from the HoA’s yard, which is no threat, I think it is wrong. If they (police) were coming with ammunition, and that’s sad, it’s not democratic at all.”

He said he hopes that in “the future, we will be more democratic about that.”

“We are upset”

Residents told BVI News they are unhappy with the treatment of the member-elect.

“We are upset … so we prefer to stay on the side [of the road] to relax. The BVI is a nice place, but right now it ain’t got no rules or regulations, no morals, nothing. Everybody came together, and they vote in a government, but the government don’t like them. I’m protesting he (Vanterpool) deserve a second chance to get back to represent his people in the Fourth District,” one female protester told our media centre.

Another protester who only gave his name Hazack said: “This is a country of laws, and we are going to follow the law. But I don’t think we have to throw us out on the road.”

“I think he (Vanterpool) has been treated unfairly and I think they are taking this thing too far and there needs to be a stop to it because the Fourth District people need a representative,” another man said.

“He needs to get back his seat because we are suffering in the Fourth District. Mr Vanterpool is a good man and he always looking out for people,” said another protestor who gave her name as Sonia.

Costly court case

Meanwhile, Vanterpool who said he was pleased residents came to support him, pointed out that the legal battle is costly.

“It is really time to get on with this. A lot has to do with the Premier in making these decisions, and we will probably reach about a quarter million dollars by the time we finish, and we shouldn’t be paying that money when the court has already ordered,” he said.

Notably, the Opposition is set to question Premier Andrew Fahie on whether taxpayers are covering the cost of the legal team of the Speaker.

Behind the protest

Residents are specifically protesting Willock’s decision to contest the High Court’s ruling that Mark Vanterpool should be sworn in as Fourth District Representative.

The relatively small number of protestors were seen bearing placards bearing sentiments such as: “Respect democracy, Mr Speaker.”

Though the protesters were against him, Speaker Willock rose to acknowledge the protesters at the start of Friday morning’s sitting of the House. Willock said their presence is a welcomed sign that democracy is ‘alive in the territory’.

How the controversy started

The controversy first started on March 5 after Vanterpool submitted his resignation. After submitting the letter, he was advised that the letter should have been addressed to the Speaker of the House and not the Clerk.

Vanterpool then had a change of heart and requested in a second letter to be sworn-in. However, Willock acknowledged the letter and refused to have Vanterpool sworn-in.

Willock said he already accepted the resignation, even after the territory’s Attorney General, as well as the governor, concluded that Vanterpool’s resignation was ‘constitutionally invalid’.

When the matter went to court, Justice Ann-Marie Smith ruled that Vanterpool ought to be sworn in.

“The purported acceptance of that letter by the Speaker … does not, in the court’s view, create a vacant seat for the Fourth District, especially so in light of the letter from the Clerk of the House of Assembly dated March 13, 2019, and that of Mr Vanterpool’s dated March 14,” the court said when it ruled in favour of Vanterpool.

Days later, Speaker Willock filed an appeal to that ruling. Willock effectively argued that the court had no power to grant redress to Vanterpool. He said parliament should decide whether Vanterpool should be sworn in as Fourth District Representative.

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  1. Uprising says:

    Instead of instigating a card of locals v expats and vice versa, deal with this issue …

    Apparent disrespect for the judge’s ruling.

    Elected officials should respect the ruling until the appeal decision is reached, no?

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    • Island Man says:

      I know this protest is against only the people from the Easter Caribbean and no one else. However, the hate of black against black started long time ago since in Africa, where they sold their brothers. Black are the most prejudice against themselves in every form. They hate to see each other prosper. Even here in bvi they put their parents in homes for the age and sell their lands for the whites. However,one day we must force to unite again.
      May God have mercy on you all as a people.

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      • @Island Man says:

        Ecclesiastes 8: o says, I saw all this when I thought about the things that are done in this world, a world where some people have power and others have to suffer under them.

        Jah had done say what man shall to do man, so no surprise here. Understand this though, the wicked whoever they may be and from wherever they may have come from shall perish – Psalm 1:6.

        Not all BVIslanders are wicked and not all Expats are wicked.

        I have even personally witnessed people who claim to be Christians up against fellow Christians. So, if that is the way it is among these claim-to-be followers of Christ, can one expect better from those who know not Christ?

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        • @island man says:

          You said it. Black against black hate started long ago. The question here is who start it first. The new age caribbean migrants are to envious and greedy.
          You can’t go to a man country and
          – take his jobs
          – take his spouse and property
          – have your children call down his children in school
          – call him down and torment him at work
          – take his children scholarships for yourself
          – have total disregard for him and his birthright
          – and (oddly enough) fight foreigners in Your own country
          THEN CRY FOUL
          Try humbling your selves instead of talking crap man. Fair is fair.

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      • @Island Man, 2 says:

        Blacks are not the most prejudice against themselves in every form. So, take that statement back!

        It is just that some people are more covert with their prejudism, if that’ a word.

        Also, it’s primarily the US$ that got both sets of people acting this way – the LOVE for money, the root of all evil. Take the US$ away and create BVI own money, let’s see if the expats will stay or let’s see whether locals will entertain expats and give them status to build the wealth of the Territory and increase the value of the BVI$

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        • Tell me says:

          Base on history tell me another race that is more Prejudice among themselves than blacks.

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          • @Tell me says:

            Whites – do some traveling!

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          • Wings says:

            Filipinos and Indians from India

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          • So true says:

            Blacks is the most racist. I’m keeping S**t real, the light skinned, red, high yellow blacks look down on the dark skinned blacks,that is racist. Who want to get mad at my comment, can go right ahead.

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      • @ Island Man says:

        Tired of you people telling us how to be in our country. Then setting curses on the BVI when you feel you cant have it your way.

        Your homeland awaits you. This is ours. Why cant you understand that.

        This has nothing to do about hate.

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        • Hurriane says:

          Hurricane season is just next door, don’t forget its the island man that put your country back together after you and your lazy family fled to the States.
          The BVI is not belonging to you, you was born in the USA and am here for over 30 years. Am more BVIlander than you.

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          • @Hurricane says:

            This is the problem we have with you people. You come here reap benefits then put down the locals and the place.

            My “lazy family” stayed right here after the hurricane and worked to put our life back together. this is our home. This is our country.

            The island man came, they worked, and they got paid. They did nothing for free.

            I was born in the BVI and my family’s history goes all the way back to colonial days. I have a right to express an opinion without being abused.

            This is not about hate. This is our home and we have a right to it. You have yours, so what is the problem?

            I hope FAhie and his cabinet read these blogs and sees your condescending, insulting post. This is the problem we have in our country.

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          • Jill says:

            How long have you been in the country where you were born? Sounds like that does not matter. It cost us a fortune for You to rebuild the BVI, as you claim, after the hurricanes beccause you charged us a fortune and send 90% of it back home yet you expect more. If you are here 30 years there is a reason and you must be the one with the greatest benefit – Ungrateful basterd

            I hope this government is mindful of the fact that the more you give the more is expected and the people he naturalise will want a premier from their country. Be careful what you start.

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          • @hurricane says:

            The airport was full up with you guys getting free airplane tickets out. What u said do not make sense ?u weren’t born in the BVI but because u were here for 30years doesn’t give u rights to status. So it was given so it can be revoked/taken. ?
            ? If the person born US and have BVI’s parents and grew up in the Bvi,it’s there right to obtain, they will still get their rights through their parents unlike u.. Don’t u see? The both of u can be born in different countries but still work and live in the BVI for the same amount of years but one will get status before the other due to heritage of the person background. So go relaxed yourself stop making it seems like the country is obligated to give u something??‍♀️ . Everyone works, get paid, rebuild and pay bills and taxes no one owes anyone s**t or obligated to give status. Just be humble and apply for ur thing and be grateful instead of making it sound like people owe u guys something.

        • Well excuse me says:

          This is our land what, this is very important to remember, when you came out your mothers’s womb the land was already here,when you leave the world,the land will still be here. Stop the this our,our,me,me nonsense.When the grim reaper shows his face, land, money, cars and everything else in between Can’t save your A**.

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          • Anonymous says:

            Yep this is ours. Why do you people find that so offensive.

            I cant go to Jamaica, St Vincent, Barbados or anywhere else and call it mine.

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          • SMH says:

            Wow. Its gotten to the point where we cant even say that this is our land.

            Tek Dat BVIslanders. Open your doors and get treated like dogs.

            Its time for these people to LEAVE.

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      • @Island Man says:

        If you are a Black man and not a white one, which you probably are, or whoever you are, you are spouting mere untruths and mis facts. And if need be, scholars will have to post the fats right here for you and the world to read in due time.

        Or, you can produce your own alternative facts.

        Meanwhile, here is a summary of the authentic historical numbers as the are recorded in history. 99.99% of Black people that left Africa were not sold by Africans, but were kidnapped by Europeans, Arabs and Jews at gun point.

        The 1% that were sold were not even sold, but were sent away as punishment for crimes they had committed.

        • @JiLL, Aanonymous, SMH says:

          Our warriors instill pride and confidence in all of us. Keep speaking/writing out truths.

      • ivers to island man says:

        That statement about black against black started in Africa that is nonsense that you get from the Europeans.
        Our ancestors were united the invaders separated us.
        Then make it look like we were against one another
        If you research our true kemetic historical events you would know and not believe the nonsense the Europeans thought us after bringing us out of Africa.

      • ivers to island says:

        Ones can say and do as they like, we are all black people in the Caribbean, we should show more love and application to one another.
        While we fight each other the colonizers are in the back plotting how to enslave us for another 400 years cant you see we depend on them for everything look at our GDP in the Caribbean they are taking all that we’ve got, people open your eyes they are forcing tourism on up making it our main sorce of income people read stay tune with what’s going on around the Caribbean.
        Tourism is a service industry to serve the rich and famous they are coming again for for us to serve them for little and then no appreciation for our hard work.
        Be careful love your fellow brothers and sisters stop the hate stop fighting against your own.


      • Hmm says:

        Have you ever see who is behind the mass destruction of this world. With many of them not choosing race when striking or even some choosing their own kind even if its white against white or otherwise. Stop believing in propaganda and face the truth.

        Blacks are still the most loving race either to each other or to others . Look at the world wars and tell me if blacks were involved. Read the self hating history of lies that was taught to us.

        The BVI is a small place and we have to protect it and properly vet who comes in and get voting rights either if you are black or white. By the way some of us are here much longer before colonialism started.

    • Struupes says:

      Oh please vanterpool. U need permission to protest. No one is above the law. Struupes… Pappy show, the lot of you, shameful!

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  2. vip heckler says:

    Fahie already got his bodyguards so nobody cant go close him…..SHOOT TO KILL!

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    • Albion says:

      We don’t need that kind of talk.

      A peaceful protest is an essential part of democracy.

      Threats to kill the Premier – even if made as a joke – are not.

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    • Vip heckler says:

      Sorry if i was misinterpreted….I was only warning folks not to go near the premier…Once again my apology…No bad intentions by the blog

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      • thankx says:

        apology accepted

      • @VIP heckler says:

        It is not that serious and I would not have apologise for a damn thing. The running joke at the kitchen table is the way your leader issue the order to his blanket security guards.shoot to kill.No one is worrying or trying to harm a one term NON TRANSPARENT PREMIER.

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  3. thing to talk says:

    The action man did injustices in the past to the speaker, leader, minister of health and the chief of staff so no way he will get back in there easily

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  4. SLICK says:

    I have one question for the John Public, all this stupidity and fuss over Willock swearing in Vanterpool, had it been Willock money being spent on these legal fees you think he will be carrying on with all this BS..”NO”!! See its the tax payers money and yer we are not Born Here. Time to put this crap to rest because by the end of this we would be well into 3million plus in legal fees all because its not Willock money. FYI Willock lawyer was assessed in Trinidad for c——– so let that set in and think about it.


  5. ndp heckler says:

    Where were heskitt, the former fist lady, stones and wallwind??

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    • Rt de says:

      I saw them so go look again

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    • Ausar says:

      Sad state of affairs!

      Premier Fahie:

      That you would use the punitive arm of the law to have the people removed from their “House”,the peoples “House”, says not so nice things about you!

      You campaigned on inclusion and that should include all segments of the society, on every issue affecting this country, whether good, bad, or indifferent!

      If you had made a ruling as to the debacle occuring with regards to Honourable Vanterpool, the people would have no need to show sokidarity amoung this issue.

      But you showed acquiescence instead of utter disdain in the matter, which should have yielded by now an outright ouster of the Speaker!

      Your lack of action in this matter further retard the outcome and has caused many of us to view your tenure as Premier, albeit short-lived, as “a candle in the wind”!

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      • To Ausar says:

        Leave the Premier alone. Had Mark go & swear in when he suppose to rather than resigning we would not be here now with this foolishness. Mark caused this on himself.

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        • Read your laws says:

          You have to apply for permission to protest, but you are not supposed to go on any property whether Government or private. That is called trespassing

        • Lilly says:

          That may be so but when do we get pass that and obey the courts?

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          • @???? says:

            What I am saying is stop making Mark seem as the victim in this because he brought it on himself. We voted for him to represent us and he needed to go & swear in on the day he was suppose to do so but he refused. He has no one to blame but himself.

          • @Lilly says:

            The court case judgement has been appealed so let the courts make the call and stay out of it. Mark brought this on himself.

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  6. :) says:

    Lol, Salt island have more people than that protest.

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    • Salt Island Subtract says:

      :), what is your point? Was your point a warm embrace for Salt Island that was once populated with over a 100 people but is now relatively uninhabited? Doubt it. Salt Islanders have always been stigmatized as “Key People” or Key Goats. As such, they neglected and got a disproportionate fair of available resources. Keep Salt Island out of this royal mess that was engineered by D-4 rep elect under whom Salt Island would be. You normally hear about the link of Jost Van Dyke-D2 or VG-Anegada in D-9 but rarely D-4 and the Southern Cays if not in the context of Peter Island Resort or Bight on Norman Island or Willy T berthing. Luce Hodge.Smith was probably the only candidate in the D-4 race to even faintly mentioned Salt Island; she is connected to Salt. Nonetheless, we the descendants have to share in the neglect of Salt Island. We are going to fool around until it is given to some expat.

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      • :) says:

        This was not intended to be an insult or history lesson on Salt Island. My point is that Salt island have more people than the protest. The End.

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  7. Comelordjesus says:

    That is revenge.

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    • Was wrong says:

      They had a right to protest.This F***ng BVI is a disgrace. Those wildfires that is going to ignite if you all don’t get your S**t in order is going to burn the whole Island like the TOWN in California.

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  8. Bull Dawg says:

    This is pure nonsense.
    Wasting tax payers money on legal fees.
    The Judge made a decision so therefore Mark should continue to represent until the court of appeal is ready to begin.

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    • Now tell me says:

      @bull dawg. Which person do you know working for the government is in court on a case and is still to work full time everyday doing the government’s work? Let Mark stay right where he is until this case ends. What’s good for the goose should also be for the gander.

  9. Voice says:

    Vanterpool must go to Anguilla and try the disruption he is making here. We welcome you respect us.

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    • @Voice says:

      You people in the BVI is to d**n fast and stupid. Who the heck are you to tell people where to go. Stupidity will always rein over common sense in the BVI. A rabid monkey have more common sense then most of you. We on the outside looking in will always have a good laugh on you guys. Keep dishing out the stupidity. No one takes you guys serious and no matter how much deal the officals make with corporations to do business, once you walk away,your applications is deep 6.The BVI is unstable and will be blacklisted.

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  10. So says:

    The people who want to protest,go get a permit to protest. If they deny the permit, take the person who deny the permit to court. The BVI is one big cesspool of corruption.

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    • @So says:

      I agree, what is good for the golden goose, is sure good for the gander since this is going to court, disobeying a judge, apealing season in the BVI. Go get a permit to hold your protest people,once you get that permit,you can stand in front of HOA/ the house of cards all day long and protest. That is your given right.

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  11. Undecisive Mind says:

    He did not want the post!!! Now he want it back?! He won fair and scare but we do not want no jokey politian! We had too much already!!!

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  12. @whatever mind says:

    I think you were trying to say square, not scare.

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  13. .??? says:

    What is the Primier and other members of the HOA saying. Do they all share the views of the speaker? Is Micromanagement at play here?

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    • @.??? says:

      I think it is.

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    • @???? says:

      What I am saying is stop making Mark seem as the victim in this because he brought it on himself. We voted for him to represent us and he needed to go & swear in on the day he was suppose to do so but he refused. He has no one to blame but himself.

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  14. Quiet Rebel says:

    “unfortunate. It brings back memories to the US in the ’60s with the Martin Luther King, Jr demonstration. I don’t know what is the reason for that because this is the people’s House of Assembly. The compounds of the HoA is the people’s right,” Vanterpool said.” Please! Leave MLK out of the dysfunction, the royal mess that you cause. Confident that MLK would have demonstrated the decency to be sworn first before resigning.

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  15. Honestly says:

    Blacks is much more racist than whites are. At least the whites looks out for each other and try to up lift each other. Blacks will Keep you down,they don’t like to see another black with anything.

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    • Clif says:

      That is not “racism”

    • @Honsetly says:

      Understood is the point you are trying to expounge upon, but clearly fundamental knowledge on race, racism, Black and white racism are missing.

      Knowledge is gained not through trial and error, but through study.

      The study of racism and its roots will be quite revealing to you if you chose to pursue prolonged study/reading.

      Hope you do. Your blog demonstrates interest in knowing facts.

      Like 10
    • @Honestly says:

      The very first sentence construction of your blog indicates to this spy that you are a caucasion trying to masquarade as as Black person putting down other Black people.

      Shame on you, you snake.

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  16. Jill says:

    Blacks are no where near as Racist as whites (unless we are not using the word correctly.) When some of those white people get their status they will use their feet to kick some of us black people. Wait and see.

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    • @Jill says:

      Absolute truths written.

      Sadly, it is believed that the worst of overt, physical, lethal, oppression and abuse stemming from European (white) racism could return to the BVI and the world in the near future, if current developments around the developed countries are any indication.

      It is a damming scary scenario to be staring one in the face in the 21st, and it is real.

      We had better arm our selves to the tee and be ready for real and prolonged war and much death, because the supremacist is coming with the intention of taking, dominating, killing and keeping for self just like the colonial and old days. Believe ot or not.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Life is about living and learning. Cause and effect. Think before you act. Look before you leap. Prevention is better than cure. Think about the repercussions before you pull the trigger. Regrets and sorrow always come way too late. Mark is learning the hard way. Dont be Mark.

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  18. News flash says:

    The UK is comming for you all soon.They are sitting back watching all the drama that is going on. They are getting tired of baby-sitting you guys.

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    • @News Flash says:

      Ok colonial symphatiser. Hope they take your land and money, if you have any, your freedoms, and allyour human rights then jail or hang you.

      Wonder if you will be singing the same song then, if you are local and Black, that posted that ridulous foolisheness that is.

  19. Annoymous says:

    The problem is God has been left out of the equation. Some people believe they are keepers of themselves and they can do whatever they wish. He did not put us here to create problems. He wants us to love and care and serve. We have taken greed and placed it on the front burner. Where are the morals and Christian principles that were the hallmark of these islands? Please return to. God. Let Him lead.

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  20. nervous island says:

    Perhaps the answer is to arrange for two or three empty cruise ships to come to the BVI to collect all the non-belongers and sail away into the night.

    Wake up next day to your lovely peaceful island, be king of all you survey, no more worries.

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  21. @nervous island says:

    A bit and brief historic education for your mind.

    After the profits from free labour of Black human beings dried up, their owners fled back to Europe.

    The Black remained here for another 150 years isolated from the rest of the world.

    They ate and drank what they could garner from the land and sea while their former enslaver profitiers sat back in europe on full bellies and fat bank accounts.

    There they created banking and investment systems including the industrial revolution.

    They, our ancestors, saw no one from Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, St Vincent, St. Kitts, England, Portugal Saudia Arabia or any where else in the world. None came to give us a meal or a glass of water or a penny.

    They farmed the land sea and we ship wrighted. Then they traded with their neighbors as well as migrated further abroad to make a living.

    If they were not self relient and self innovative, they, their, (we) offsprings, would not be here. This economy which is drawing every greedy eye from all across the globe will not be here if they were a weak and unthinking and uninnovative unproductive people.

    So go on, bring in your empty clandestine cruise ships, take out your leaches by night and see what happens to the spirits our ancestors left behind.

    Be assured, what do you think will happen?

    Answer this: did you and your, and all the hater yet benefacotrs of the BVI and its resources created and responsible for the present economic variables and current standard of living here?

    If so, then, do bring in your ships and take away your economy builders for we will surely perish.

  22. Hellloooow says:

    The ghettoes of the islands meets the ghetto of the BVI and this is the result…

  23. Home Boy says:

    The JUDGE has no jurisdiction over the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. The APPEAL COURT will overturn the JUDGE decision.

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