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Protocols for air travel to be released by next Thursday

The TB Lettsome International Airport will be the only port of entry to reopen come December 1.

Premier Andrew Fahie has said the government is hoping to release the list of safety protocols that will govern air travel no later than next Thursday.

Recently, Premier Fahie announced that the airport would be the first to reopen on December 1; describing the Beef Island-based port as a controlled environment perfect for testing safety protocols that can be used at other ports.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ZBVI Radio on October 15, the Premier was asked how soon people would have the safety protocols to assist them in preparing for travel to the BVI.

“For sure no later than next week Thursday, in terms of the airport and then after that we’ll be working on the [sea]ports. Because we have a lot of things to put in place for the airport and then we have to look at the best fit for the seaports,” Premier Fahie explained.

He added that the cabinet is now working to approve the set of protocols for the T.B Lettsome airport. After that, they’ll have further consultations with marine stakeholders to agree on best practices for travel

“We already have draft protocol for the sea also in terms of the marine but at the same time we want to make sure that we speak with the stakeholders in the marine section a little more so that they can understand why we cannot compromise the health of the people,” Premier Fahie explained.

Despite public criticism, the government has stood by its commitment to keep the BVI’s borders closed until December 1. Premier Fahie has said this will give the government time to put proper safety protocols in place for persons entering the territory.

The BVI’s COVID-19 safety protocols are being developed through consultations with various stakeholders and from taking best practices from other countries around the world.

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  1. concerned says:

    PLEASE PLEASE rethink the 4 day quarantine for visitors as it will completely kill any chance of having a season. Visitors will not spend over half their week’s holiday locked up and will go somewhere else. Simple as that!

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  2. Smoke says:

    All a lot of smoke and mirrors. The Foy announces an opening date and doesn’t have protocols set beforehand. That’s like saying I’m having a boy before I’m pregnant. This man is so full of lies I don’t think he can tell the difference between truth and lies. He is going to make the entry protocol so ridiculous that maybe 5 people enter per day. Does anyone in the tourism sector expect that tourists are going to make plans to visit the BVI not know if they will be allowed to make plane reservations until a couple of days prior to the trip. Does Foy understand the cost of last minute air travel and the cost of numerous Covid tests? Of course he does. This is just a way to open to Tourism but to keep the tourists out. Have a happy tourist season by yourselves.

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  3. Bengal says:

    Out of all the nationals in the BVI my god. Crime going go up.

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  4. Too late says:

    Unfortunately this announcement comes way way way too late after the announcement of the Dec 1st opening on the 21st of September. Tourists have been cancelling left right and center …and we don’t blame them! Very sad indeed, missing out on our busiest time of the year. 😢

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  5. Miss says:

    Why not allow ppl to leave via boat and return via air?

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  6. Realist says:

    Does it matter? Who in their right mind would deal with all the hassles of traveling to the BVI to then spend a large portion in quarantine. Good luck !

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    • Traveler says:

      After spending 2 weeks in Quarantine from my State before travel, 2 negative COVID test, and then have to go back on Quarantine once you get to your destination having to go back on Quarantine is just not worth the hassle and stress. To me it is taking a Medical leave, not a Vacation.

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  7. W3st3nd says:

    People mostly travel on the boat. We have to wait two to three weeks for seaport strupes.

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  8. Heckler says:

    Micromanagers cant get anything done in a timwly manner.

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  9. Think says:

    As of the December 1 opening where visitors have to come through the airport, flights from USA to Puerto Rico to beef island are very expensive most visitors comes through at Thomas cause way cheaper for them waiting to see the i flocks coming into airport an if can handle the quantity of people coming in

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  10. Wouldbe Visitor says:

    So many other island re-opened successfully. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use their protocols. They are working. Agree a 4 day quarantine or any mandatory quarantine for that matter, will kill anyone wanting to come to the BVI

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    • Thank you, Traveler says:

      The average Traveler spends a Week in the BVI, four days in Quarantine and the other three to have a Vacation. After going through this madness, three days is not enough to enjoy the beach, shopping, sightseeing and the local nightlife.

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  11. Mr. Foy says:

    I want to leave the country right this moment. What is the likelihood of this happening?

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  12. Hmmm says:

    Who don’t listen will feel.Ayo playing stupid

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  13. true says:

    This was always the date that the re-entry protocols would be given as the last industry meeting is on Wednesday for Spas & Salons.

    Now the protocols are already in place in writing but they have chosen to inform the BVI business community first.

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  14. vg resident says:

    Too little, too late. You had 6 months to get this done. Utter failure. No one wants to come thru EIS, don’t you get this!! We want ferries.

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  15. Lol says:

    An ju really let the ppl down

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Disgusted by Mr Faith and his ministers total lack of understanding of the marine industry. Disgusted!

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  17. Disgusted annom says:

    Disgusted by Mr Faith and his ministers total lack of understanding of the BVI marine industry. Disgusted by their arrogance and lack of empathy for the people of this country. Disgusted by their lack of planning. Disgusted by their incopetance. Disgusted by their own greed.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t there been any mention of people who have made arrangements to rent private homes on the beach? Must they quarantine inside their vacation home for four days also??? Sure love some input!

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  19. Becky says:

    Why hasn’t there been any mention of those people who have rented private beach homes??? Must they also set in quarantine in those homes for four days??? Would sure like some input!

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  20. tola says:

    wait until Thursday? I knew there was NO PLAN… Now some hoge potch thing made up in 4 days.

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  21. thankfull says:

    yes we need to have them quarantine for at least 4days I know for sure that tourist’s came with negative test and when retsted was positive I am a hotel worker I want to go back to work it is also a risk so we have to be careful the government is looking out for our safety some of these people writing false information most of the countries have a protocol that most be followed

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    • No Jobs says:

      There is a balance between safety and opening. Either they find it quick or unfortunately there will be no need for hotel workers such as yourself.

  22. What change since April? says:

    You all so foolish. This is so predictable. In 1500 the Europeans brought Smallpox to the Americas. 20 million native Americans died in the next 50 years. Why we want to let this stuff into the BVI before there is a treatment or vaccine!?
    There is a surge in Covid-19 around the world (and +28% in last week in the USA). We going to let these people into the BVI…how is that going to work out for us?
    Let them in. Cases Spike. Hospital overwhelmed. Borders Close again.
    Then the BVI is know as the country that has lots of the pandemic! Right now we are the country that has the pandemic under control (not many people can say that).

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  23. Government says:

    Need to revise protocol for Belongers/WP holders to return as well. Should be the same as for visitors from the date it is announced – not from 1 Dec. Then can be used to test the system and move away from expensive secured quarantine.

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  24. Right Sed Fred says:

    Lets see what is announced on Thursday. I bet it’s ridiculous tho. Why do we (the BVI) always have to think we are the most intelligent people in the room? The rest of the Caribbean is open and getting back to business, except us.

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  25. Charter Business says:

    Need to find the balance between safety and business. If you don’t find it quickly I am one of many to pull my business out and the people I employ will not have jobs.

    I am waiting! But not for much longer.

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