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Public angry over music fest spending, Walwyn says

Myron Walwyn.

Public frustration is mounting over the government’s controversial decision to allocate $670,000 to an upcoming music festival, a move perceived as overlooking critical matters, including the needs of the small business bureau.

That was the position held by Sixth District Representative Myron Walwyn who told lawmakers that the government’s approach defies common sense.

Although he said nothing was wrong with the concept of a music fest, Walwyn questioned the planning and whether the effort was worthwhile.

“It’s a concept that has worked, but how can you tell me you’re going to plan a music fest, you advertise the music fest or you announce the music fest a month and a half before its time?” Walwyn asked. “How will you get people to come into the country to make it make sense?”

He argued that some people plan as far as a year ahead for such events and questioned how the government would get a proper return on its investment with only a month’s notice.

“When people who are having a difficult time can’t get help from the government, look and they see this sort of stuff, you anger the public… the public is angry when they see this,” he added.

He suggested the issue would be compounded when the government funds another expensive party during the 70th anniversary of the Emancipation Festival.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has defended the government’s position on funding such events in the past, arguing that it generates income for a large section of the population.

Dr Wheatley also pointed out that locals are spending their hard-earned dollars on other regional music fests. “We have some very successful music festivals in the region, which our own people get up, spend their money and go to,” the Premier said. “So I know they see that significance and importance and recognise that they themselves become tourists in another jurisdiction.”

Dr Wheatley said he wants to make the music fest the biggest and best in the region but said the BVI has some catching up to do to make this happen.


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  1. Laslow says:

    With all the monies being spent does anyone have a clue as to when we will have a functioning incinerator? How many years has it been now?

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    • Premier….a Runaway Train says:

      The Premier has NOT learnt from the COI!!!!

      I wonder if he remembers this 2 years ago after the COI and former disgraced Premier’s arrest….

      “Dr Wheatley, speaking at the Community Worship Centre, Church of God of Prophecy in Long Look,  said the Virgin Islands has endured a lot of recent, beginning with the floods of August 2017, followed by the devasting Hurricane Irma and the COVID-19 pandemic.

      He said God has continually given the VI “another chance” but His mercy was taken for granted.

      According to Premier Wheatley, the National Unity Government is also another chance given by God to do right.

      “This morning we had an earthquake. I believe that’s a warning because, like we said before, God can take us off the face of the map, but his mercies never fail. We have to repent as a nation, we have to repent individually and that includes myself because, of course, I believe very firmly God has a plan for my life.”

      Quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14, Dr Wheatley said the Virgin Islands has a chance to do right by God and that includes the National Unity Government, or else the nation could be in “deep “peril”.

      “So, I’m here this morning and I’m repentant and I’m asking for forgiveness. Where I have gone along with things which are not right, I ask for forgiveness. Where I have seen and not done the right thing, I ask for forgiveness. Where I have encouraged division instead of unity, I ask for forgiveness. Where we have ignored the cries of the people, I ask for forgiveness. Where I have not conducted myself in a right way, I ask for forgiveness, and I know that God will be with me and he will forgive me and he will heal this land.”

      Dr Wheatley also warned that God should not be mocked “because God is not pleased with that, so we have to worship him in spirit and in truth. Worship him with our whole heart because of course I believe he will deliver us from the snares of the enemy.”

      Now full speed ahead MAKING A MOCKERY OF GOD!!

      Proverbs 29:23 – A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.

      Proverbs 8:13 – The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.

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  2. Lodger says:

    When is his case? A man arrested and charged talking cow droppings

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    • @Lodger says:

      Thank God for him. I voted for him and I will do it again. He is one of the best representatives this country ever had. The fact you write what you did tells me that you’re a hater who is jealous or envious of him. Myron, I appreciate all you’ve do. They tried to keep you down but you continue to push through. Who God bless no man curse.

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      • oh yeah says:

        Hon Myron, Continue to press on and call out what is absurd. I voted for you and will do so again!! At least we have a wall. The Roads need fixing. There is a broken wall on the corner going done Russell Hill Just below the Mac’s home need fixing for years. I Guess they are waiting for someone to loose brakes and plunge over down the hill.

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      • for real says:

        I voted for him too and like it or not he will soon become the Premiere of this country, he has what it takes to move this country in the direction it needs to go. he was tried and proven to be a great leader. folks when to the polls election before last to vote against this man to make sure he did not become leader or even get elected, they voted in a true son of the soil and we all know what happened and where the country went from then.

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    • @Lodger says:

      You are not saying anything. Continue to walk behind the Premier holding a roll of toilet paper on a tray for when he take his bathroom breaks.oh, don’t forget to put on your white cotton gloves and white apron. Yes my black master, is there anything else you need?

    • @lodger says:

      Stop using my name!!! What is wrong with you?



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  4. Sounds Familiar says:

    Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

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  5. Willie Lynch Syndrome? says:

    I would bet people like Lodger,if found out, would have many despicable secrets hidden away.

    But as Willie Lynch said retard their mind and they will for centuries put down, fight kill and never support each other.

    • I am the real lodger says:

      Someone insists on using my name, despite being asked not to. If they dont stop I will have to change mine, which I am loath to do, having had it for as long as the internet.

  6. Eldread says:

    A boy cannot be told it’s wrong to dance and play hits, he will spend a million dollar to dance gyrating all about, the vicentian told him they thus jam a lot, just wait until the premiere grow up to understand.

    • Goose Cooked says:

      Wisdom is racing to catch up with Sowande.
      Unfortunately,Sowande is at breakneck speed fast fast.
      Wisdom cannot catch up.

  7. hmm says:

    The boy cant run no country its clear as day. I have zero faith in this administration. I expect nothing but constant decline under this leadership; stagnation at best. Ayo please do better with how ayo vote next election.

  8. Where is the priority? says:

    Sounds like someone who cannot see futher than his big toe. So disproportionately disappointed in our Premier
    People and small business hurting and this is the best he can do

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  9. Mark my words says:

    The Premier is going to run into some serious trouble soon just like his old boss. Not for drug running or money laundering but for being st**id, in***petent, ignorant and hard headed. Luse his lackey and Carl the yes Sir kisser is going to go down with him on the burning ship.

  10. I’m telling Y’all says:

    This Premier is more dangerous than Fahie. Look at what this man is doing and getting away with. Blowing away the taxpayers money on First class tickets, 5 star hotels, money on parties to big up himself and the person that he is * to. Him and * is allegedly fleecing the taxpayers and the Territory’s money without a care in the World. Can hardly go home from work and take a decent shower or wash your dinner dishes from a lack of running water that you are paying for, plodding around raw sewage in the street and the damn pot holes. This man is all about himself and his nar****istic t**ant dictatorship behavior.

  11. Lilly says:

    This music fest needs to be planned for 2025 or 2026 so that it can be successful and we can get real popular and high end artists. You cannot get Such artists on short notice because they are already booked by countries and people who plan properly.

    The money for this music fest was not budgeted for and the premier expects the FS to perform miracles to come up with it. That may have caused poor Jeremiah’s illness. The BVI does not Print money so it must be sourced somehow.

    The Premier thinks because our own people spend their money to attend music feats elsewhere they will do so to see artists they have already seen or to see crappy artists. Well, he may be in for a surprise! Such events should attract visitors to the territory so let’s see who this music fest attracts.

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