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Public Health England to assist BVI in fight against COVID-19

Governor Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has said Public Health England is actively liaising with the British Virgin Islands to provide medical equipment to help the territory’s fight against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Governor Jaspert said the territory’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Irad Potter and Public Health England has been in close contact regarding the support Britain can extend to the territory.

He said: “They are looking at how they can procure medical support and equipment to help us here as a territory, but that is a regular dialogue. But one thing that is always true is that the United Kingdom stands by British Overseas Territories and in particular they stand by the British Virgin Islands.”

“One of the areas is testing kits to help enhance our ability to test more, we do have the ability to test here already, but we want to get more testing kits as well,” he added.

Governor Jaspert further said that the United Kingdom will be able to provide the territory with medical items which otherwise would not be available to territory because of the power they possess in the international market.

“Globally it’s difficult to source and the UK is also using its purchasing power to support the British Overseas Territories as well,” Governor Jaspert stated.

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  1. Jane says:

    Better to be asking Richard Branson to help. UK government is going to be focusing on their 70 million population. No way are they going to allow equipment which could be going there, to come here.

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  2. Humpy says:

    I think it is time that we replaced this Governor with one that does things rather than one that endlessly liaises!

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    • I think says:

      I think it’s time to replace the government of the Territory with a British run government that has intelligence. You want medical equipment sent to the island but do you have any confirmed cases? Don’t know? Why do you send the tests to another inept island. Get real and stop whining. You should have closed the borders weeks before you did. Your greed prevented that. Your supposed to be able to govern and handle your own affairs yet the only things you know is how to steal and deceive. Your a horrible lot.

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      • Ash says:

        I honestly believe it’s here in the bvi and the government is lying
        He’s just waiting on that navy ship to get here before he break the news just my opinion

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      • Quiet Rebel says:

        If it was just a few days ago that Boris Johnson, the stable genius side kick, mandated that Britons can leave home for
        a. Shopping for basic necessities
        b. One form of exercise a day
        c. Any medical need/care for a vulnerable person
        d. Traveling to and from work, if absolutely necessary.

        Many regional countries Coronavirus infections had a connection to the UK. Like the US, the UK was slow in responding to the virus. The infections due to their slow response is just taking hold, ie, their infections have not peak. So when you take glee in chastising the VI government, first pluck the mote out of the UK’s government eyes. Did the VI did everything right and in a timely manner? No.

  3. Mental slavery says:

    Thank you oh mighty Massa. What would we do without you and mighty England. How would we survive. Thank you for reminding us how small and powerless we are and how much we cannot do without you. Mental slavery exists for those who buy this crap from Jaspert.

  4. Diaspora says:

    Ok. The VI, along with the 13 other OTs and the 3 crown dependencies, are in the midst of trying to prevent, contain, control and mitigate the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). So when are the test kits, medical supplies are going to be delivered? Will the medical supplies include ventilators, respirators, hospital beds……..etc? The UK has agreements with large supplies and can get these items faster and cheaper. A surge in infections will necessitate the need for these items.

    The VI lies remotely from the UK so these items and more needs to be in the BVI yesterday and shelf ready.
    Whatever happened to the hospital ship requested by the Premier? The US is sending the USS Comfort to New York and the USNS Mercy to its west coast. Does the UK have a consolidated and collective plan for OTs or it is handling each territory discretely?

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