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Public invited to weigh in on whether to have organised public transport system

Members of the public are being offered the opportunity to weigh in via an online survey whether they believe an organised public transportation system is needed in the British Virgin Islands.

The survey was recently launched and is targeting as many persons as possible.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works Jeremy Hodge told BVI News on Thursday that the government’s objective is to reduce the congestion in the capital and make it more pedestrian friendly.

He said: “One of the overarching objectives of the new government is to have a reliable public bus service system. In the BVI we don’t really have a bus system where you can stand up at a bus stop and know that within a certain time a bus will swing around where you can get on and get where you need to go. What we are trying to do is establish one.”

“With this survey, we want to get feedback from the people that we will be serving to see if they see the benefit of it. So when we put it together, it will not be in isolation,” he added.

The Permanent Secretary said the cost and routes will be up for discussion in a subsequent public consultation.

Public-private partnership

In the meantime, Hodge said there will be opportunities for partnerships between the government and the private sector to construct bus stops.

The public will also decide if they think the government or private citizens should run the public transportation system.

He told BVI News that Works Minister Kye Rymer and his team will be travelling to Bermuda next month to learn more about the operations of their public transportation system and how it works.

Bus terminal

Meanwhile, plans for a bus terminal at the Market Square near FLOW is advancing.

“We have plans afoot to establish that facility [bus terminal] in 2020, and that is basically the central area in town where the buses will pass through and drop people off,” Hodge stated.

Following a public consultation in May on the impending overhaul of Road Town, the proposed designs are being tweaked for officials to return to the public with actual designs, cost, among other things.


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  1. TurtleDove says:

    It would be one of the best things to happen in the BVI in a while! especially if it’s done well. like giving the busses priority in certain areas. Such as motorist have to let the bus back in traffic after a stop.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Who is going to sit in the back of the bus. I hope the government can find busses with only fronts. If we had to sit in the back we might as well start the plantations up. This public transport is just a way to reintroduce slavery. We better off walking

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it is desperately needed, owned and operated y government, however.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      The govt can’t run anything.

      Privately operated. More than one company so there is competition.

      Of we should have a public transport system

      Only the taxis drivers won’t want it.

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  3. GREAT says:

    I commend the VIP government for moving in this direction.

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  4. About time says:

    Of course it’s needed in the BVI, they’ll just need to find competent drivers.

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  5. free advice says:

    Cover a portion of the ghut next to Supa Value and put the bus terminal there for the folks going east

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  6. free advice says:

    Put a bus terminal opposite Richardson Rigging for the folks heading west

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  7. schemers says:

    Rymer taking a paid vacation to learn how a bus route works. hahahha
    I think public transportation is needed and much better than the taxi scam but can you imagine, “what time was the bus due?” “island time” hahaha

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  8. Ausar says:

    As long as it’s government operated, FINE!

    * Privately-owned corporations, NO!

    * On-timely services, with seconds to spare, YES!

    The country deserves these types of services and, like ALREADY!!

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  9. Guest says:

    Yes it is long overdue. A lot of hotel and restaurant workers need to get to work in the early morning and there is no option for these people I feel for them sometimes. These are some of the same elderly ladies who serve you coffee and breakfast. Struggling to get to work in the early early morning and struggling to get home when they knock off late….

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  10. Confucius says:

    Yes it is needed. What is also needed is a dollar bus similar to what they have in St. Thomas for in-town runs along Waterfront Drive. The bus would just do a loop all day long on weekdays, going from Baughers Bay to Road Reef. This service would not be needed on weekends. At least, not yet.

    Monthly passes could be sold for $25.00 or use the pay as you go system for $1.00 per ride.

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    • @confucius says:

      Thats too low. We have more than 25 days in the month. It could be i would say $35 dollars for the month. People would pay especially if its realiable. The day passes could be $5 dollars to get on a bus and go where ever u want too, from east to west to country.

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  11. Bruce says:

    Keep the government out of it! And get the government out of the business of healthcare . While you’re at it.

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  12. BuzzBvi says:

    Please, please, please. Let us have a bus service!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Some time recently on a Friday afternoon in Town a group of us were watching the bumper to bumper traffic and it was astonishing to see the high number of vehicles in that particular area. Tortola appears to have way too many vehicles for the small size of the roads and Island.

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    • more trees says:

      more trees and proper pavements and promenades would make it cooler to walk around, reducing traffic and increasing our health

  14. Expat says:

    About time. I feel it when I see so many persons standing up daily begging for a ride and things have changed in Tortola.Many people have become very mean and selfish.

    • Changed, Yes says:

      I also feel for them and agree that it has changed, some of it may be selfishness, but the island is not like it used to be 25+ years ago, people are more concerned about their safety today especially if you’re in a vehicle where the hitchhiker must also ride right next to the driver or other passengers. Can’t be too careful I say, the innonect suffers for the guilty unfortunately.

  15. Da juice says:

    Quick question can anyone tell me how to get in contact with
    The representative of the 1st district (Office) thanks

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  16. Monkey Survey says:

    Some of the information asked are irrelevant. Some of the questions are poorly worded. And, relevant questions are omitted.

  17. A ride please says:

    Why waste all that money to haul a team of people to Bermuda? Bermuda roads and terrain are nothing like BVI so there is nothing useful to learn.

    Just build the shelters; buy the buses and scheduling software. All we ask is you do not hire any taxi drivers (past or present) to drive them.

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    • @A ride please says:

      A bus service is suppose to stop along main roads not take persons directly to their house. It will not be going up people’s narrow drive ways and one way roads. The bus should be built to handle the hills.

  18. Ok guys says:

    $1.20 one way,$4.20 all day pass, $10.00 weekly pass, $60.00 monthly pass, Seniors and school children half price. Now,you have to have BVI metro cards that riders can purchase at different locations and when they board the bus, just swipe the card.

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    • @Ok guys says:

      Great idea, I think Seniors and disabled should be issued a half price pass every month like they do in the States.

  19. Idea says:

    BVI Metro or BVI Transportation Authority. Marked bus stop and bus shed at every stop. Uniformed and neatly groomed and trained bus drivers. If a good bus system is put in place, I would leave my car at home and use the bus services.

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  20. Like it says:

    BVI Metro or BVITA sounds good.

  21. Mr. Hodge says:

    We absolutely need a RELIABLE public transportation system that services all 8 districts on Tortola. For example if you live in cane garden bay, there should be a bus that brings you into town and you can transfer to another bus that goes from town to the airport. Bus stops should be mandatory like they are every where else in the world and not randomly drop off/pick up. There should be a timed bus schedule especially for peak hours reducing traffic congestion and should be handicap accessible.
    Government should implement it , run it, maintain it

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