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Public meetings about UK inquiry begin next week

Five committees have been formed to document responses from residents on the UK-sanctioned inquiry into the future of the BVI’s relationship with Britain.

The committees were formed Thursday evening and community meetings begin next week, said Opposition legislator Andrew Fahie — the man leading the discussions.

He said committee members have “all agreed to keep this initiative about the future of the territory and not about politics”.

“This initiative proves that once we involve our people at every level and give our people the forum and opportunities to excel, then together as one people, we can fix and improve the entire Virgin Islands and keep it on the cutting edge,” said Fahie who invited ‘all Virgin Islanders and Belongers’ to participate in the meetings.

The first meeting will be held at 9:30am on Tuesday, August 21, at Foxy’s Tamarind Bar, Jost Van Dyke.

The second meeting is scheduled for 7pm Wednesday at Treasure Isle Hotel in Road Town, Tortola.

Meetings continue at 4pm on Thursday at the Anegada Community Center.

The final meeting is scheduled for Friday at 5:30pm at the Catholic Community Centre on Virgin Gorda.

The inquiry

The UK suggested it was prompted to launch the inquiry because of the growing strain between it and OTs such as the BVI.

As part of the inquiry, any person or group in the BVI can submit their thoughts about the governance of OTs, financing of OTs, and how the relationship between the UK and its OTs benefit each party, among other things.

While making his first public address on the matter which the UK announced nearly a month ago, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said government will use the opportunity of the inquiry to address important issues with the UK.

“Among other things, we will seek to ensure that the [UK] … understands our position on the recent threat of an Order in Council and why this has the potential to have such an adverse impact on the partnership between us,” Dr Smith said.

Effectively, an Order in Council is a forceful command made in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. Failure to comply with that command can result in the UK exerting diplomatic pressure on the BVI.

The UK is threatening to serve an Order in Council because the BVI continues to resist Britain’s ultimatum that the territory should implement public registers by December 2020.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s what you “belongers” should decide to present to your parents. We want to become fully integrated into the U.K. and reap the benefits that will come with that. Money, investments, and growth so that we can become the jewel of the Caribbean. Leave your racism and bigotry at home and come to the realization of what is best for the BVI. The USVI’s flourish because US citizens do not need a passport to visit which encourages tourism and investment. Short of doing this, the territory is doomed to become Haiti. It’s your choice. Take your heads out of your asses and ask. You shall receive.

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    • E. Vanterpool says:

      We belongers are eternally grateful that we are not governed by the US. The only thing that has flourished over there is greed. Having Britain in control of our government in terms of the police and security is the best possible status, despite occasional arguments. The British have brought us stability despite ourselves whereas the US has brought the USVI violence and drugs. Whenever our government screws up they blame the UK. Whenever the UK does something good like protecting us after Irma, we complain. It’s a wonder they want anything to do with us.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Sir, you are clearly misinformed. The US flourishes because of its work ethic and it’s endeavor to erase racism and bigotry. These are two points that don’t exist in the BVI. The people are lazy and greedy. Your entire economy is based upon assisting tax evaders from paying their taxes in their home countries. Your behavior is criminal at best yet you comment on the USVI’s. The rest of your economy is based upon tourism in which the territory as a whole is disrespectful to the tourist and only goal is to fleece every tourist of their money. Last, if it wasn’t for the US, where would you buy the food you sell at exhorbitant prices? I think you should think before making statements that are false and unsubstantiated. The fact is the only way the BVI is going to survive is if the U.K. takes complete governing control of the Territory.

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        • Joe says:

          So there is no racism and bigotry in the UK?

          Secondly, the UK subscribes since 1945 to a policy of de-colonisation. So assimilation of the BVI into the UK is not an option.

          Greater internal autonomy, withdrawal of the public register Order in Council, growth of the economy should be preludes to eventual Independence within the next 25 years.

    • Onething says:

      Integration with the UK might sound good but the taxes are higher and the system will take getting used to. A better option is a atonomous region like how catalonia is with spain or Macau and Hong Kong is with China or even the Saba or Bonaire option with the netherlands being a special administrative district using their own money and their own systemm

  2. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Though the NDP government as as the sitting government should have taken the lead on coordinating the project, a debt of gratitude is due to Hon Fahie for taking the lead and demonstrating the leadership on this important project. The NDP is acting like a lame duck government and seems to be calling it in. The NDP needs to do the people “wuk” or call the election now and let the people vote for a new government.

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  3. BoyBlue says:

    The NDP almost one year ago, immediately and expediently notified the UK directly and via several varied avenues about the VI concern regarding the UK and its relationship with the VI as an overseas tertitory.In response,the Uk has now announced that it will take a closer look with the relationship. The BVI population was informed at each step.So now Fahie is being heralded for adhoc meetings across the territory which can only demonstrate the latent ignorance of the almost dead and sleeping populace whoignored,couldn’t care less or castigated the NDP forits response to the Uk and its destructive mandate. For what? The UK aleady knows and has been well informed so do yourselves a favour and stop making this place to look like a bunch of devry and almost graduates with no common sense putting up a front of confusion of nonintelligence and concern. In any foreign entity, and the BVI is a perfect example of the workings of the outer powers with individual debtors who are being used to topple destroy and paint pictures of a lesser reality. Pay Attention!!!
    The debtor will be destroyed ,guaranteed,but let it be only the debtor and not the VI along with him/ her.

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    • Shakeema says:

      Translation please.

      I understood nothing of what you wrote.

      • @Shakeema says:

        Since graduating and going out into the world,I have come to realize that most of us in the VI have been schooled but the “Wendys”have gone to school. This is certainly true of some of our politicians. It is never too late to go to school so I look read and listen..a lot.

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  4. Thank YOU says:

    Thank you Hon. Fahie for your leadership and for taking the high road.

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  5. voiceofthevoiceless says:


    Rather disrespectful your comment but it is your democratic right. The NDP communicated this to the UK but did they communicate it to the people who elected them to represent them? Did they get the necessary input from the people so they could express the will of the people to the UK?

    Kudos to Hon Fahie for this bold initiative to open up the floor to the people to have say in a critical matter that could affect our children and children’s children futures.

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    • People says:

      I a ” people” of the VI and I recall the NDP communicating to all every step of the wsy anout their response to the UK. I recall that they wrote and remember when they went to the UK in person about this matter and about 9 months later the UK just getting roun 2it. So had NDP gone through the confusion with everbody first putting in their 2 cents,the UK would be getting roun to it some time 2it in 2020 post deadline.
      Time was and is of the essence and the NDP wasted no time in taking this matter in hand immediately as it should have been done.

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  6. From here says:

    I do not support independence at all, not me ..just think, we could travel the world with the local passport we have, the currency will change from USD to $EC, and we will not longer have a big nation to watch over us, just the politicians…no man, NOT INDEPENDENCE.

  7. @Shakeema says:

    Since graduating and going out into the world,I have come to realize that most of us in the VI have been schooled but the “Wendys”have gone to school. This is certainly true of some of our politicians. It is never too late to go to school so I look read and listen..a lot.

  8. Curly says:

    I find it strange that the UK asked for feedback, but it took 3 weeks for the BVI to release this and now all of a sudden meetings are taking place. Seriously its to take your mind off the bigger thing, they have not even rebuilt the high school yet. If they cant do that, seriously focus on now and do not get caught up in the other stuff.

    • Caymanian Belle says:

      You are fortunate that your elected officials are even having this discussion and seeking comments from BVI citizens. The MLA’s in Cayman have said nothing… absolutely zero about this inquiry. This is a crucial discussion of which all of you should want to be a part of. Regardless of your viewpoint you should take the time to voice it in order to insure that whatever submissions are made on behalf of the BVI are reflective of what the majority what the future of the relationship between the UK and BVI to be. While I totally understand that you are going through a rebuilding period some things must happen in tandem. September 3rd is going to come and go. Choose to make your voice be heard.

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