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Public pound offers solution for territory’s strays

The newly refurbished public pound in Paraquita Bay. (Photo Credit: The Department of Information)

A new public pound is expected to provide much-needed relief for residents who encounter stray animals on their property and serves as a response to the growing number of roaming livestock across the BVI.

Deputy Premier and Agriculture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said in remarks at the opening ceremony of the facility that stray animals eating crops is “a big challenge” locally.

“I am glad that we are getting some of these resources today to be able to address these problems,” Dr Wheatley told attendees at the opening.

“It is very hard when you plant; you put a lot of time, energy and money into planting just to watch some animals eat your whole garden. It is very difficult,” he added.

Pound removes obstacles to development

According to Dr Wheatley, the new pound removes some obstacles from his path to developing the agricultural sector.

“I have an unyielding commitment to make sure that agriculture and fisheries are going to be a significant part of our economy and a significant part of our society. There are lots of things, obstacles along the way, but I will not be discouraged,” he said.

Meanwhile, Director for Agriculture & Fisheries, Theodore James called on the persons who are affected by roaming livestock and dogs on their private property to contact and notify his department.

Owners will forfeit animals if unclaimed

In explaining what happens when reports are made, Director James said: “Following notification, the department dispatches the Animal Control Team to investigate or capture animals. Captured animals are processed, publicised and held.”

He further said livestock that is not registered becomes the property of the Crown.

“All animals will be forfeited to the Crown if their owners do not claim them or do not pay the total amount payable for the release of the animal within 21 days from the day the capture was advertised on the pounds notice board,” he added.

The numbers to call to log a complaint of roaming livestock including stray dogs and cats are 284-468-6123 or 284-468-6124 Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, signalling the official opening on the pound.


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  1. BviLove says:

    Everyday this government coming up with senseless news to rip off ppl money during a pandemic

    Why the vip just don’t do everybody a favor and resign

    Now the will catch ppl animals that are not even a treat to them and change the owners

    Once again this Andrew looking all to t***f the poor citizens money

    BVILOVE during a pandemic

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  2. Great idea says:

    as long as the animals can be kept in humane conditions and suitably separated. Stray animals damage property as well as being a road hazard

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    • @Great idea says:

      Merrily life is but a dream…..Environmental health or other department simply need the power thru laws to inspect domestic property in the BVI. Derelict vehicles, roaming and some chained animals on property should be a violation.

  3. VG To The Bone says:

    Please find a way to get rid of those wild chickens on VG, they are making people’s life miserable.

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  4. Strays says:

    There are some stray animals in the House of Assembly that should spend some time in the new public pound.

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  5. Sheep says:

    There’s a whole herd of sheep that roam around and have destroyed my landlady’s property. I hope they will be collecting them.

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  6. redstorm says:

    Wont it be more productive to the owners of the farm or kitchen garden to get some stable fencing to prevent the stray animal from eating their crops.

    or Ask the owners of these animals to submit a request for land at Paraquita Bay to raise their animals. Stray cats and dogs can be sent to the animal shelter.

    How much did the government pay for that building? I assume its more than 250K taken into consideration the bathroom in town was about that price.

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  7. Carrot Bay says:

    Something needs to be done about the feral chickens. It’s out of control!!! Catch them, give them to the chicken farmers and have them repurposed.

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  8. wait... says:

    this is a dog fighting pit. there is no space for the dogs to run, no separation.. like who builds these things?

  9. informed says:

    Will this hold 50 roosters ill turn up with tomorrow.

  10. All says:

    The whole VIP need to go up there!

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