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Public safety risk! Some unauthorised businesses reportedly reopened — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

Reports coming out of the Office of the Premier are that some unauthorised businesses recommenced operations during the opening day of government’s relaxed curfew on Monday.

Responding to reports in a subsequent statement later that evening, the Premier made it clear that he will not be standing for such actions from any business.

“Although official announcements were made and communication sent out, we have heard about persons, albeit the minority, not wearing masks and businesses that are not on the Cabinet-approved list opening today,” Fahie stated.

“Let me state clearly here again that businesses and individuals will be held to account if they are caught breaching the orders,” he added.

Customers in danger in unauthorised businesses

The Premier warned persons to be aware of these unauthorised establishments as they stand to risk the health of others by their decision to reopen without approval.

“It is important to note that businesses on the approved list have gone through a process of being certified by the Environmental Health Division for receiving customers,” Fahie stated.

“The businesses that are not on the Cabinet-approved list would not have gone through the certification process. Those unauthorised businesses were not inspected and approved by the Health and Social Distancing Task Force to ensure that all the necessary measures for protecting your safety are in place,” he further explained while instructing residents not to support these businesses.

“The rule is simple … no approval to operate, no service,” Fahie said.

Disobeying rules will reverse progress

The Premier also warned that business who disobey the laws can cause a reversal of the progress made by in the last 28 days in combating COVID-19.

He said once the laws are adhered to, the territory would continue on the path of having its borders fully reopened and ready for business according to plan.

“The rules and protocols that have informed our reopening strategy were devised by the local and international professionals in the public health field, working with scientific data and research. These rules and protocol are designed to keep us moving forward towards the eventual full reopening of the economy,” the Premier stated.

If such actions by businesses continue, the leader of government business said he will be forced to re-institute the 24-hour lockdown or implement hard measures, where necessary.

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  1. fed up says:

    mayson lead if yo leading

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  2. Mr. Premier says:

    You are the Commander in Chief. Do what you have to do. If they are not willing to adhere by the rules, give the order to have them arrested or put the Country back on 24 hour lock down. Mr. Premier, I am behind you 100%. Let the hardheaded ones moan all they want. They will Thank you in the end for the decisions you have to make. Better safe than sorry or if I had known and listen always comes to late.

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    • Mehson says:

      Meanwhile in the real world, he’s not the Commander in Chief. Primarily because we don’t have one.
      You need to ease off the Netflix.

  3. Real says:

    U must think the people is children stop this crap and free up the place

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  4. back stabber says:

    he is judas not moses

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  5. They not hiding either says:

    Some of them even have the audacity to post on social media or comment saying they’re open and they don’t care.

    • True says:

      Passed through SCB this morning and was disappointed to see four men sitting outside a bar, wearing no masks, not practicing social distancing.

      Come on, men! You all can do better. Follow the rules.

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  6. STX says:

    Uoooo bro what’s wrong you not getting a kick back from them $$$. They got family to feed and bills to pay to !!!

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  7. Ironic Twist says:

    Businesses cannot open without prior inspection by health authorities but the Government endorses the sale of DIY mask made and prepared by individuals who are not cleared by the Helth Services Authority as covid-19 free. This after the HSA announced that persons maybe asymptomatic and do not show symptoms but are actually carriers of the virus. This is confusing..

  8. Tonge Fu says:

    Why are businesses that are not on the list being approved for operations? Restaurants taking orders for pickup? Barbers and Hairdressers making appointments? One popular band singer and school teacher boasting about it on FB. Premier you started this when you budged to allow for hairdressers and barber shops to open in the last go around so now they feel that they could do what they want.

    I really understand that a lot of small businesses are hurting believe me I have one too but if you are going to allow one to get away with it then how the others going to feel? It does not help that the Premier is yet to come up with a solid plan to assist businesses in distress so some have no choice but to break the law and open.

    Donkey say the World nah level.

    I am waiting to see them enforce these laws but I would not hold my breath. Just another set of political pandering if you ask me. Anybody in need of a haircut?

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