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Puerto Rican firm signs deal to ‘share skills’, construct NEOC

Premier Smith inks deal with Dr Juan Virella Crespo of Puerto Rico consultancy firm, Virella Crespo & Associates.

A Puerto Rican company contracted to construct the new building for the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) has signed an agreement to share its knowledge and skills with local building professionals.

Government inked the $468,000 deal with Virella Crespo & Associates on Tuesday and said the sharing of knowledge is a “key element” of the contract.

Structural engineer and former university lecturer Dr Juan Virella Crespo will, therefore, be “working closely with local government and the private sector on this project,” government said.

Dr Juan Virella Crespo will be leading a team of civil engineers, surveyors, draftsmen, architects, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineers; and a LEED compliance expert. The multidisciplinary team will provide consultancy, technical, project management, and contract administration services for the construction of the NEOC building.

The duration of the project spans 708 days. That means the new NEOC structure will be completed by early 2020 or sooner.

The Puerto Rican company will begin executing the contract within 10 days of inking the deal, government said.

“The new [NEOC] facility will be built to safe and green standards to maximise its potential for reducing operational expenditures with water and energy management improvements, and ensure energy auto-sufficiency to support continuity of operations and delivery of critical services in the event of a major disaster,” government said.

Funds from the Caribbean Development Bank’s Rehabilitation and Reconstruction loan is being used to finance the project.

The old NEOC building sustained considerable damage during the September 2017 hurricanes, resulting in NEOC staff having to relocate to a temporary facility.

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  1. Saw what? says:

    Less than half a million dollars? Interesting!

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    • How Information is Presented says:

      Yes….It matters.
      Many readers at first blush might assume from this article that the Engineering firm of Virella Crespo & Associates might be constructing the new building for the Emergency Operations Center.

      It did not say so, but already the first two bloggers evidently have so concluded.

      The fact is, This Engineering Firm has not been awarded a contract to construct the building : Rather, IT HAS BEEN AWARDED A CONTRACT FOR THE PROVISION OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT,CONTRACT MANAGEMENT

      So, don’t expect to construct a building that size and specifically earthquake resistance for the sum quoted. LoL

      • LOL says:

        EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read it and then the comments and thought the same thing! How the F they going to build a proper NEOC with $400K! LMAO!!!!!! That contract is for services rendered in connection with the construction of building not actually constructing the building. No way it will cost less than $3Mil USD to build a proper NEOC.

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  2. Ausar says:

    Why doesn’t Dr.Smith also use them also for the infrastructural development of the country- ROADS,SEWERAGE and DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, etc., etc.!!

    It’s obvious that the current contracters in place are inept and incompetent!!

    Leadership matters in infrastructural development, Dr. Smith!!

  3. Done Deal says:

    If this was a local company trust me this would cost Millions, NDP has to come good cause they brought a song which goes Millions, Millions but I guess they were singing it for how much these Morons would have our Country in debt.

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    • Read says:

      You should read and understand! The contract is for services rendered in connection with the building, it’s not for the construction of the building. Everyone looks at figures but go out there and check the cost of building materials, engineering, project management, heavy equipment, professional fees, labor costs and other stuff that’s needed on major projects and see if it doesn’t add up.

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.

  5. Ausar says:

    “Read”, the article stated that the Virella Crespo group will be leading a team of “civil” engineers, architects, draftsman and so forth to CONSTRUCT a building.

    It only stands to reason that such professionals are also capable and knowledgeable of other industry giants- professionals- that can better develop the infrasture than what we now have.

    Go back and reread the article, ” Read”, before you decide to share your thoughts!!

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