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Pump attendant fed robbers information to pull off fatal heist

Prosecutors have alleged that Shemar Richardson’s involvement in the robbery-homicide in Parquaita Bay on April 18 was that he fed inside information to the perpetrators who executed the crime on the night in question.

This was outlined Friday morning when Richardson appeared before Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin for robbery.

He was not made to plead to the charge as the matter is an indictable offence triable before a judge and jury in High Court.

According to the allegations, Richardson was working as a long-time pump attendant at Big Brothers Gas Station, owned and operated by Maricel Pickering.

About 7 pm on the night in question, Pickering closed the gas station to head home. She gave Richardson a ride since his residence was on the way, the court heard.

She had in her possession a plastic bag containing $3,100 which is said to be her day’s earnings. After reaching his drop-off point, Richardson — the accused — left the car.

‘Give me the money’

Pickering later arrived at her residence and exited her vehicle with the plastic bag. She was reportedly greeted by a male voice who said “give me the money”. The court heard that she got frightened and ran. She reportedly dropped the bag of money and began screaming for help.

Based on a combination of information aired in court and that which was released by the police, it was around that time Pickering’s mother, Catherine exited her house in response to the commotion.

After chasing some leads, police took Richardson into custody where he was questioned during an audio-visual interview. The court heard that he admitted to giving others information on the time the gas station would be closed, how the money would be transported, the time Pickering usually leaves, and the time Pickering left on the night in question.

After hearing the allegations, the court denied bail to Richardson; given the seriousness of the offence. The court was also told that more charges might be laid against the accused.

He is scheduled to return to court on May 27.

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  1. Nik says:

    Come get this other culprit from Anegada he run come over here back that’s he cousin! them need to send him back St. kitts weh he from set a pestilent them go back weh ayo from

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    • For real says:

      Anegada don’t want any drama over here. I don’t care where they send or put him just come and get him from around here.

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  2. What!!’ says:

    Accessory to murder.

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  3. Poor soul says:

    Boy you better pray and ask god to forgive you weep before god

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  4. Huh says:

    He should has been charged for being an accomplice to murder one time; a deceased gentle lady and he said minimal role; Minimal my behind. Book him for all.

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  5. Wet wet wet says:

    police took Pickering into custody where he was questioned

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  6. Stupezz says:

    When would the news sites get it right “ After chasing some leads, police took Pickering into custody where he was questioned during an audio-visual interview“ STUPEZZ

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  7. correction officer says:

    After chasing some leads, police took Pickering into custody where he was questioned during an audio-visual interview.

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  8. Sigh says:

    What a Judas!!!

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    • 123 says:

      U CANT SE THEM MAKE A mistake with his name it Richardson they ment to say like some u all dont have commond sense

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  9. BuzzBvi says:

    An after he told them that he did this he told them the names of the people, got a lighter sentence and now the Police are able to go and arrest them. Or…. he says nothing and still gets a lighter sentence as he has kids to care for. Or… his sentence is doubled for witholding information and he is charged as an accessory to murder. Time to get people to talk up or stay locked up.

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  10. Shaft says:


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  11. streets says:

    Come on mehn. You don’t bite the hands that feed you!

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  12. FMP says:

    This wannabee **** needs a beating with a treated 2 by 4

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  13. FMP says:

    This wannabee g*** needs a beating with a treated 2 by 4

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  14. Foolish BOY says:

    He give up his freedom to take the lick for the rest of the gang. ALL HIS BELONGINGS NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT, PUT IN A PILE AND SET ON FIRE.

  15. 123 says:

    I kno where he is now he is so sorry but it a bit late

  16. gone says:


  17. Dumb says:

    Lost away in jail for $3100….dumb and lazy. Improve yourself and find a better job if it wasn’t paying the bills. Smh.

  18. What!! says:

    Several people seem to know who the gunman is saying that he is on Anegada. If you know who it is and do not find a way to tell the police you are just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger.

  19. Two Faced says:

    BVI government will be paying for the services of the law firm Withers and its leading counsel, Sir Geoffrey Cox

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  20. Sad says:

    This is so sad. Charge him as an accessory to murder. That lady did not deserve to lose her life like that. Bunch of low lives; I hope they out every last one of y’all under the jail.

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