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Pure untruths! Premier debunks claims that he was exposed to COVID patient’s family while on JVD

Premier Andrew Fahie has debunked claims that he may have come into close contact with the family of the young lady who tested positive for the coronavirus after leaving the territory for St Vincent and the Grenadines last week.

Addressing the House of Assembly on Tuesday, he said the matter was furthest from the truth.

“There is so much things out there. I went Jost Van Dyke and I hear that I was by the person where they were staying and whatever the case may be and I had lunch there, and I didn’t even eat Jost Van Dyke. Pure untruths,” the Premier stated.

He said he spent a ‘couple hours’ on the sister island and returned to Frenchman’s Cay on Tortola.

“I didn’t make no contact because I was so conscious of what was happening and I’m hearing a WhatsApp out. This is what I’m talking about. I don’t want to get into these things. Just misinformation! As if going JVD is a crime. As if I should feel bad about going JVD and not tell the truth about what happened when I went JVD,” he said.

Premier Fahie added that he has already had a talk with medical officials in relation to his health. However, he is aware that “this country is long on rumours and short on facts”.

Premier’s comments were made following a voice note as well as social media posts that has been circulating about his recent trip to the sister island.

Jost Van Dyke has been placed under 24-hour lockdown for the next seven days. This is being done as a precautionary measure to prevent or minimize any potential spread of COVID-19.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    This individual really have a problem with the truth. I think who ever was on jost van dykes should be quarantined

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  2. hmm says:

    We would all be put at ease if you said you are taking this time to self quarantine as a proactive measure, due to the fact that, you did in fact visit JVD. Who you visited and whether you had lunch or not is irrelevant. you may not recall who u came into contact with, touched, shaken hands, spoken to without masks etc., or what surfaces you encountered on your way there, while u were there and on your way back. Whats good for the goose (the population of the BVI) should also be good for the gander (you).

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    • Exactly!!!! says:

      Look on fb he was seen in close contact with the SHOPOWNER of Rudys.

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      • Hmm says:

        Listening and comprehending is vital. The premier never said he did not have contact with anyone on JVD. He said it was not with the lady and the ppl for the restaurant where she worked and was staying

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    • People says:

      This is totally unnecessary and a blind attempt to target the Premier whether he was Jost Van Dyke or not which by the way isn’t a crime. Mitch, the Governor, Natalio, Kye and others were JVD also but not one of you stating such. The BVI is a real basket case.

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      • Hey says:

        It is totally unnecessary and a blind attempt that the premier and cabinet would authorize complete shut down of jost van dyke without due warning. No means of provisioning or nothing.. and read good someone mentioned it already.

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      • Melania Trump says:

        All Ministers plus the Governor should be tested and quarantine for 6 months . Let them see what it’s like to have your freedom taken away from you.

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  3. Thing to talk says:

    Mouth open, story jump out!!! Lmaooo thing to talk..

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  4. Jost van dyke says:

    The people them of jost van dyke want to know why them on lockdown and the rest people who came over from tortola was not placed on lock down as well. Them say it’s unfair to lock everybody down on JVD. Them say a few names who was called over there won’t talk up and that they refused to be quarantined so you making everybody pay.The people say she ain get it from the bvi when the place been locked down for 3 months. Comment on here leh we hear how this thing go. QNA.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Did we expect a different response?

    I am not disappointed by this response because it was expected.

    I don’t believe him
    And that is all

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  6. true says:

    If 17 people in quarantine by the governmenmt on Jost why not let everyone else out, lock down the island for access in and out but let the people out their house. Check with SVG medical as their press release does not mention BVI ANYWHERE now,they have changed it.

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  7. honorable premier says:

    One way to quickly dissolve this claim is to take a Covid19 test. And seeing that you are a public figure,IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN POST the results so we can see for ourselves what the deal really is. If not, this is what you n signed up for so please expect silly comments like mines or broaden your back and expect people to throw these types of comments your way.

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  8. Wat a ting says:

    Wasn’t Mitch, the Governor and a few others were JVD a day or two before the Premier? How come nobody ain’t hearing anything about them too.

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  9. Mick Mars says:

    Take off that mask anytime for the next two weeks and you officially Trump Status, my premier.

    To anyone else who reading, is then let this post go through, start stocking up provisions from NOW before them make anymore grand announcements.

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  10. Exactly!!!! says:

    Look on fb he was seen in close contact with the SHOPOWNER of Rudys.

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  11. Easy there Kirby says:

    “I didn’t even eat Jost Van Dyke” You big and all,Sir, but nobody expect you to eat the entire island of JVD. And btw, i DON’T believe anything the government say

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    • Lol says:

      Wtf you mean he eat the entire island of JVD? Lmaooo you could get thing say meh boi!!!! Lol..

      (SN: I think I know what yuh mean)

  12. Strupez says:

    Really the ignorance in your comment. Just go siddung. Gotta be one of JVD rebellious ones. Cannot for the life of me understand why ppl so fearful of mass community testing and a lock down that would help you protect your family and know where you stand. I for one cannot wait for them to roll out mass testing to the entire BVI. It’s better to know your status it can save a life.

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  13. SMH says:

    BVI Trump. Take the test immediate stop acting soo petty always with this he say she say tired of it. How long do you have to be exposed to catch COVID

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    • lindy says:

      exposure is defined by the CDC as being within 6′ of someone who has the virus for a period of 10min or longer . Hence why if everyone is social distancing and wearing a mask your chance of exposure is VERY low. Go ahead and open borders and KEEP PROTECTIVE MEASURES IN PLACE

      • @Lindy says:

        As long as these selfish hard headed people is not obeying the rules that were put in place, I say, keep the boarders closed. If the boarders is closed for the next year, then so be it. Most of you is ADULTS IN A CHILDS BODY. In order for a child to listen and follow rules, some type of punishment has to be applied.

  14. real talk says:

    The Liar of all liars calling other people lie. I would quicker believe what Satan say than what our Premier say. Serioulsy

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  15. hey says:

    ayo know the minister of health is a free mason??? wha goin on.

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  16. eyes don't lie says:

    Sir, you and your family boarded a boat to JVD. Got off and spent time there. You and your family were seen not wearing masks, not social distancing, not doing what you are asking others to do. Please take a test. Let us know how it goes……

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  17. Wow says:

    If you are honorable
    Just do like us and confine
    Thanks for your understanding Sir

  18. Lol says:

    You all ain’t serious right? This is such poor grammar by our Leader….

    “There is so much things out there….”

    “I went JVD and I hear….”

    Good that he talks in his local twang though…

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    • ?! says:

      What do you want him to do yank or speak like he was born in Buckingham palace? If you think speaking the Queen’s english determines a persons intelligence you are mistaken.

      We have a local dialect with its own set of linguistic rules. And in the near forgotten past the people of the VI spoke a dutch creole language that is now extinct.

      Before that the people came from continental Africa you can’t expect there to be no difference from standard english. In the VI double negatives are fine but dont triple dip. How is that for intelligence?

      Some people want straight hair others bleach their skin to turn light.

      This is what we were left with I say work it anything else is a continuation of misplaced self hatred. That goes for all Caribbean people.

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  19. @LOL says:

    Even if it is the local twang, he should know how to speak properly. Example, I went to Jost Van Dyke and I heard, There are so many things out there, I did not have a meal on Jost Von Dyke. When in public office, one should learn how to properly pronounce words.

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  20. Nice l*** says:

    BVI Donald Trump will give us all what we like… l*** and more l***. Sweet, juicy l***…. That’s what we love.

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