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Put aside partisan views, push back against UK’s colonial apparatus

Claude Skelton Cline

Speaking on the subject of the ongoing Commission of Inquiry (COI), government consultant Claude Skelton-Cline has called for residents and elected leaders to put aside partisan views and unite against what he calls the “UK colonial apparatus that is in full operation”.

“Those of you who have your personal grievances — as legitimate as they may be — I don’t want you to get rid of your ‘disgruntledness’. I’m just saying there will be a time and place for that. On this matter of the UK though, it’s an assault against the whole citizenship, an assault against our country, and there must be some national consciousness where we are able to close ranks and hold one head in pushing back against the empire that is trying to emerge,” said Skelton Cline on Tuesday’s airing of his Honestly Speaking radio show.

He added: “My brothers and sisters, I need you to come awake and to ‘stay woke’ about what’s taking place here. I need all of these leaders of the various parties to not become inebriated (drunk) on the pursuit of power. Do not think for a moment that the fall of one government will mean the rise of yours. It’s a misnomer, it’s delusional,” Skelton Cline argued.

Could Skelton-Cline face COI?

Many are wondering if Skelton Cline will be brought before the COI, as he was a former Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority — the entity that was responsible for managing the construction of the Cruise Pier Project when a major scandal broke. The scandal surrounds the final cost which came in at $82.9 million — exceeding the estimated budget by $30 million.

Residents have also questioned whether the COI will investigate present government contracts Skelton Cline has with the current VIP administration as the public is yet to know the scope of work Skelton Cline’s company is doing for the government. 

There are further questions relating to whether investigations will look into his involvement in the Virgin Islands Neighbourhood Partnership Project (VINPP) designed and introduced by then-Education Minister, Andrew Fahie.

A leaked report from the Office of the Auditor General said the programme yielded virtually no results, despite government paying more than half-million in fees to Skelton Cline’s consultancy firm, Claude Ottley Consulting Limited.

COI outcome already made

Skelton Cline has, however, made strong suggestions UK authorities have already determined the end result of the COI and are only “going through the formalities”.

“I see that the judge, [Inquiry Commissioner Gary Hickenbottom] was supposed to be on Anegada and Jost Van Dyke yesterday (Monday) with some office hours for people to come in. I see that before the then-Governor (Augustus Jaspert) left here, he put some direct e-mail … So what are they doing? It appears to me to be this fishing expedition and witch hunt. Either one because they have already come to their conclusion and is just going through the formalities,” Skelton-Cline posited.

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  1. Interested says:

    Claude, please give it a rest. You have done enough damage as it is

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    • Please says:

      We will not support you or VIP. ler the UK take control until some sort of stability is gained. You guys are out of control and need yo be stopped.

      God don’t sleep. We can not go in any longer with you guys at the helmet. You all are not good for this territory.

      We will not lay the issues down, but we will continue to bring it up. VIP needs to go so we can see the light down the road.

      Remember: if you have issues with money, money will always be your issue. This is all of VIP issue here.

  2. Bamboo says:

    Wait, are we a country or a territory?

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  3. Scared? says:

    Running scared are you, Claude?
    We all know your futile claims are merely a way to distract the public from your dubious relationship and d**gy dealings with the government.
    May there be a thorough investigation, and may you get what you deserve.

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  4. NB says:

    Uncle Claude, you need to go to the police. Why? Someone stole your brain and maybe the lil bit a common sense you may have had. Imagine you didn’t even know. Thank me later, you are welcome.

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  5. C*****t says:

    “government consultant Claude Skelton-Cline”. That all we need read. That why investigation needed NOW.
    He don’t now s**t bout s**t but paid to tell we s**t.

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  6. Ummmm.. Claude... says:

    You are the last joker we want to hear from.

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  7. JAIL BIRD says:

    You look like you already in jail in that photo Claude- you need to shut that loud mouth before you get all of us in the BVI in trouble

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  8. Earl says:

    Shame we can’t deport his a** like the allegedly *** did !

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  9. Panik says:

    Claude runnin like a chiken! Donkey got no place in horse race…

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  10. Guest says:

    ? this joker is one real clown. I wonder why you so vocal about pushing back.

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  11. What!!!! says:

    NO “assault against the citizenship” just against those who have been stealing our tax payers money.

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  12. Meh Son says:

    Thats rich, coming from this fellow. And I don’t mean rich in the way you are when you get a govt consultancy.

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  13. Nonsense says:

    Is this man is one of the reasons for this inquiry? H e clearly has no behavior and is very p*****matic. I am sorry but the news site needs to stop publishing you.

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  14. No wonder says:

    This is familiar territory to CSC, when he was just CC he was wrapped up in a … No wonder he does not want anyone to talk to the COI.

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  15. Translation says:

    ….I need to continue with my s***h fund contract being paid for doing nothing so please ignore the facts and support our Government because we are all black and locals.

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  16. Joker says:

    Here’s a newsflash for you Claude.
    The BVI was never colonized and was never a colony. It is a territory of the UK. You need to learn the difference.

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    • @joker says:

      Inaccurate! The BVI was indeed referred to as a colony of the UK in the past. While the correct term is now overseas territory…colony was a previous designation.

  17. You again PASTOR? says:

    You is on the Peoples please don’t disturb list

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  18. Anonymous says:

    Judging from the comments so far, it is clear the the UK white would not like that dude, and the Black population is hopelessly brainwashed and in need of decolonialization therapy.

    Sadly, like or dislike him, from a historical view only, it clear to see why Noel was narrated as then projected as being crazy.

    Sadly, our mentality has not evolved any yet. We are still blinded by colonialism and the tearing down of our own, that we are to blind to see the cobra in the chicken coop.

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  19. Stay Woke says:

    YES – people of the BVI stay woke and recognize a distraction and diversion strategy when you see one. Coming from both the government ministers themselves AND their consultants…

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  20. Patriotic bvi says:

    Yea,because you ***** enough money for the pier park project.

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  21. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    Ironic how CSK’s rant against the UK comes in the article after the one reporting the arrival of the UK contriguted Covid vaccine. CSK is one of those who ignores the UK’s many contributions to the BVI and says they have done nothing.

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  22. Please says:

    Please Claude ….please…. SHUT UP!!!!! I said SHUT UP!!

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  23. Joshua says:

    $571k programme’s results, finances unclear. The COI will be going this far back Claude. You remember this. Half this amount went to consultancy fees under former Minister of Education your buddy Andrew Fahie. 7% a totally went to it’s intended purpose. Let the inquiry begin. Yes we black people has not forgotten your d*****s ways. This accured mere months after your return from Detroit.

    • We need 2 go way back says:

      Generally the people of our lovely BVI are wonderful people, believe in the rule of law, honest, fairness, Christians. What is happening in our BVI goes against the nature of our people.This man truly fits the description of “Wolf in Sheep Clothing/ The people know but feel Helpless to do anything about it. After all, We are suppose to have a Shepherd…and the shepherd looks after and takes care of the sheep. People of the BVI have had enough and are taking action in their defense. Just weeks before the recent election NDP’s chairman, Myron Walywn released the Auditor General’s report on the Neighberhood Project stating “It wasn’t Value fo money”‘ and I thought that revelation would Kill the VIp chance. But then they won; and guess what! CSC was the very first Contract awarded @ 98000 for six months. when that expired, then came the Big one; 144,000 without Bidding. So here we are being tworn to pieces by Covid19 and the Gravy hasn’t stopped but pouring as if there wasn’t a Pandemic. Stay Woke! BVI

  24. Joshua says:

    .. FREE Background Report. Check Reputation Score for …

    Time to check your records Pastor.

  25. Joshua says:

    We are going deep Pastor

  26. Joshua says:

    Skelton Cline takes ‘sabbatical’ from pastoral duties after church dissociates.

    Were you partisan then Pastor.

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  27. Idiot says:

    I think most of us would stand up and talk s**t if we were paid the same money he gets

  28. no rest says:

    I can imagine that these guys don’t get to sleep good when night come since this announcement of the COI. Why are youall so afraid? from the top right down. When alyo was benefitting from the cookie jar alyou never ask nobody to stand with alyo.

  29. Rubber Duck says:

    Claude, you are going down big time. And good riddance.

  30. Stfu says:

    F***d Cline Skelton…shut the eff up! … Everything you touch will turn to dust! Until you repent publicly!

  31. Social Distancing says:

    This man needs to just keep out of the public forum and everyone should Social distance. On One hand he’s calling out the UK for colonialism, racism etc and then applauding and encouraging persons to take the vaccine from the same UK. What a load of hypocrisy and just shows what type of character he is. The kind you ignore….Gansgter summit…smdh. I’m still waiting on a published report for your consultancy job. By the way where is your office etc?

  32. Heha !Hehaw says:

    You Bray too much !! You are one of the prime individual why the Territory has find itself in this position . Stop deflecting about colonial ism

  33. Get from here f***d! says:

    Let Claude go siddung. He has gotten far more than his share since returning to the BVI. Look at his life, what has he contributed to the development of the BVI? He spent his whole life in Detroit doing all kind of things. Returned to the BVI to redeem himself on the breast of the different governments and then want to have the biggest voice in building above those who stayed here and built the country. He want to say who should stay and who should go. Claude has done nothing but take from the BVI. He thinks because he is a Skelton and a cline that he owns the place

  34. Ting to Talk says:

    CSC you getting ready to go in while your boy K**** K********* just came out

  35. Chosen says:

    CSC you are trying to jump the gun

  36. Oh Claude says:

    We have had enough of you! Time to just shut up and focus on church and being a true man of God. God would never stir up trouble like you are doing, and remember, he’s watching. He knows what you think and say. You are causing our Government more harm than good.

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