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‘Put up or shut up’, accusers told with introduction of integrity Bill

Premier Andrew Fahie

As promised, Premier Andrew Fahie today introduced the Integrity in Public Life Bill in the House of Assembly.

The bill will seek to preserve and promote the integrity of public officials and institutions in a territory that has been rocked by numerous scandals throughout the years.

In commenting on the bill, Premier Fahie said it is time for persons who have information on public officials to “put up or shut up!” This means they should be willing to provide proof to support accusations or refrain from speaking against public officials.

“I thought it is only timely because there are many people who have joined up to try to malign my government and my name. But we’re putting in legislation where anyone who has information on an elected official or public officer, put up or shut up! And when you bring it (information), you will be paid for the information. But if you don’t have anything then you will pay for bringing falsehood,” Premier Fahie stated.

He added: “I’m tired of persons in this country being maligned and persons laughing and thinking that it’s a joke. Over the years families were destroyed and a lot of purpose was destroyed in this country. So the same government they were saying doesn’t have integrity; this government is bringing the Integrity In Public Life law where everyone will know what your assets are. So there’s no hiding and we’ll put them in place so this territory can once and for all have something to move on.”

Premier Fahie said the Integrity in Public Life law will allow many persons to be vindicated but will help to nab many persons who claim to be innocent but are not.

The Integrity in Public Life Act will work in tandem with a Whistleblowers Act so persons can report maladministration in the public service.

With this law, persons who report misconduct or wrongdoing of a high-ranking public official will be protected from penalisation. But such persons would be penalized if their information turns out to be false.

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  1. PT9 says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie, You should put up or shut up.

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  2. He gone crazy now says:

    Andrew you are the main culprit for [allegedly] maligning people’s name. Ray did a good job highlighting your hypocrisy on the radio last night. I believe you need to have your head examined Mr. Premier. You are the main accuser.

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  3. You asked for it says:

    I have undeniable proof that you sir, are a functional i***t – please refer to the last 6 speeches you’ve made.

    Ill accept my payment in the form of your resignation – Time to go!!!!!

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    • you know who says:

      Well let me start with only this, how about the letter sent to me from HR.
      This letter which state Governor Jasper and the board member dismissed me, yet, Jasper said to return that letter to her so she can remove his name from that letter of dismissal.
      This alone highlights how dishonest and lacking of professionalism…
      God alone knows how many person were falsely dismissed from government with your dishonest officials.
      when all is said and done you are Christian

  4. Really says:

    “Many people who have joined up to malign my goverment”
    Where there is smoke, there is fire.
    I think it is up to you to prove these accusations false sir.
    A transparent goverment would not have to continue to post these statements as there would be no statements needed to post.
    How about the money given out during covid? Post that!

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  5. @ mr overdrive says:

    You need to calm down /\ you are acting like you are a ticking time bomb – those with clean HANDS HAS no reason to fear / so chill

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  6. Not time for this says:

    What’s your rush. Why not wait on the outcome of the public inquiry so you will know exactly what needs to be implemented. This seems to be a ploy to scare people who wants to report the maladministration but for whatever reason cannot get their hands on documentary proof, to keep silent. The whole point of reporting something is so that an investigation can be conducted to find out whether it is true or not. This is just another scare tactic in my view.
    If you want to appear honest and open, then for the time being why not have a public register where all ministers can disclose what their assets are. I don’t see what the one thing has to do with the other issue of whistleblowing.
    But as always the government is once again focusing on the wrong things – what is being done to tackle the rising rate of crime on the island? This is the issue that is affecting and concerning the citizens at this point and has been an ongoing issue for far too long.

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    • My take says:

      I see Fahie as a man for a time like now. The last Governor had no good intentions for the BVI. He abused his powers with this CoI. The aim of this CoI is not transparent at all. Clearly the conclusion has already been written before the inquiry ever started. This is colonialism all over again.

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  7. Insanity says:

    Andy my dear. You are right, we are laughing at you and your team. Not because you are funny but because you are incompetent. Making laws to hide yourself from criticism is not going to save you from the COI and the next election my friend, I hope you keep your math skills current as you are going to need a job in 22 months.

    Maybe in your math class 2+2 equals 9. the rest of us are not fooled. Your arrogance however is something to behold.

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    • To insanity says:

      Speak for your own stupid self. The majority is still with the Premier and his government. They have led better than most leaders in other countries during Covid-19 including the same UK who have the audicity to call anyone corrupt.

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  8. Mean girls says:

    the floggings will continue until morale is improved.

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  9. LOL says:

    I think we all know who needs to SHUT UP!

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  10. Irony says:

    “I thought it is only timely because there are many people who have joined up to try to malign my government and my name. But we’re putting in legislation where anyone who has information on an elected official or public officer, put up or shut up! And when you bring it (information), you will be paid for the information. But if you don’t have anything then you will pay for bringing falsehood,” Premier Fahie stated.

    Says the guy who won elections on slander and false promises. Anybody ever wonder why all of a sudden the Honestly Speaking man not talking as loud as before defending this government? Check it out, they are realizing the ship is sinking and slowly jumping off. The guy is losing his head.

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  11. WTH says:

    This government is very crafty. On one hand, they appear to support persons coming forward with information. However, if you examine the part that says “ But if you don’t have anything then you will pay for bringing falsehood,” it kind of makes you feel that unless you have a smoking gun the government will do it’s best to bury you. Overall, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable sticking my neck out if I happened to know anything. It’s a shame this type of behavior is so ingrained in our culture.

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  12. Mr. Andrew says:

    You are so finished in 2023 and I think you know that.

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    • @Mr. Andrew says:

      You are correct that he is finishes in 2023. Just finish with his first term as Premier going into the 2nd term.

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    • stop hating says:

      no party is my favorite but i prefer the vip all the way , bvi came a mighty long way if ndp was heading we would of been rock bottom long time under myron watch , vip all the way another 4 years and more cant please every one in the bvi team vip all the members doing great!

  13. fabricator says:

    This must be a joke. The Premier has been the one doing this same thing. He is main one who does. He used to go to the governor all the time carrying tales.

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  14. Lol says:

    Ray was on like popcorn.

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  15. Give me a Break says:

    Isnt this the same person who sits on a proverbial throne and des****s others yet calls the name of the Lord at every opportunity now talking about integrity and put up or shut up. Give me a break

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  16. Big Ears says:

    Could this photo be subliminal, as in, somebody watching over your shoulder … subliminal?

    Or another Simpson’s episode unknowingly predicting the future?

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

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  17. BuzzBvi says:

    Big Ears good job with your Big Eyes. Ha ha. Big Mama watching Big Kid. Great photo.

  18. Joeann says:

    Does ‘put up’ or ‘shut up’ mean the same thing? You to have put up with it means you have to accept it and ‘shut up’ be quiet.

  19. Clearly says:

    This site is totally rigged against the Premier abs his government but time will tell.

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  20. People says:

    The same set of few haters blogging on this site every time a story comes up about the Government. I support our Premier and his government 100%.

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  21. My 2cenr says:

    Not better off. I cant tell when last it rain thanks to this man

  22. Shut up Foy says:

    Myron didn’t have to tell him this same thing when he was chatting about wall wall? Put up or shut up!

  23. Questions says:

    Something is wrong with our Premier. He is not stable. He is the one politician I always heard bad mouthing other politicians. Calling them corrupt and painting all sort of pictures to get a political advantage. Now he is playing the victim. Then I heard him saying that it’s because of the bad relationship with the governor that we have an Inquiry. Are you saying then that the things you kept repeating about corruption was not so?

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  24. @ WTH says:

    The man say he would tell someone about about who bring a complaint against them when it’s brought in confidentiality.

  25. Wow says:

    This man on d**gs
    Where did this man get his government qualifications from??
    Unci******* politician

  26. Fait accompli says:

    This is the smoking gun for Uk. An act to silence whistleblowers with the gov deciding truth and false. Then punishing ones not helping them with false ruling. It’s like a South American dictatorship in 70’s. We seen it. Uk seen it
    And the bvi constitution gonna have uk rip these despots out of the false throne they sit it.

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  27. laughing wow says:

    Andrew, you have your people allegedly tapping people’s devices and giving you information, so, you shut up.

    your Officials were up in HR allegedly shredding file after the Post Office issues 2016, so you shut up. That info came from right there.

  28. laughing wow says:

    …The things your Officials do show corruption around. But I guess you know nothing about that too.

  29. Captain Flint says:

    This comment comes when the new Integrity Bill is coming in. Perhaps the Bill should have been called Integrity and politeness.

  30. Captain Flint says:

    I would like the Government to be as rude to drugs and gun criminals. The Government should be stopping gun and drugs crime.

  31. ReX FeRaL says:

    Start with immigration management. You have a sex Fiend in there harassing staff and customers daily.

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