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PVIM endorses Pickering | Doc’s ‘spirit not in tune with disunity politics’

PVIM candidate Apostle Curnal Fahie and Dr Kedrick Pickering.

The Ronnie Skelton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) has rallied behind Dr Kedrick Pickering as he seeks re-election in the Seventh District where he has served as the constituency’s elected representative since 1999.

At-Large candidate for the PVIM, Apostle Curnal Fahie, announced the party’s support for Dr Pickering at the official launch of his (Dr Pickering’s) re-election campaign at The Stickett in East End/Long Look Tuesday evening.

“My entire team (the PVIM) endorses him. He has endorsed us and we endorse him right back … Although Dr Pickering is running independent and I am a PVIM, guess what? We are working and partnering for the betterment of our entire BVI,” the clergyman said at the event, which saw attendance from other PVIM candidates and affiliate members such as Lesmore Smith and Archibald Christian.

Dr Pickering — who gave a personal endorsement to Apostle Fahie’s campaign as well as to Ronnie Skelton’s ideas for housing development in the territory — said that he did not return to the NDP under Myron Walwyn’s leadership because he does not support “politics of disunity”.

He said: “I am standing alone as an independent because, clearly, my spirit is not in tune with the things that are going.”

My Fat Hogs Bay Harbour project will rival Pier Park

Dr Pickering, in the meantime, told the seemingly receptive gathering not to mind naysayers who are questioning his two-decade-long representation in the district.

He said experience will matter for the next slate of legislators who sit in the House of Assembly. He further said he has that experience.

Dr Pickering also outlined some of the projects that are in train for Seventh District communities. The first is the The East End/Fat Hogs Bay harbour project which he said has “tremendous economic potential”.

“We have started working on that project. It has slowed down but recently it has gained impetuous … That project, once it is completed, will rival the pier project in terms of its contibution to the overall economy of this community and beyond. That project will have opportunities for residential development [and] commercial development,” the legislator said.

He said the project will lead to major job creation and said residents can expect to be presented with drawings of the development in the “not too distant future”. Those drawings have alread started, he claimed.

Brandywine Bay development to see arcade, on-water restaurant

Dr Pickering also announced major plans for the Brandywine Bay beach which he said will be developed to include an entertainment centre and floating restaurant.

“Brandywine Bay is well on its way,” Dr Pickering said. “The beach itself is going to become an arcade because we are going to put vendors along the inside perimeters of the beach just like what is happening at Long Bay right now. The designs are already there.”

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  1. wow says:


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  2. Hmmm says:

    A set of Crooks

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  3. BVI says:

    We want to see a unity government headed by either ronnie or dancia along with picko and fraser. Wade , mitch along with one more

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    • wishful thinking says:

      Ronnie (finance) … Dancia (education) … Fraser (labour) … Kedric (health) … Wade (works)…Mitch (tourism) … Shaina (trade) …

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      • LMAO says:

        Dancia? Dancia will be rubbing with Dirky and Raja for the bottom of the pile.

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        • LOL says:


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        • truth o says:

          The old, in between and young who knows better know that we need this lady in the HOA at this time. This is not about who you like anymore. When this country goes down we all go down, especially we who don’t have a place to go. You all better stay woke.

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      • Youth says:

        I need answers. I listen and try hard the list above but of to now I haven’t seen any leadership qualities. What I see is people who can assist with moving this country foreard. Four of them I am disappointed with because how they did things. They start wrong and will end wrong. Right now we need people who are caring who can come to us wherever we maybe and hold our hands and many the above has pass us without saying hello how are you. You failed us deeply . I just can’t see Mr. Skelton I just cant see you as a leader. He is not a people person. He is good to work along with government.
        Please help

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    • Reality says:

      Need to ditch Mitch as he’s the w— link and will only jump ship if he doesn’t get what he want…

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  4. no time for green hands says:

    Bring picko home again because we need experienced people in government

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  5. picko must go says:

    You told us what you plan to do.. what have you done for the last 8 years?

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    • incompetence says:

      coming Tortola since the 90’s. and live here for 20 years. for majority of my time here i have lived east end and this guy hasn’t done any thing for that district. the place look the same old and no major development apart from the fields which one of them is being funded by fifa and the place has the worst road.district 7 do yourself a favor a give someone else an opportunity.

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    • VIP2 says:

      What have Fahie done for the last 20 years?

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  6. hhmmm says:

    he shouldda just join PVIM and done… 6 or half dozen?…samething!!!!!

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  7. Exit stage left says:

    This man has done nothing for this community in nearly 15 years. Everything under his charge for the last 8 years have come to nothing. He has killed agriculture. Unemployment is the highest in his district. The place dirty and look dreary. Look at the fiasco at brandywine Bay millions of dollars later. Look at the near 10m he spent on the airport study that amounted to nothing. I can go on and on. He is a good talker but we need a worker now and he is no worker.
    Doc, thanks for the time but you can’t get my vote again. I can’t do that to my children.

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  8. bvi says:

    my boy, after 20 years, tell me, show me what you have really done for this constituency, i think is time to bow out, let fresh minds and ideas have a go, if you dont want to bow out on your own, then we have no choice but to bow you out.

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    • Here we Go Again says:

      Not surprised with the endorsement. Why these so called intelligent politicians think they dealing with foolly voters.
      I guess your contribution for the past 15 years was drawing these plans. You need to wheel and come again.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Doc. I remember us growing together as little boys. We are all grown men now. Most are successful on different levels, while many are not. Many are parents, many are barely holding on and many have fallen through the cracks.

    I earnest Doc. the political agenda and legislative history of the elected should be reflected in the lives of his/her constituents. Their lives should be better than they were before the elected official took office.

    Indeed, the question remains whether that is so for the people of your district, and the territory in general, as, many have alluded to the supposition that much more has been accomplished for the rich Caucasian than for the Afro Tortolian.

    Therefore, how will your candidacy improve and expand the lives, especially the economic lives of every Tortolian if re-elected?

    We, the people, need and want real jobs, real wages, real industries. Not $4-6 an hour wages that will rise again for the next 20-50 years.

    These are some of the issues are not being heard from any candidate during cycle. The real forward thinking bread and butter issues.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      You are right in some things you stated but this caucasian vs afro argument needs to be a holistic fair argument. For starters many of the caucasians I know are focused on business and doing what is necessary to grow their business or themselves. we have lots of locals here that do the same and are successful but we also have far too many that think that being from here is the prerequisite to success. We have too many of our people pointing fingers at what ‘others’ have but spend their money on nonsensical material items and expect the government to come to the rescue every time. Expats and locals have coexisted here in the BVI from ages ago and we can continue to do so once common sense prevails. It’s time to put the systems in place to assist our people, EDUCATE OUR PEOPLE, TRAIN OUR PEOPLE instead of encouraging our people to act as victims all the time. This is OUR LAND and it is our responsibility to ensure that OUR PEOPLE are EQUIPPED to take every advantage of it. Whining and bitching helps nobody!

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      • Hmm says:

        What you are saying is all dandy but its not in the real world. Look at the European union and other factors that seem hell bent to take things out of our favor.

    • Billfargo says:

      Since we are a consuming territory and buy everything that we eat and sell nothing that we buy, and want to think that we are American, then a real life minimum wage of $15- $18.00 an hour like America would not be out of line……….

  10. Devon says:

    First thing he needs to do if elected is to undo the damage he did to Brandywine beach and let nature restore it back to how it was ! Huge waste of money spent on this beach.

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  11. Truth says:

    Kederick I was so disappointed when I heard your speech last night and you could see that you lost the crowd after about 15 minutes.

    You did not address why you left the NDP and the alleged allegations that surrounds the Government corruption.

    Also you talked about the sticket project that you Ralph and Dozen met up there and Ralph gave you the money.

    Kedrick that project idea was Vernon Malone. He campaign on it. You also gave credit that Dr.Smith wanted to put this idea to honor people in each district when in fact that was Vernon Malone’s idea Orlando never campaign on it.

    I saw with my own eyes you and Mr. Malone standing in long look discussing the project as he showed you the courtesy to do so.

    Then why haven’t you take the project further for the past eight yrs. Ralph gave Dozen a man who was pro NDP that project of over 800 thousand why other VIP supporters who gave their money and heart to help get him elected nothing.

    Dancia , scatliffe and Juggie all begged him for money but he refused. For only Frazier ,Andrew and Omar was given money to waste.

    The people of this country has found themselves in a real bind this political season with the choices for candidates.

    In a sense thank goodness for the formation of the RDA board which though it seems is soaking up the wrong people who help mess up this country to work along with it.

    But Kedrick your high handed attitude last night was not appreciated and it was disrespectful to a people who have chosen you to lead them. You have lost your way not to mention your passion to do so.

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    • OMG!!?! says:

      Cancel the Doc. I did not hear anything the Doc said last night that will improve the lives of we Long Lookians. The 7th District is dreary, dark, empty and void of any developments for the past 20 years. Pickering it is time for you to go. We are in the same place we were since the inception of your leadership, and you have not demonstrated in your speech last night that we will be anywhere different moving forward with you. Thanks for your past service, but please show us your back. My fellow Long Lookians don’t be fooled by Doc’s flowery rhetoric, he won’t help us.

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    • @ Truth says:

      Please stop lying, I don’t know about the rest of your post but I was involved with the stickett project from inception and Vernon Malone was never involved. It was Dr. Pickering that got the govt to buy the land and had several designs done and the most suitable one was chosen. Vernon Malone restored a well in upper Long Look. Seeing this obvious lie in your post tells me that your post is is likely riddled with lies. You all need to stop you are shameless.

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    • @Truth says:

      Paid someone $800,00 for a stickett??!!??!!!


      Why do people think they get an automatic handout if they support a party….THAT’s JUST HOW CORRUPTION STARTS!!!!

  12. Gasping for Breath says:

    Why your so called development have to “rival the Pier Project” and not Compliment it.
    Are we not – One BVI? Is that not our tourism motto? Set of fake, hypocritical alignment.
    This is the worst political environment.

    It is sooooo sad to see what my BVI has come to.

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  13. No nonsense says:

    Everyone keep complaining about” he ain’t do anything for the past 8yrs. The man have traveled the world at our expense and gained air travel miles for every voter. So next time you want to travel, ask him to ease your expence by transferring some miles to you. See how he playing smart with us. Make us believe he divorce NDP, same shxx different day

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  14. Upper Hope Hill says:

    For the good of the country vote them out!

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  15. Diaspora. says:

    Dr. Hon Deputy Premier and MLNS K. Pickering and PVIM should just stop the charade. The late Ray Charles can see clearly through it. Dr. Pickering was tactical in staying with NDP 1 to the end and then announcing his intent. Now the HOA is dissolved and an election date is set (2/25). No one is being fooled. Well, he may gauging the election result to see how he can leverage his position.

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  16. READ says:


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  17. Sense says:

    I like Dr. Pickering and Fraser, I like their drive, I like their passion but I think it’s time for them to hang it up as it relates to being elected officials. These men should be ambassadors to the BVI in some respect and given responsibilities in specific areas on behalf of the Territory. I think their time is up as elected reps but they may have experience to offer in certain other aspects of government. That’s just my humble opinion. Move over and give the young people a chance. Oliver Cills did it, Dr. Smith just did it.

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    • bottom line says:

      Both of them did more in their districts than andrew so how you ain’t calling for his head too? Unless you is andrew in disguise?

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  18. @ Truth says:

    Please stop lying, I don’t know about the rest of your post but I was involved with the stickett project from inception and Vernon Malone was never involved. It was Dr. Pickering that got the govt to buy the land and had several designs done and the most suitable one was chosen. Vernon Malone restored a well in upper Long Look. Seeing this obvious lie in your post tells me that your post is is likely riddled with lies. You all need to stop you are shameless.

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    • Please says:

      Please, truth is not lying stop your nonsense. Pickering bought the sticket ? and he had to wait until the opposition got the Government to do the project that was supposedly the brain child of him and DR. Smith?

      And after for the pass 8yrs nothing else has been done to it or in nay other district. Everyone knows Ralph wanted to spite Vernon and Dancia.

      Plus he could have given the work to an VIP supporter or atleast some. He gave it all to Dozen. The NDP will get back in because of people like you who is in a sleep.

      Cant you see that allegedly NDP 1 and two look like they all working together. I am disappointed in the pastor.

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  19. plot says:

    bob marley said it listen to the song ambush in the night people it may wake you all up from sleeping its a plot

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  20. Anonymous says:

    @@Anonymous. I completely disagree with all of your assumptions and illustrations. Meanwhile, the site has apparently conveniently disabled the disliked option. why? What crookedness?What is wrong with the mind of white people?

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  21. Crazy says:

    Doc made a number of crazy statements and moves last night. Here they are in no special order.

    – He said he made it fashionable to be from Long Look.

    – He said his project will rival Pier Park. Did he mean in cost and controversy?

    – Aligned himself with PVIM, directly and indirectly.

    – Said he was loyal to Dr. Smith to the end.

    – Said we need Greenhouses…

    I say, instead of bringing Doc home, we need to send him home. Sadly, it sounds like he will win again….

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  22. No way says:

    Pickering did a lot of undercover things in ministry to unfair the people of VG.My thing is he couldn’t do this in his district but f#$*$k VG for his rich white can’t be trusted period.Mr.done deal we can’t catch a shell fish off moskito island pick a welk off nicker fish off these islands no close by.It beats me as I wonder if these hooligans know what they ar creating.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Well when i start to fish they will pure h**l with me.Out there is where keptt food on our table long before they came along. That s**t got to go. They could buy the land, but should not have no right to the food in the sea and most importantly, stop a man from catching it to feed himself and family.That is plain old selfish savagery

  24. 7th district demise says:

    IF — and I say IF in capital letters.

    IF the 7th district voters put the Doc back in the HOA for another 4 years, they really need their heads or eyes examine. How could a people be so ignored and have this man stand in front of them and say he did his BEST and no one STONE he.

    Seriously…. Your BEST and your district look like that. You were the Deputy Premiere for crying out loud. Second in command and the 7th district has been in the worst condition compared to the others.

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  25. Stay One Step Ahead Voters says:

    Watch enough tv dramas to know what would happen weeks before it airs.

    That wait for the speaker to arrive was PVIM’s attempt at an AHA moment that was BLAH. A blind man could see that coming.

    Does not make a lick of sense to be singing endorsements, referring to “us” and “we” yet on an independent card.

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  26. Deh Watcha says:

    Schupps, really PVIM?!?

    This man need to just retire out of politics.

  27. Youth says:

    Doc please go back to what you say. You left the NDP because of politics disunity but how in heaven you can make PVIM endorses you and they are the same. Honestly, I think you all could have worked it out but did not because of arrogance. Not because you can represent a country and you are a senior you discredit the up and coming future. You were there and you had contributed but somehow you dropped the ball. The plans you have in your head shouldn’t have stay there . It should have been communicated to the people that put you in. You were placed there to serve. These people that you think is not experience you maybe quite surprised what they can do for our country. Myron did it and that the difference between you and him. Politics is about people.

    These young and aspiring politicians knows a lot more than you thing. We follow the world with what’s going on.
    You should know from your profession. Compare a baby development to years ago. The good book say the little one shall lead them.

    Please don’t underestimate us. Please pass on the baton. ????

  28. Home Boy says:

    With all due respect, I have nothing personal against Dr Pickering. I think he has failed the people of the entire Virgin Islands but more so the people of the 7th District. He travelled the most in the NDP Government, on his return just talk and talk but nothing has been implemented. He needs to take a break and do what he did best for the pass 8 years, that is delivering babies.

  29. Sailor says:

    He killed Agriculture, I wonder what else he wants to kill in this country.

  30. hmmm says:

    they need to fix on the water leak on the highwsy right next to his home too much government water is being allowed to waste.

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