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PVIM clarifies: Says Mitch did not ‘ask’ for a ministerial post, he was ‘offered’


By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Hours after Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull told members of the media that he had asked NDP Chairman Myron Walwyn for a ministerial post if the party was re-elected into government, the first-term legislator has issued a clarification to that claim.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Progress Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) – the party to which Turnbull is now aligned – said it was Walwyn who actually offered a ministerial post to the young legislator and not the other way around.

“Honourable Turnbull was simply asked if he was interested in taking a seat if one was available and he said ‘yes’,” the PVIM wrote while ranking him (Turnbull) among ‘best performing politicians’ the NDP had.

“To us, this sounds like the Chairman of the NDP was baiting running mates and making promises,” the PVIM added.

The PVIM also said it would be interesting to see how that gimmick plays out if the NDP gets re-elected into office.

Will Mitch get a ministerial post in PVIM gov’t?

While not directly stating their position, the PVIM said Turnbull is able to perform wherever he is needed and required.

“There should be no issue with a young man, who is able and willing to serve, being able to do so. In the PVIM, we would be happy to see ‘Mitch’ Turnbull serve the people at any level. He is quite capable!”

The PVIM further said: “There was a time in the BVI when a District Representative seeking a ministerial seat as a means of increasing the capacity to serve his/her people was a good thing. It was a sign of how well respected that member was to their government and more times than not it was a reward for good leadership.”

The PVIM pointed out that Turnbull had the respect of the people in and out of the Second Electoral District, which is the constituency he currently represents.

“Therefore, we question, who else in the NDP, if they were elected would be a better fit to receive one of the five ministries?”

What Turnbull initially told the press

During a PVIM press conference on Wednesday morning, Turnbull said he requested a ministerial portfolio during a two-hour long party meeting with Walwyn, who was elected as NDP Chairman back in June. He said a number of other issues and concerns were discussed and Walwyn’s overall response was: ‘we will talk’.

“I am the one that reached out to the chairman (Walwyn), the deputy chairman, and the other ministers of government — who happened to also be NDP members — to have a meeting and to have personal conversations to understand where the direction [of the party] was heading,” he said of the aforementioned meeting.

Turnbull then made it clear that he resigned from the party for a number of reasons such as a glaring double standard in the NDP as well as witnessing firsthand a worsening trend as it relates to a lack of transparency, accountability, and integrity within the party.

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  1. Not2Sure says:

    I bet he wanted to “clarify” that in a hurry when he saw all the comments in the blogs. Says a lot about the man.

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    • @Not.. says:

      Clarify what? He is on tape saying he requested it but his PR team posts otherwise. If they can’t get simple things like this right as a team, how can they run the country?

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      • And says:

        Him seeking clarity whether he asked first or not shouldn’t be a big issue. Wanting to serve in a different capacity where you could contribute more. We will talk was not an appropriate answer. It was a yes or no concern. We will talk -yeah – right.????

      • Truth says:


    • @not2sure says:

      Yeah, and he got roasted like chestnuts on an open fire on a cold wintery night.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Who gets to get his hand in the cookie jar? The BVI election question.

  2. OMG says:

    Mitch said himself HE REQUESTED THE MINISTRY!!! He said it at the press conference. PVIM get it together please! If he was ‘offered’ a Ministry, why would Walwyn say “we will talk..”. It seems like the PVIM blue wave has crashed in the ground seas down cane garden bay. This is not even funny anymore.

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  3. stewie says:

    It does not matter whether he was asked or offered. All that matters is that he did not get it, and rightly so. That lil boy is no where close to ready to handle a ministry, and he won’t be ready for another 20 years. He is not even ready for church ministry,

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    This is why little boys should be at home while big men roam. The tape is there to be played and played over and over and here we have this foolishness. The guy clearly said himself that he requested a Ministry. How can we have confidence in a movement that is only moving quickly downhill?

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    • @hmmm says:

      He think this is trump’s America where people act like fools and forget what was said easley. This the BVI!!! Dont try to spin this.

  5. Liberty says:

    That new party need plenty buuuu
    NDP 19/23 walwyn premier

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  6. opinion says:

    I think Mitch is only now just starting to learn how unpopular his childish antics have made him.

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    • Bye Mitch! says:

      Don’t understand why the PVIM allowed him in their ranks, knowing that he will make the party also unpopular. Typical example of setting yourself up for failure.

  7. No way says:

    Best performing politician? I would suggest one of the worst and has done very little of any real substance apart from talk and promise…..

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    • Zzzzz says:

      I was wondering the same thing, best performing? Like, what has he done in the last three years. He has done more before being elected in my opinion. He was very good with his foundation dealing with youth issues but as a politician? Failed big time. All he keeps saying is integrity, principle, the people, but where is the meat?

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  8. Karma says:

    The more they open their mouths is the more you see how unintelligent they are. STOP TALKING FOOLS. Now I understand why they call themselves LIKE MINDED. No brains.

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  9. To late says:

    To late for damage control. To late. Now he is going to catch the real heat. Mitch,stay home and sulk because you are the butt of jokes on the streets. Grandpa always say, you should never send a boy to do a man’s job.

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  10. No name says:

    And the lying continues!!

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  11. Brad Boynes says:

    Do politicians lie? Yes they do and often.

  12. TurtleDove says:

    How capable can one be if we dont know the difference between offered and requested?

  13. ndp heckler says:

    When he was with the NDP he was the best thing since slice bread, now he with PVIM story changed

  14. Economist says:

    Mitch-the-smitch. Has switched again. This time is his story.

  15. Economist says:


  16. Sorry Dude says:

    Honestly, when my 75 year old grandmother who minds her business and never have a unkind word to say about anyone be it they do bad or good, said if she see Turnbull on the road or he show up at her gâte,she is going to catch him two cops against his head for being so stupid. As much as I don’t care for Turnbull,I would never allow my grandmother to do that. Turnbull,you have sunk to an all time low.

  17. Lies, Lies and More Lies says:

    Is this what we are to expect of PVIM? They Members say one thing then PR issues a statement to cover up their failures. And they have only just begun!

    Watch the Maestro at work. This is all PR. You can’t run a government on PR. They members need to be honest men of integrity and they clearly are not.

    It was a failed press conference with a failed message. There is a big difference between ‘requested’ and ‘offered’.

    PR can’t win this. We the people have seen straight through this. You Mitch are a weak link. Good-bye!

  18. Pleazeeee, I beg you says:

    Mitch,you are headed to self destruction or a 72 hour psych hold over. Something is wrong with you. What is going on with the eratic behaviour.

  19. Dear Mitch says:

    I live in CGB and you are NOT getting my vote. I am giving my vote to Carnell. I canot vote for you because of Your behaviour. Your actions and not knowing when to keep Your mouth shut is a huge problem for me plus, you canot be trusted and you are a snake in the grass

  20. Being Real says:

    My problem is I can’t forget how he came out saying the premier should not be over finance, disrespecting our dear premier. Then with Hurricanes where the h**l the bvi will be if we listen to him waiting for things to be perfect to bring tourist here. It was sense to just start the economy. We had to start somewhere.

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