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Quitting politics not off the table, says Walwyn after election defeat


By Davion Smith, BVI News Staff

Since National Democratic Party (NDP) Chairman Myron Walwyn has not been re-elected to the House of Assembly, what will this mean for himself and his party which has three of its members elected back into office?

Walwyn said not even he knows as yet. But, as far as options go, the NDP leader said “all things” are up for consideration. When asked whether that includes quitting politics, Walwyn told BVI News: “That is not off the table.”

He gave that indication on Monday following a defeat to the Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party at the 2019 General Elections.

When further asked how he feels about the defeat, Walwyn said he respects the democratic process and the wishes of voters.

“It’s the people’s office and they decided at the end of the day who they want to conduct their affairs and they chose not to have me this time around. I have to respect that,” said Walwyn, who extended congratulations to Fahie and the VIP.

Walwyn surprised?

Walwyn, who racked up the single highest number of votes in the last two general elections, further told BVI News he was “not sure” if he was surprised that he was not re-elected.

“I’m not sure because I knew the election would have been close. I think we all knew that. I don’t think any of us really knew which way it would have gone. It could have gone anyway before the results came out, at least in our minds,” Walwyn said.

He then told BVI News that his defeat at the polls has not changed who he is.

“You’re going to still see me through the neighbourhoods talking with people and see how I can assist because I didn’t do that for politics. Obviously, it wouldn’t be as frequent as when I was a politician but certainly people will still see me around trying to be as helpful as I possibly can to anybody who needs my help,” he said.

Walwyn noted that he will return to tending to his private businesses as early as today.

The full 13 elected members 

Thirteen electoral seats were up for grabs during the 2019 General Elections and the Walwyn-led NDP fielded 11 contenders. Of that lot, Mark Vanterpool, Alvera Maduro-Caines and NDP Deputy Chairman Marlon Penn were the only ones to get re-elected to their respective Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth district seats.

The VIP, in the meantime, captured eight seats. Party leader Andrew Fahie was re-elected into the First District, Kye Rymer was elected into the Fifth District, and Dr Natalio and Vincent Wheatley to the Seventh and Ninth districts, respectively.

All four of the party’s Territorial At-Large candidates Sharie de Castro, Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith, Shereen Flax-Charles, and Carvin Malone won a seat.

The other two seats — District 2 and District 3 — went to Progressive Virgin Islands Movement candidate Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, and Progressives United leader Julian Fraser, respectively.

Pictured from left to right in numerical order of district, the nine successful district candidates in the 2019 General Elections.

The four successful At-Large candidates in the 2019 General Elections. From left: de Castro, Smith, Flax-Charles, Malone.

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  1. Moses John says:

    He is ready to quit after just one defeat? Well it seems like the voters made the right choice in separating the wheat from the chaff.

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    • what says:

      Where you see it say he quitting?

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      • Double Negatives? says:

        See why he wasn’t elected as premier to represent we internationally? His grammar is bad. He should have said quitting politics is not on the table – I.e. not up for discussion. To say quitting is “not off” is to say it is on.

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      • Love My BVI says:

        Now that he is gone I hope all that dirty politicking comes to an end.

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    • rastarite says:

      Not ready to quit – just ‘not off the table.’ Can’t you read?

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      • Moses John says:

        So what does “not off the table” means? I guess you can only read what is spelled out in front of you, but not what is implied or hinted at. Either that or you’re just pretending because your guy lost. Ha!

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        • read to comprehend please says:

          Don’t just read the sensational headlines….
          Walwyn said not even he knows as yet. But, as far as options go, the NDP leader said “all things” are up for consideration.

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        • Accra says:

          why would anyone want to try to help you people if you don’t want them to help? it is obvious this election was about BVIslanders against foreigners, look who were elected

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          • Nonsense says:

            O really nonsense I just hope persons like you dont regret what happened. I personally feel when they do their mess now let them clean it…. we ain’t going back to clean no vomit!

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          • Facts says:

            The BVI system is of a democratic system and not of a dictorship system.

  2. Laura says:

    Walwyn noted that he will return to tending to his private businesses as early as today. (Yup back to the business at hand – making money..smh)

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  3. What-a-thing! says:

    This is what arrogance does! It deflates You!

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  4. Leave political arena please says:

    We’re only accepting persons of good character….honesty, dignity, integrity, transparency, accountability…. Attributes you la—. Go sit down! You think you own the Virgin Islands? We take back our blessed country for all you and your l–s, g— and dis———-.

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  5. Ausar says:

    I knew you would not win Myron.

    You just cant hire non-belongers and expect that my people would have supported you.

    You were boastful and prideful but my people saw through it all, and said NO!

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

    I believe that the only way to resuccitate the NDP is to place a Belonger with a BVI historical last name, at the helm!

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Keep your head up Myron! You will always be the Premier of the Pub.

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  7. Keep the faith says:

    Honorable Walwyn, hold your head. Your leadership qualities are second to none. No one is perfect, and you have some growing to do, but your political career is not over….the people gave you a sabbatical to get your affairs sorted out, review your performance and be in a better position next time around. May God lead you in the right direction, because its not over until He says its over. See the change as a blessing in disguise. You worked hard for the people and the country, but only God determines the outcome.

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    • * says:

      His attitude and know it all behavior is what killed him. He will never win another election in the BVI, that’s how I see it.

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      • just saying... says:

        Attitude and know it all behavior? Did you read any interview that was done by the Honorable Ronnie Skelton? Did you hear anything he said at his launches? His attitude was smug, superior, arrogant to the hilt. His downfall was compounded by his denial of responsibility for anything that took place in the very Cabinet he was a part of and the bill boards that touted him as Premier. My personal favorite was the article where he compared himself to Moses. No disrespect to the gentleman but if he is one of your people and I take it he is since you are so anti Walwyn, then you need to reel and come again please. Just saying.

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        • Linda says:

          Good that Ronnie was comparing himself and not comparing others. He is the only one that fought fair and had respect for himself and others. If I live in a house with four of my brothers and two are thieves and they are out stealing every night but don’t mind how I try to stop them, I am unsuccessful, should I assume responsibility for their acts because I hang with them? Keep Ronnie out of this. You are anti Ronnie just like some are anti Walwyn for whatever reason

  8. THE TRUTH says:

    @ Anonymous…you want to kill me this morning…you sick.

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  9. Oops says:

    Gone to new pastures? Yes indeed! You have what it takes to fall and rise again. Many are they that lost a fight and never lose their heads. In life there’s entry’s and exits those are the choices. Looking at the list I see stalwarts like Pickering, Penn Sallah and Skelton. Change is inevitable. Look back at all you’ve accomplished and see if there’s more left to give. It’s a new day keep on doing your thing.

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  10. Let Them rojoice says:

    What they didnot realize is C**** is going to be the one running the Country. A vote for VIP was a vote for C****. This is just the beginning of the backlash that is about to blow. I hope Andrew fulfill every promise he made to the people.

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  11. Interested says:

    No one should quit after one defeat,Many giants have fallen and risen again to new heights.The VIP has risen

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    • Accra says:

      would you run for political office again if you realize that the people do not like you nor want you because of where your parents are from?

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  12. One more thing. says:

    You people spend way too much time talking about who from here and who isn’t. You’ve lost sight of the really important things, which is why we end up with leaders who don’t even know the people they are elected to lead. Which is why often they end up in these sad situations. Much of these comments are sad and truly sick. You people need to pray for yourselves. Myron Walwyn may not be your favorite but I’m sure there is no way he could have been involved in politics and not have been from here. So he doesn’t have the requisite 2 sets of grandparents or whatever, when he was taking the NDP into the last election with his popularity all was well. When he became leader of the party and had the potential to be Premier it became them against us. What a set of hypocrites. You are all out there calling down people. Where is Ronnie Skelton today? Isn’t it in his nice big house on the hill getting ready to either take an off island break or go to his office? Doesn’t he own businesses here? Is he going to sit home and cry? I bet not. So what if Myron Walwyn have his businesses to go to? All you sad people have businesses to go to today? Probably not since you have so much time for slinging muck. Bunch of sad people in this place. You all really should be on your knees today. Very sad.

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  13. Humble Yourself!! says:

    And whoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. Matthew 23:12.

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  14. Hmmm says:

    People should VIP be scared to eat at the P-b or Mo—–gs now?????
    Lol!! Just saying????????

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  15. Rest haven for HOES says:

    Somewhere out there…..HUBERT BAWLING LIKE A B**H. Who betting?

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  16. VIP Supporter says:

    Am I reading these comments correctly? It seems all the attack is on Myron….was he the sole person in the previous NDP. If I can recall he only became Chairman a few months back….this causing him to form the new NDP Party Team.

    Come on man. We have work to do. I hope we VIP supporters criticize and bash the new Government, have the same energy as we did against the NDP when they did mess.

    Note to those of you that bragging about what you were promised by members of the new Government on the campaign trail. Look these people were elected to work and look out for THE PEOPLE/ THE COUNTRY not for your personal gains. Keeping an on this too, we had enough of this mess this that’s why the place in the mess it in too much favoritisms and victimization. I shouldn’t be penalized because I was not support a party. Time to GROW UP get out of this gee me gee me, entitlement. TIME TO MOVE IN ONE DIRECTION FORWARD.

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  17. LMAOO says:

    LMAOOOO @ the picture them use….

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  18. 123 says:

    Any politician who serve two terms and lose after is a winner. Most of them getting pension for going in the House of Parliament and talk crap

  19. Truth says:

    Myron has created a legacy for himself . He is a attorney by profession, a business owner.
    Some of your who are there trying to bash him ,what have you done that is remarkable .
    Maybe bloggers that are not successful?

    Try to make a life for yourself, rather than trying to bring this man down .
    Cheese .

    None of us are perfect , but he tried his best and respect that .

    I am from here and you are not . Slavery bs. It is high time you’ll stop this talk. As you take time to type, think of Myron staying in his bed as long as he wants , while his business is making money for him – while you still have to enslave yourself day in and day out .

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    • @Truth says:

      True comment, the idiots of the BVI voted Myron out, they got what they wanted and the dumb idiots is still bashing the man. Focus on the golden boy you idiots elected and hope he give you all everything he promised you and more.

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  20. USA Survey says:

    The BVI have some of the most dumbest people around. They will be loyal and can be bought for a case of water.

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    • The Truth says:

      America has some of the dumbest people in existence. Look at your president.

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      • SICK says:


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        • US says:

          He is helping feed your dumb….SICK. Don’t come to the US when you need decent médical attention. You all will be cut off from the US dollar soon. You ungrateful bush person. Yes,bush person.

          • tola says:

            for your information we could use the British pound, the reason we use the us dollar is because of our close ties to the us virgin islands and we are doing business with them so I made more sense to start using the us dollar instead of having to deal with the exchange rate to complete transactions.

      • @Truth says:

        Please, the people in America will run circles around your dumb A**. At least the American Government take care of their people.

    • True says:

      You have to be on the outside looking in to see the real deal. People in the BVI is confused. They have no idea how the real world works.

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  21. Truth says:

    If Myron would just learned to HUMBLE himself then things will be so different but instead he casting blame without the evidence and I cote: God in Heaven would have to come down from heaven and tell me that the rumor that is being said about my wife didn’t come from the VIP and it constitutes….and that is so wrong… people talk about people all the time.., didn’t the people talked about Jesus who had NO SINS..,so that means whether we do good or bad people will surely talk about us too so just take it to the Lord in prayer….HUMBLE YOURSELF AND LEARNED TO SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS AND WE WILL HAVE SUCH A GREAT COUNTRY….stop having our young people follow in our bad footsteps….

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  22. THE TRUTH says:

    Look how many other people lost in the election. Why is this confusion about Myron? Because he had an agenda and it was defeated by the people of the BVI.
    Look back at all the (Island Man) blogs and all that hateful mess that was being blogged.Plus that con-man idiot P**e. You are the ones that are responsible for Walwyn’s downfall. We are not as stupid as you think. Which country can a BVIslander go to and keep up the BS that you practice here. You Lucky.

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    You hired too many non BV Islanders in jobs BV Islanders could have performed. It began to look like you hated BV Island Natives. So they paid you back in kind.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Ministers hire hard working competent Phillipinos then put barriers up to prevent their competitors from doing the same, forcing them to hire locals that the Mi inters don’t want.

      Breathtaking hypocrisy.

  24. Drain de swamp says:

    Read my nickname

  25. wal says:

    Walwyn ,
    It’s time to lay back , and see what happens from now on . Many surprises ahead

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  26. Myron the Nar-----t says:

    Your lack of humility and int—– dug your grave and I hope you never get back in Government. You have absolutely no respect for yourself or those around you. Can’t be faithful at home so where should we expect it to transcend? You my friend got you deserved you power hungry, eg——l l—. I’m so very happy the people sent you a clear message…. Look how many at large votes you got…the 4 VIP candidates got more than you. SMH. You believed you were so special…. LOL, we showed you that the bigger they think they are the harder they fall. Good over evil.

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  27. Dumbfounded says:

    It seems like a lot of people don’t know what the term “of and on the table”means. If something is not off the table that means that you are still considering it.

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