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RDA targets capacity building for contractors | Low response to projects a concern

CEO of the RDA, Paul Bayly

With the British Virgin Islands moving full speed ahead with reconstruction efforts following the 2017 disasters, the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) has noted a minuscule number of contractors submitting bids for certain specialised projects.

In light of this, the RDA organised a one-day procurement workshop to address the issue and to build capacity among local stakeholders.

“It is our hope that we exchange information … so that we can increase the level of interest and response to the advertisement for business opportunities,” said the RDA’s CEO, Paul Bayly.

He made the remarks at the The Moorings-Mariner Inn on Friday.

He explained that certain procurement notices have received good responses.

However, “in other places, there have been some disappointingly low levels of response”.

“So in part, we want to make you know what we are looking for and how we do business,” the RDA boss said.

Director of Projects Dr Drexel Glasgow who also delivered brief remarks said: “We feel that training is a key component to ensuring the proper development of this country.”

“One of the things that we key in and emphasise is we want to build capacity, and we don’t want to just prepare you for work in the BVI. We want you to be able to compete regionally, and I dare say internationally.”

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  1. Opinion says:

    BVI Contractors are weary. In the past they have gone to lengths to get good standings , pay top dollar just to SUBMIT the non-refundable application fee only to learn that they are not successful and that the contract was awarded to one of the suspecting few. With this practice it’s better they keep their money and feed their family and not waste it on an application fee that non-refundable.

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    • BVI Contractor says:

      I want a return to the good old days before the RDA. It was so much easier to bid for contracts at the Pier Port because there was no requirement to stick to the budget and/or to produce what was stipulated by the contract.
      It made no sense to award a $350,000 contract to the Overspend to consult on offshore matters –
      there are numerous construction projects that the Overspend could oversee and manage for the RDA.

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    • Kickback says:

      No they love the petty contract systems the VIP had in place.Easy money for them to rob, no value for money for our country.

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  2. VG Resident says:

    Allow contractors to submit bids without cost. Why are contractors asked to pay to submit a bid?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Not interested in honest work. BVI contractors only want government work with kickbacks and overruns.

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  4. The Truth says:

    What he is not saying, in order to bid on a projects you need to submit at least 25 documents along with your navel string. The number of documents I have to submit, I sear I was pursuing my Master’s Degree.

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    • Hmm says:

      While you feel those 25 pages are laborious, the RDA is trying to build the capacity of contractors so that they can compete both regionally and internationally. CDB and other bodies have requirements that must be met. We need to aspire to attain higher standards. They RDA intends to help contractors reach these levels. Change is never confortable, but the status quo is and should not be accepted

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      • I'll rather suck salt first! says:

        Nonsense, while everyone is called to submit required documents is good. They lower their fee for BVIslabders and Belongers and charge more to external contractors.

        I agree with them not to submit any bids. After the hurricane, the Govt gave those who were severely broken an opportunity to apply for assistance. One had to submit their heart hand soul and even though you were qualified 5 times over, you were passed over and they gave assistance to their friends and families. Same concept here, they want to award contracts to who they want. Does that encourage anyone to apply again–Hell no!

        Let them bring in who they want and award contracts to whoever they want. No surprise here.

        The RDA themselves are cr****d. I had my experience with them that left a bitter taste in my mouth. Very unprofessional imo.

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  5. oh yeah says:

    It have more work in the private sector. Some of the largest projects to date are in the private sector. Check the outer islands and see whats going on and all of the projects are being done by local contractors.

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  6. :) says:

    So you telling none of the 70 contractors that did the High School wall interested in this project. I wonder if it’s because you could have gotten paid without completing the job.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    RDA, i am convinced, is an instrument construed, constructed and shipped from the UK designed to further complete the take over and control of the BVI’s economy.

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  8. Uinted Kingdom says:

    You all ask for the British to come and take over and alas they here and here to stay..Becareful what we ask for.

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  9. @United Kingdom says:

    Manifest Destiny, was not God ordained decree or promise, but simply an excuse for slavery, genocide & plunder.

    Is this what we are asking for again United Kingdom?

    They left after slavery when there were no more profits to be made off of free labour misery and death.

    Their great grand children have returned, but so to they will leave again.

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  10. @United Kingdom says:

    Manifest Destiny, was not God ordained decree or promise, but simply an excuse for slavery, genocide & plunder.

    Is this what we are asking for again United Kingdom?

    They left after slavery when there were no more profits to be made off of free labour misery and death.

    Their great grand children have returned, but so to they will leave again.

    United Kingdom, they [the British] weren’t stripped of their heritage, whipped , tarred and feathered, worked til the tendons detached from their bones, raped, and hung UNTIL Dead.

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  11. @United Kingdom says:

    United Kingdom, the [British] weren’t stripped of their heritage, whipped , tarred and feathered, worked til the tendons detached from their bones, raped, and hung UNTIL DEAD!

    Since you are here, did you bring what is owed?

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Their ancestors beat the holy shit out of ours and ultimately stopped the financial progression of us BVIslanders and damn near every race except their own.

    What was done to our people so long ago has definitely affected us in the now. We don’t have inheritance and old money to help us get through life. Help us build an EMPIRE.

    Each generation born from post slavery onwards was born into a life of struggle. We have been forced to work 1000 times as hard to get anywhere.

    Now you the British wants to come back and take what little financial progress we have made so far.

    What a heartless, non-compassionate, conscienceless people!

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  13. No nonsense says:

    @United Kingdom & Anonymous “if we don’t police ourselves, they will police us” and it came to past!!

    • @NO nonsense says:

      The authentic issue here is self policing versus self governance and being policed and governed by others not like you.

      We can and are overly capable of doing both for ourselves.

      Therefore, we do not need the grand child of a former coloniser, plunderer, human exterminator, slave owner and master to continue to police and rule over us.

      At least some feel very strongly about that.

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  14. Nasty says:

    We the people are the ones been chastise again with all this red tape for contractors what about the bad spending politicians that got us here what is the British Government who is responsible for Law and order doing about it.

    They have allowed a culture of bad spending and misspending to go on from the early 2000’s until now. Never has one politician been held accountable to the Law. .

    Meanwhile a board fill with allegedly people who were part of the bad spending and abuse is helping managing the board while the contractors are getting screwed.

    Tell the people the truth most of the people who was giving contracts on that ESHS wall were not even contractors.

    But the real contractors are conveniently been phase out of the recovery.

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  15. On looker says:

    Many contractors are not interested because of the large amount of documentation they have to provide for sometimes simple jobs, which most are unnecessary e.g. For the repair of the wall around the recreational grounds, one have to provide the following documents;-

    1 – Method Statement of Work

    2 – Procurement Strategy

    3 – Work Program

    4 – Resources – identify and list dedicated resources such as equipment, plant, vehicles etc.

    5- Contractor Personnel – details of management personnel and work force etc.

    6- Details of sub-contractors

    7- Health, Safety & Environment- provide list of health and safety risk etc.

    8-Quality assurance

    9- Risk management.

    Bear in mind, this is just a job to repair a block wall.

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    • Strupes says:

      They have a right don’t apply. As a honest individual, if I had a contractor’s license, I too would NOT apply. My thought would be let them keep that and GIVE it to who they want, because the poor man has no call in their play.

    • @on looker says:

      Please explain what is wrong with what is being requested. Seems here accountability and value for money should not be something that has a basis to be evaluated.

  16. Mark These Words. says:

    This is te beginning of the phasing out of the local contractor and others from the industry and big money.

    It is foreseen that they will be replaced with English men United Kingdom contractors, companies and subcontractors.

    Inevitably, the local, once the take over is complete, will be lucky to get a small days pay here and there.

    Such has always been the nature of the beast, the colonialist.

    Seperation for the safeguarding of our freedom and sustenance is the only remedy that will overt once again complete subjugation.

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  17. Concerned citizen says:

    I agree 1000%!

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  18. Time to talk says:

    My people let the discussion for independence begin. Why are so afraid..

  19. @ Time to Talk says:

    Agreed 1000000% Begin to organize from your corner.

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