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RDA will not be halted though it’s operating without regulations — Premier

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith

The body that was established to ensure a fair and transparent execution of government’s recovery and development plan has been operating without regulations.

While answering questions in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith revealed that the regulations required to govern the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) are ‘incomplete’.

The Premier further said the RDA will not be halted, though it is operating without rules.

“This (lack of regulations) doesn’t mean that work will not continue in association with the government,” the Premier said.

“The RDA will continue to make recommendations as to the implementation as we go forward. It doesn’t mean that they are doing anything that we don’t want them to do.”

But his assurances seemingly did not sit well with Opposition legislators Andrew Fahie and Julian Fraser who expressed concerned that the RDA is operating contrary to its mandate of transparency, accountability.

“If there are no regulations to guide the RDA what are they doing why are they meeting … how are they functioning without these regulations or why are they functioning without these regulations? Fahie questioned.

His estranged political counterpart Fraser, in the meantime, described the Premier’s explanation as a “joke” that is unacceptable to residents.

The RDA board comprises chairman Dr Robert Mathavious, Pastor Gregory George who was selected by the Premier, Maria Mays who selected by the governor, Sharie DeCastro who was selected by the Opposition leader, David Hancock select by the UK, Monica La Bennett who was selected by the Caribbean Development Bank, Clarence Faulkner (civil society representative), and Clyde Lettsome (private sector representative).

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  1. Not2Sure says:

    There are no regulations in place for most statutory bodies which exist in the BVI. Yet somehow they manage to carry out their functions without detailed regulations from the House of Assembly setting out procedures and policies for every little thing. It is called “getting stuff done” – not something which members of the House of Assembly know very much about.

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  2. Disinterested says:

    Even a broken clock is right at least twice a day. But the “less” NDP cannot by accident stumble upon something and do the right thing. How the hell can a Board function without any guidelines? How do evaluators ascertain if it is following guidelines? If you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there; you will end up somewhere.

    The BVI have so many high level staffers but what are they capable of doing? What do they do? Are they just looking at their love me walls that are adorned with degrees, certificates, certifications, plaques, pictures…….etc? Then again, the Premier has the ultimate responsibility for getting things done and done right? If ministers and other staff are not measuring up, get rid of them. I feel some of you saying that he will have to fire heself.

    Further, it is performance like this that makes the UK distrust the BVI government. The poor performance drove them(UK) to establish a Board (a government within a government. well, now there are two governments within a government; the other is ministries) to manage funds that it is only a co-sign for.

    Shameful and embarrassing situation. It is time for the NDP to go quietly into the night. Nonetheless, we need to find the $7.2M that it giveaway to BVI Airways. The NDP government now has one of the lowest rating among all governments. The rankings include HL Stoutt led VIP, Willard Wheatley led VDP/ UP, Ralph O’Neal led VIP, D. Orlando Smith led NDP and Cyril Romney led UP. Readers likely will have other rankings.

    Of note is that Williard Wheatley led two coalition governments. Lopsided governments, ie, 11-2, 9-4, 12-1 …..etc are disastrous for the VI. A coalition government may not be a panacea but it is the best option at this point. It keeps people honest, things real, and situation grounded. It keeps the focus on country and people, not self interest. BVI, as the late Norbert “Fix It” Wheatley use to say, fix yourself. May he RIP gone but not forgotten.

  3. smith is worst premier ever says:

    Smith go have a seat matter of fact have several seats. Shame on you and your government

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