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Recycling trucks being purchased as part of agreement between Green VI, gov’t

Health Minister Carvin Malone

Green VI is purchasing two recycling trucks while government is making “supplementary funds” available to improve waste management operations in the territory.

The purchase of these trucks — which will service the islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda — is part of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the Ministry of Health and Green VI on April 12.

This MOU will also see government furnishing Green VI with what it describes as ‘data to refine and implement innovative ways to increase the efficiency of the recycling process’.

Health Minister Carvin Malone said his ministry is now in the process of facilitating alternative measures of waste disposal to help address the growing solid waste issue throughout the territory.

This will involve the implementation of policies geared towards increasing the recycling initiative.

A media release from the ministry said such policies will “actively promotes the diversion of waste away from existing disposal sites through prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery”.

“We have to look into ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. We cannot continue to look for additional spaces in terms of dumpsites and we surely cannot continue to build mountains of waste because it is unsustainable,” Malone argued.

Meanwhile, one of the MOU’s signatories for Green VI, Vanessa King, said she is happy to see such a project finally in motion.

“We’ve been working on the ground for a long time, hand-in-hand with the government in trying to create a very green BVI ahead of the green space for us and future generations of the BVI,” she said.

This agreement between government and Green VI will see the implementation of a recycling system across the territory. This system will include installing recycling bins territory-wide.

Malone, in the meantime, said there are plans to get more parties on board to increase the recycling volume.

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  1. Cost says:

    Please let the public know the cost of these trucks. Remember you are an unconventional Government. Great initiative

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  2. vip heckler says:

    Will these be coming from china too?

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  3. TurtleDove says:

    So sick and tired of the government throwing money at businesses. All the government had to do is require ALL businesses to recycle and sell them the containers. Then Green VI was on their way. Then all they had to do was come up with their own business plan and work to get residential housing on board. We are not working spending the peoples money in a smart way.

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    • Curious says:

      Funny thing, every item listed or detailed in the press releases was published Sept 2018 as part of the Annual Report for Unite BVI. Printed in the Beacon on a 2 page spread Unite stated that all these items, & more, had been agreed, purchased & donated in their fiscal year 2017/2018…Also included a 50K salary for a “Recycling Manager” – guess that’s not part of the “package” Green VI is selling…

  4. E. Leonard says:

    Recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce. This alliteration must be more than words; effective action is needed. The BVI is a small locale of approx 59 square miles spread over some 36 islands, islets, cays, and rocks. It small size limits its having the acreage to construct a landfill with a useful life of 100 years as is the case in many larger locales.. As such, in the VI, action must be put in place to reduce demand on the landfill/incinerator to extend their useful lives.

    As such, an aggressive recycle programme must crafted and executed. An aggressive recycling programme would reduce the demand on the landfill/incinerator, reduce operational cost, reduce carbon footprint, improve air quality…….etc.

    Moreover, the MoU with green VI is a good start. What items will be recycle, ie, glass, metal, plastic, paper…….etc? Will the recycled items be used in the territory or shipped overseas? The recycling programme, other solid waste collection……etc must be extended to other islands, ie Anegada, Jost Van Dyke,…….etc. A government-owned or an outsourced solid waste barge(s) may be needed. Further, limited acreage, environmental health and safety, economic growth and development……etc, coupled with an increasing population, will provide future solid waste management challenges that should be effectively planned for now.

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    • Quiet Warrior says:

      No doubt recycling reduces the volume of waste needed to process by incineration and volume of incineration wate resulting. Hon Carvin Malone (AL), Minister of Health and Social Services, must ensure the toxic pollutants emitted from the incinerator is consistent with best management practices (BMP). Particularly, action is needed to ensure emissions is at below or below the maximum permissible exposure limits(PEL). The incinerator seems to have had some challenges, ie, scrubber………etc since Dancia Penn-Sallah was MHSS (2007-2011).

      The emissions pose a potential health risk to residents in the western area of Tortola, along with residents on St. John, USVI, our western friendly neighbor. St. John is probably the beneficiary of some negative externalities. The BVI must exhibit better corporate social responsibility.

  5. Just Ice says:

    This is progress after yrs of idleness by the last incumbent of this ministry

  6. Progressive says:

    Thanks to Green VI for donating the trucks and for keeping up the fight for many years. I hope this program really takes off with full support from the community and businesses. Good job Hon. Malone.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Exactly what is the plan with the recycled materials? OK, glass you can break up and use as aggregate. Cardboard? Plastic (I seem to recall reading that China is no longer accepting plastic for recycling?

    Of course, it is a step in the right direction, but still a long way to go. A unique challenge of course is that everything is imported in some kind of package that will need disposal.

    Would be easier if there was an overall policy and plant, not to mention a commitment to it

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