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Reflect on BVI’s journey this Territory Day, residents told

PRESS RELEASE: Residents are urged to pause and reflect on the Territory’s journey and celebrate the milestones achieved along the way this Territory Day.

Territory Day 2018 will be observed on Monday, July 2 under the theme, The Road to Greater Autonomy: Acknowledging our Creative Gifts.

This commemorative event is a symbolic occurrence in the history of the Virgin Islands which began in 1960 when the Territory was positioned on the path to nationhood as the symbolic trappings of an independent state, and in particular, a Coat of Arms was approved.

The Coat of Arms was to be used on seals, banners and flags. However, with the demise of the West Indies Federation in 1962 and the movement towards independence by the larger colonies in the region, the term colony was eventually replaced by Territory.

By the late 1960s, official records referred to the Virgin Islands as a Territory and in 1978, the Public Holiday Act was amended replacing Colony Day with Territory Day.

As part of the improved relationship with the United Kingdom, the Virgin Islands is now referred to as a British Overseas Territory.

Chair of the Committee, Honourable Delores Christopher says that she is pleased to be part of this committee, which works to highlight such an important event in the history of the Virgin Islands.

She said, ”Territory Day is a very important day in the history of the Virgin Islands, and this year’s theme, ‘The Road to Greater Autonomy: Acknowledging our Creative Gifts’, is very fitting for the times which the Territory is facing, and it also gives us something to think about, in relation to our future”.

Territory Day celebrations will be staged at the Pier Park and will feature dancing and singing performances. Presentations will be made by Member of the BVI Law Fraternity, Mrs. Kimberly Crabbe Adams; Akeya Herbert of the Elmore Stoutt High School will present the student’s perspective of the day, while Trevaughn Todman will give the youth’s perspective.

The public is invited to attend dressed in Virgin Islands Territorial Wear as the Ministry of Education and Culture continues to work to create a Culture of Excellence.

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  1. maytay says:


  2. Stopit!! says:

    All yoh really metay for truth. Try leave my cousin out of allyo race, buh running. She can’t run because the road to her house still mash up, so she got to take her time, so tell them for the time being she WALKING up Mosquito Hill.

  3. RunUSay says:

    Don’t be stirring up no trouble between Ann Elizabeth Rhymer’s generation. My cousin dont got no time with the politricks of today buh running. Her head focused and cannot be sidetracked for others political gain. So stop inquiring.

  4. Onething says:

    I never knew the bvi was heading towards independance that long ago. Wth. What the bvi and other overseas territories need is a representative from each territory in the U.K parliment to represent the citizens like the u.s territories does with senators. Its one sided they making decisions for our behalf because aint no one to represent us over there.

    • Polical Observer (PO) says:

      @Onething, each OT having an MP in UK Parliament is a noble idea but it will not happen in this lifetime. By the way, US territories, ie, Puerto Rico, Guam, USVI, Northern Marianas, and American Samoa don’t have US Senators; there are a 100 senators with each of the 50 states sending 2 to Washington DC. The Territories have one none voting member in the US House of Representative.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Problem there is they will want to charge UK taxes. The French Islands are not a good example of that model. The Dutch Islands have a better model, but much of their success is because Dutch people are free to go and live and invest there.

      You think these “ barn here’s “ are going to allow Brits the same freedom.? Which would btw also be the case with the French model.

      • Onething says:

        Never knew that america was that backward with their own citizens. French model is integration with the u.k bvi people would’nt accept that. Dutch people need work permits though they are entitled 6 months stay only in the dutch antillies.

      • Onething says:

        The dutch antillies has restriction on immigration from the netherlands trust me or they would be filled with europeans. They also like us are too small for a large influx of people. The us territories are ok large swathes of america has excellent weather imagine holland has 16 million people and the uk 65 million. Even 10,000 coming to each territory would crash the infrastructure thats why our immigration system is so strict.

      • Onething says:

        The problem is people here look at the u.k as this supremacist place and dont realize that some parts of America has that title yet they are so eager to get a green card. 90% of them never even left the caribbean or even left the bvi if they been u.k which I have they would see whats its like I bet most wouldnt want to come back bvi. They afraid of a 8 hour flight smh…

  5. not says:

    I hope she does.

  6. OneBVI says:

    How about a relevant and positive theme focusing on rebuilding the physical infrastructure and rebuilding a closer community of those who shared the danger and the aftermath of last year’s catastrophic events?

    We have a unique opportunity now to work better together against our commons competitors and foes but the infighting that held us back beforehand didn’t take long to resurface and the careless attitudes to client service, particularly in key areas for the jurisdiction, continue to hold us back far more than the EU and UK is doing.

  7. Too many holidays... says:

    ….not enough work.


  8. CW says:

    Have fun with your independence but WITHOUT A UK PASSPORT. best of luck to you without the crown next time a storm blows in and there’s a prison break and no clean drinking water or food.

    • Onething says:

      No one is talking about independance

    • Onething says:

      The people who are all are fools. The bvi and ots needs more representation in the u .k I hope they invest in us after they leave the EU. Fund projects, the government here are incompetent

  9. 25 NY/BVI Strong groovin in the Park says:

    We will be coming home to vote for Progressive Unity this upcoming election. After that, we will be heading to FOXY’s, a progressive establishment. This video below was our favorite artist in the park this summer.

  10. 25BVI Strong says:

    Our contribution is dedicated to Brother Bradley Lettsome of the East Sunrise

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