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Relief coming for road repairs, Premier says

Road Work

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has promised that repairs to the BVI’s road network will soon be on the way for frustrated residents of the territory.

Speaking at a press conference last Friday, Dr Wheatley announced that immediate steps were being taken to provide relief.

The Premier expressed confidence that securing a $100 million loan to address the severe road conditions exacerbated by recent weather events was all but guaranteed.

“I signed a contingency warrant for $1.8 million to address some overlay work [and asphalting] through the Ministry of Communications & Works and a private contractor,” he said.

While the repairs are only a short-term fix, the Premier said more long-term prospects would be the significant work financed by a great portion of the expected $100 million loan.

“Relief is on the way,” the Premier assured. “And I want to let persons know that we take their cries very seriously as it pertains to the infrastructure.”

Residents have long voiced concerns over the deteriorating state of the roads, which have seen significant damage from hurricanes and tropical storms since 2017. Dr Wheatley acknowledged these issues, emphasising the urgency of the repairs. “We hear the cries of the public as it pertains to our infrastructure,” he stated, adding that a portion of the loan will be dedicated to comprehensive road rehabilitation.

The loan will address road repairs and support other critical infrastructure projects, including sea defences, as part of the territory’s broader economic and environmental resilience strategy. This is particularly important as the territory braces for an active hurricane season, with forecasts predicting up to 23 named storms.

The Premier’s announcement comes amid ongoing public discussions about government priorities and fiscal management. While some residents have questioned the allocation of funds to events like the BVI music festival, Dr Wheatley defended these initiatives as vital for economic stimulation and tourism.


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  1. EVERYTHING says:

    is short term , and we already know that , so you don’t nrmeed to remind us , your honor , we got the message a long time ago , so whats new ?

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  2. Styles. says:


    An overlay and asphalt works is not what we need.

    You pay the same people to “fix” the roads over and over. Since the road deteriorate within weeks after the are “fixed” the people you hire to fix it are clearly incompetent.

    With or without inclement weather the work done is rubbish.

    We don’t need the filling of potholes. We need a compl te redo of our infrastructure.

    Since you have a 300m budget, you wasted money on parties and travel we don’t need to borrow money to make these investments. Just spend more wisely on competent contractors and not your friends and not on parties and useless travel.

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  3. Hottie says:

    Please get the RDA to deal with the roads – we need the roads done properly and to budget.

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  4. Relief is coming says:

    as is Christmas and the second coming. They will both be with us long before you sort the roads.

  5. VG says:

    Bronson fell in a hole next day you guys had that hole covered.It just cost me over two thousand 9to have my suspension fix.Bronson pls.come again soon.What comedy what you call a quick fix we know it’s a bandage to last forever.

    • Boo says:

      He need to come fall down from Beef Island to West End dock because the whole place pop down. Yet we throwing party like caution to the wind

  6. WEW says:

    Another loan? We didn’t need one for the music fest. Thought we were in good shape financially

  7. CDB says:

    The loan will come just in a nick of time (1) month before elections are due. A flurry of activities involving multiple contracts being signed to saddle whomever is in next.

    Loan you say? Has the paperwork been sent and started? Are all independent financial audits up to date?

    Relief me ra**hole…

  8. Please says:

    been reading that from politicians fro the last sixty five years, while vehicles continue to. be destroyed without any recourse.

    And the infidels will continue to vote in their pocket books, bank accounts, family and friends, while the country continue its backward downward spiral.

    Some decent, smart ad politically hygenic folk need to step up and save our country from pending diaster and secure itfor their children, grand children and more.

  9. stuppess says:

    all i hear is blah blah blah blah blah

  10. Lol says:

    $100M debt on top of debt on top of debt. How many and when are the balloon payments from the existing debt due? What is the true credit rating of BVIG? Heaping debt on top of debt and kicking the can down the road is the answer? The British won’t have to suspend anything. These cats going to collapse the country as it is

  11. BuzzBvi says:

    And the lucky local contractor that will do the same bad repair and pocket and share some of the cash is…..

  12. @ WEW says:

    We still wondering why BIG youth , isn’t trying to recover the millions those white hustlers ripped us off on the plane fake deal & and on those wannabe contractors who ripped off walwyn on the unfinished wall , so we won’t be hearing that wigged canary on his yello site singing the same song like a broken down record , like he is a judge /jury & EXECUTIONER ■ THOSE MILLIONS CAN DO A LOT FOR OUR INFRASTRUCTURE , PLUS ITS TAXPAYERS MONEY , SO WE WON’T HAVE TO BORROW IT / this ain’t no party time for free jamz ~ or jumping on planes going all around the world bro / we got some serious business to take care of that we cannot blame yhe white boyz for , because we can see for ourselves

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