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Remove Sister Islands Coordination from Deputy Governor’s Office

Vincent Wheatley

Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley has called for sister islands’ coordination services to be removed from under the Deputy Governor’s Office and placed under the Premier’s Office for greater efficiency.

Wheatley further said the sister islands’ coordination services should be part of a wider unit that is also responsible for ensuring equity among all districts.

“When I look at the responsibilities of that job it is best suited for the Premier’s Office as the lead ministry, with a unit that works across all ministries – a coordinated entity. It should not be in the Deputy Governor’s Office, it needs to be in the Premier’s Office with proper funding. I think if we make that move it should solve a lot of the problems with equity among districts,” said Wheatley who served as sister islands coordinator before entering representational politics.

Wheatley said those responsible for sister islands coordination have developed a “grid” over the years, which outlines all the issues affecting neighbouring islands. He said this unit needs to appear before the Standing Finance Committee to advocate for the sister islands because they need funding to address critical issues.

“That would be the person’s main function — to make sure all the districts are given fair treatment because every single district representative will tell you that there is something in their district that goes neglected. If it’s not road, it’s water, power, bush, a school, clinic, airport or dock. I have all of them in my district,” Wheatley stated.

With no dedicated unit to advocate for the sister islands and equity among all districts, Wheatley said the permanent secretaries and other public officials are the ones left to decide which issues to address in each district. But he said oftentimes, critical issues are overlooked.

“If you leave those things to chance, some things will be missed. It has to be structured through the budget,” Wheatley said.

He added that many years ago, there were plans to place sister islands’ coordination under the Premier’s Office. However, it had to be transferred to the Deputy Governor’s Office because of a lack of space in the Premier’s Office.


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  1. HE AGAIN ? says:

    the new year just start and the chicken hawk on the loose again/ bro you ain’t the prince of VG Anymore , BYE BYE ?

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  2. Confused says:

    Happy New Year to Residents of District Nine and the entire Virgin Islands.
    I vowed to be a more positive person in 2023.
    While I somewhat agree with some of the statements made by Hon. Wheatley, I am still trying to understand the Representatives role in all this. What is the difference whether this unit is set up under the Premier’s office or the Deputy Gov’s office? What is your role in all this as the Representative whose job is to look after the needs of your Districts? If the Sister Island Coordinator’s role is to see that things are done through budget funds, then what is your responsibility as District Rep? The role of Sister Island Coordinator is strapped with taking care of all the areas that you mentioned and more but my question is what is yours? What do you do on a daily basis other than giving Belonger status to Rapists and giving away Crown Lands. Tells us Honourable, what is your role. The present Sister Island Coordinator is doing a hell of great job and should be commended but I ask again why do we need a District Representative.

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  3. The Premier 's office!? says:

    Like the head coach?
    LOL. Guess there is a cokane shortage on Virgin Gorda.
    What are you smoking? Please share!

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  4. @ the coach's office says:

    that was fuN-E ?

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  5. Workit while you can. says:

    “What is the difference whether this unit is set up under the Premier’s office or the Deputy Gov’s office?”

    The difference is a very simple one: Money. How easier it will be accessed. Who will control the access.
    As of this moment, those are the challenges.The easy flow of money is tedious. Under current premier,it will turn into a river. Simple as that and they will be rolling their trunks up to the bans, putting out their hoses, filling up thier hoses and rolling off.

    Dare anyone to show the voting and intuitive populace differently. All we can say is while you can, work for all you can get.

  6. Online says:

    You were the Coordinator for years under DGO, why didn’t you work to have the Unit moved then?

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