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Rename Craft’s Alive in Delores Christopher’s honour

Archibald Christian

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Junior minister for tourism Archibald Christian is calling for the Craft Alive Village in Road Town to be renamed in honour of the recently deceased legislator, Delores Christopher.

Speaking at her official funeral ceremony at the Sea Cows Bay Methodist Church on Saturday, Christian said Christopher deserves to be honoured because of the sterling contribution that she has made to British Virgin Islands culture.

He then directed his calls towards the Premier Dr D Orlando Smith-led government of which he and Christopher is and has been a part of

“I ain’t going to rest until that happens,” he said. “[It is] in honour of the service and dedication that she has made to the business community in the Virgin Islands.”

More tributes

In the meantime, a number of government and high-ranking officials attended to pay tribute to Christopher.

Governor Augustus Jaspert said he was ‘saddened’ to learn of her passing and described her as a ‘committed public official’ who has served the people of the Fifth Electoral District and the territory with great pride.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said she was the ‘epitome of patriotism’ and a keen businesswoman who transferred those skills to her lengthy tenure as a public servant. He further said he considered it a ‘personal honour’ to have had her as part of the National Democratic Party for more than two decades.

“I especially enjoyed debates in the House of Assembly where her contributions were laced with anecdotes and analogies. She had an uncanny and unmatched way of using narratives to express her concerns, which also helped others to consider her point of view.”

Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie, who also paid tribute, said he will always remember and respect her honesty and determination to fight for what is right.

“We will all cherish the many fond memories of our now-deceased colleague, honourable, sister, family, mother and friend.”

He added: “We will miss her dearly, but may her legacy live on forever in our hearts.”

Several persons came to pay their final respects to her and to extend sympathies to her family.

Her final resting place was at her family cemetery in Mount Healthy.

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  1. Rolls eyes says:

    If I roll my eye one more time this clown makes a statement. They goin stick in the back oof my head! #gosiddungarchie

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  2. Nonsense says:

    Archie go sit down and let the Hon. Christopher rest in peace!!!!! The lady hasnt been laid to rest and you are talking NONSENSE! If she was so instrumental why didnt you suggest this while she was alive to enjoy the honor? You guys make me sick with the grandstanding and not even the dead are safe!! You had 8 years in office and what is your legacy? Do us all a favor and just stop the noise.

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  3. Retired says:

    Tourist attractions need easily recognizable names such as Tortola Pier Park, Crafts Alive Village, etc. that describe their purpose. Please name government buildings, schools, sport facilities, etc. after former BVI ministers, legislators, athletes and other public servants.

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  4. ? says:

    Why is only when someone died you all want their name on building you all know she was ill for some time you all should of do this when the lady alive to see and hear about now she is dead you all want to honour the lady name

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  5. The pic though says:

    The pic of his lips though… Hahaha

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  6. Harold says:

    She had a shop in there but was never in there, never associated with the other vendors so why change the name of crafts alive. The name crafts alive means more than being named after a politician.
    Sorry if i sound morbid but celebrate her life in other ways

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    • Good says:

      I agree 100%. Name Xmas on Main Street/deCastro street in her honor. I don’t see why we wait until people die to laud them for their contributions, just sickening especially for a ‘Christian’ society..pun? well….

  7. #smh says:

    When it comes to letting off hot air that man is the king of these islands.

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  8. ndp heckler says:

    So name everything after the NDP?

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  9. Not sure why.. says:

    …but I can never take this guy serious.

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  10. Brad Boynes says:

    Why he did not make that request a year or two ago?

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  11. Mark says:

    This man dose never have nothing of substance to say.

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  12. Idea says:

    Yes Archie and we will honor you as Jr. Minister of Tourism and in particular, Minister of clean up by naming all over-sized garbage bins the ‘Archie Bins’ as we bid you farewell in your retirement from politics..

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  13. Stupes says:

    You have.

  14. What says:

    need to be renamed are those parks which are named after our enslavers, rapers, brutalizers, murderers and colonial oppressors.

    Who are of sane and human mind will, bow down to, and cherish, and attached their oppressors names to prime real estate into perpituity? Only the slave mentality will continue into such and existence. A mental existence of no self worth, dignity and desire to be free and self governing.

    For example, the QEP should be renamed, and rightly so, the Dr. D. Olando Smith, Skeltons, Wheatleys, Lennards, Vanterpools,Stevens, George or many, many other deserving locals who have truly contributed to the growth and survivability of generations upon generations of people and of country.

    How has QE, Columbus and all of the other pirates, enslavers, criminals, murderers and colonial masters contributed to the servival, growth and development of our people and country for the last 150 years?

    Wake up BVI lkocals and reignite our progressive minds. Let them not remain stagnant or be afraid to challenge in interest for the future.

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    • LoveMyBVI says:

      Archie that was not the place for that. There is a place and time for everything. plus you were to darn long winded – rambling rambling with your dark shades. You did not even have the courtesy to address the Clergy. Ayo need to know how to behave in The House of God. Shame Shame

  15. Stopit!! says:

    All you wicked like when a foul “wid-egg.” We are one people, stop this cutting down of our brothers and sisters. If you can’t say good, do not say bad.

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