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Repairs to BFEC start, to be complete in 4 months

Education Minister Myron Walwyn (left) and Unite BVI representative Sir Richard Branson unveil Bregado Flax Educational Centre’s ‘reconstruction project’ sign to mark the start of repairs to the school on November 13.

Work on building one of the Bregado Flax Education Centre/Secondary Division on Virgin Gorda has officially commenced and is expected to be completed in about four months.

The 150 feet long by 40 feet wide, two-level structure will receive a brand new concrete roof, new flooring, handrails, windows, doors, and a fresh coat of paint thanks to a $1.1 million donation by the UNITE BVI and the Cable & Wireless Foundation.

UNITE BVI contributed $1 million while the Cable & Wireless Foundation donated $100,000.

The new structure is also expected to be solar powered.

The structure is made up of classroom facilities and designated areas for home economics, woodwork, music, and sewing.

Colin MacDonald, who is General Manager for Flow and the representative of the Cable and Wireless Foundation told BVI News that the charitable organisation was happy to help.

He said since the last year’s hurricanes, they have been working with UNITE BVI with a view to target and support to priority projects.

“Obviously, the school was identified early as in great need … Soon the kids will have a real roof over their heads and get the technology lab from our side up and running,” he said.

Would-be BVI vacationers contributed part of the donation

Meanwhile, representative of the Unite BVI Foundation, Sir Richard Branson, said part of the funds came from persons who had paid to vacation at Necker Island.

He said the would-be vacationers were unable to visit Necker because of the hurricanes so he was asked them to channel the funds towards the rebuilding of the territory.

“We are obviously excited and we are looking forward to when the school is rebuilt to celebrate with you,” he said.

Government happy

In the meantime, Education Minister Myron Walwyn said the government is grateful for the help.

“I am indeed elated that we were able to get to this point,” the minister said while giving remarks at the commencement ceremony on Tuesday.

He said the government had recognized the school’s need prior to the hurricanes and was in the process of securing funds for it when the 2017 hurricanes stalled them.

“I dare say, had it not been for the hurricane, the construction of the school would almost be finished by now. But God has different plans and we have to work with his plans and not with ours,” Walwyn said.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, who also delivered brief remarks at the ceremony, described the partnership between government and the private donors as a ‘great’ opportunity that arose as a result of the hurricanes.

“We recognized that there was quite a significant amount of work to be done, and this now is the start,” he said.

Gov’t to fund rest of repairs

Ninth District representative Dr Hubert O’Neal also pitched in, saying: “I am perhaps the happiest person here today.”

He described Virgin Gorda as being ‘blessed’ to have people living among them who are willing to assist them in times of need.

Jose DeCastro undertook the architectural designs while Rufred Forbes and Associates are the contractors for the project.

Government will fund repairs for the rest of the school upon completion of this first phase.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    Where is wheatley now?

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  2. ndp heckler says:

    The NDP made us beggars

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    • HMM says:

      Accepting help doesn’t qualify you as a beggar. We as BVI landers need to stop with our foolish pride.

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      • help says:

        You didn’t understand what the person was saying. The bad spending of the NDP. .if they was using wisdom with there spreading we would of had money to rebuild

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        • Ummmm says:

          Did we not went through one of the biggest hurricane known to man? Even if monies were wasted as stated, the monies in our lil treasury would not have been enough to rebuild the entire country.

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          • GNP says:

            Well, the GNP was about $ 1 billion/year for a good couple of decades. Rebuild costs are in the 3.7 billion range or about 15% of what we grossed in 20 year. You’d think there have been some money set aside for a rainy day. One percent of gross earnings over those20 years works out to $ 200 million….but instead we have borrow money from the UK, because, ironically since we are supposed to be one of the offshore financial service center, we have not issued an audited financial statement in more than 5 years. The treasury popes not appear to have set aside much at all.

        • BS says:

          When Ronnie was running the books using wisdon and saving for rainny day the VIP and their supporters had the world to say. You people make me sick

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  3. :) says:

    This is great, although alarmingly late as everything else has been here. Old Sir Rick certainly loves the limelight!

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  4. Eagle eye says:

    O’Neal is watching from behind lol

  5. LMB says:

    Friends in high places I see.

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  6. Billionaires says:

    Friends for influence and ultimate benefits. Who truly looking our for the masses?

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  7. Alternative says:

    Energy Agenda, who really will harvest the greatest outcome. More control. Hope our people get at least some of the crumbs. Sleeping sheeps’.

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  8. Alternative says:

    Energy Agenda, who really will harvest the greatest outcome. More control. Hope our people get at least some of the crumbs. Sleeping sheeps’. Watch the play.

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    • Curious says:

      Exactly – a play for our power grid to go with the Water company….all done “in the light of day” and in the name of recovery…financed by the good folks who donated money to take care of the people after the worst disaster in our history…disturbing & obviously condoned by those “in power”

  9. smh says:

    why don’t they crop Berty out the photo.

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  10. Asking? says:

    Where is Lester Hymann’s position on what’s happening in our VI. Another influencer with a lot of clout. What a tight artificial weave we sow? More to come…

  11. So, we were right all along says:

    Another puppet for the billionaire.

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  12. Big decisions! says:

    Who do we choose? Done Deal or Myrun? Both eating outta the same plate.

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  13. So says:

    We have become beggars, a so?

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  14. Just saying says:

    Sad state of affairs in our country when billionaires direct our present and future affairs. Do we truly know our worth?

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    • BVI says:

      You people are so stupid and puffed up with pride that you cant see when peopel is trying to help you, Take your heads out of your A## and come out and smell the real world

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  15. Wasted money says:

    Over the years and this is what we have been reduced to-Dance bwoy for your bread.

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  16. No where to hide says:

    Last resort, use association. This will not work- your marketing agent and advisors should be blamed.

  17. hmm says:

    This scenario is scary .. Pure business ventures .thanks NDP

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  18. Opps says:

    How much have you negative bloggers contributed to the territory after the hurricane. Were you not the same ones who were saying to send home the expats children? Where you not the same one happy to see volunteers get harassed and kicked out by immigration? How many of you have children attending BFEC. VG got what community spirit and that is why VG will weather every storm. That’s to our friends in every sphere of OUR COMMUNITY.

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  19. Debate says:

    Did the rate of our water prices reduced? PEOPLE see what’s at play! The Airbvi adventure was not in the billionaires interests so there was no play there. But control of our water resources and now energy alternatives are at-play.

    Every child in our country should learn to play chess. Ask SIMON?

    PROVERB: “Everyday for the wealthy- but one day for the poor.”

    Wake up our people!

    Signing out?

  20. Hmmm says:

    When he help we complain when he ain’t doing anything we he still complain. Just just like to complain.

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  21. #VI Strong says:

    Tings getting serious in ‘‘tis upcoming by- possibly- general election, seem like it’s going to be cut-throat. For me and my family, I am not holding any prisoners ‘‘tis time around. Enough of living under the veil.

  22. GWEN says:

    Thank you Sir Richard Branson for your generosity and interest in the people of Virgin Gorda. You have done above and beyond for the people of Virgin Gorda. The elected officials have done absolutely nothing in the recovery of the Island.

    Mr. O’Neal is an elected spectator.

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