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Repairs to VG police barracks start Monday, $766K contract signed

The building which houses the Virgin Gorda police barracks — the living quarters for cops.

A contract valued at $766,028 has been signed for the long-awaited refurbishment of the police barracks on Virgin Gorda and works are slated to begin as early as next Monday, November 26.

Works to the barracks, which has been in a year-long state of disrepair because of the September 2017 hurricanes, will be done by Ridgeview Construction (BVI) Limited.

This is among the first projects to be signed through the Recovery & Development Agency since the heavily-debated recovery plan passed in the House of Assembly last month.

Ridgeview Construction, in the meantime, will be installing a new roof to the building and this is to include a ring beam and an airtight roof decking.

A media release from the Office of the Governor, which has responsibility over the police department, said refurbishing work will also include the replacement of interior and exterior doors, as well as the replacement of balcony and handrails — all of which will be in line with building codes and which will be capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds.

“Window spaces will also be reduced in size with block work and new windows installed that are capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds. The interior of the building, to include the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, will be repaired and repainted where needed with material suitable for the weather and temperature conditions in the BVI,” the release said.

In light of recent cases of mould that has infested government buildings, anti-fungal paint will be applied to reduce fungal growth on the soon-to-be-refurbished police living quarters. The refurbishment will also include installing accordion-style shutters and awnings.

The start of the project comes weeks after Police Commissioner Michael Matthews reported that the hurricane-damaged barracks was beginning to affect policing on Virgin Gorda.

He said at the time: “We’ve recently tried to increase the number of officers on Virgin Gorda except we got nowhere to house the officers if they, for example, live on Tortola. So, we are sending the officers across using the public service, except, the ferries don’t run particularly late at the moment and so I’m having difficulty in sustaining the coverage I want because those officers have got to get back.”

Housing, transport problems hurting policing on VG


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  1. Some questions? says:

    What is the basis for the cost? We have a roof (which should be airtight anyway), some block work to make windows smaller, new windows, paint. All this supposedly for $766K? is there a time table for this project? Will there be liquidated damages for failing to meet it? Was this bid? And, who is Ridgeway Construction?

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  2. Outlaw says:

    That building needs to be demolished completely and stat a new one.

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  3. hmmm says:

    Thats about what it cost to build from scratch………..

  4. Umm says:

    Your Excellency, in the interest of transparency please let us know who are the principals of Ridgeview Construction (BVI) Limited

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  5. Me again says:

    This is only the SMOKE
    The RDA brought their European $ to the programme and they brought their people to collect it also
    Notice who on the committee ; a set of hand picked “ yes Sir “
    Any one witty Construction. Qualifications ?
    Again , the present administration has shown its true pedigree; crooni- ism for ppl not qualified , a clear sign of blatan greed/ fillin d cookie jars that are already filled
    They continue to keep the masses Un / informed where they hold on to the M ( oney). and tell the ( asses ) after the fact

    But we are not ignorant as Bob Marley said “ AMBUSH IN THE NIGHT “

    • Leverick Bay Homeowner says:

      Ridgeview construction is the real deal. The company is from Barbados and they throw 12 workers on a job and get it done in 3-4 months (and stay on budget). I saw them put a roof on a house in Leverick Bay in 2 weeks.
      In 3 months time there will be a new police station…so stop flapping you jaws and let these guys fix the broken stuff.

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    • @Me Again says:

      So we are going to focus on this one and pretend like local companies werebt also issued contracts to the tune of millions? Come on man! Step up or step aside! If we want opportunities then prepare for them. No matter whether its a local or outside company people will complain because its not them making the money. Unbelievable.

  6. CJ says:

    Here we go again so let us stop any bickering before it starts . List of all stake holders and a priced scope of works with detailed measurements should be published and details of other tenders submitted . BVI news why don’t you be real reporters and request information like this from gov . Hold gov feet to the fire that is the job of the press, ask questions stop handing

  7. justice says:

    Well I do not understand a Police Barrack was given 700,000 plus for repairs and the Government wants to give Fire 400,000 for repair Lord it is a shame.

  8. Hmmm says:

    These bright boys have found a new way to get paid so others can get paid and make it look like a clean job.

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