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REPENT! Local preacher says witchcraft, incest rampant in BVI


Apostle Ava Baird. (BVI News Online photo)

Local preacher, Ava Baird has reiterated calls for repentance throughout the territory, claiming that ungodly acts such as witchcraft, homosexuality and incest are rampant locally.

The female preacher made the call while addressing a large crowd at the staging of the National Service of Thanksgiving and Unity event held at Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday.

“We have opened our spiritual doors; we have opened our atmospheric doors, and we have opened our national doors to the spirit of witchcraft, which requires human blood sacrifices. God is saying we have opened our doors to the spirit of idolatry, where we have bowed our knees to strange, dead, false gods,” said Apostle Baird.

She added that the people of the BVI have also opened their doors to murder, false dealings and lascivious acts such as incest and molestation, while at the same time proclaiming that the territory is a godly nation rich in beauty.

“If this nation is a godly nation, then we should be standing on our spiritual walls, and we should have this atmosphere so locked with intercession and prayers for this nation, for our leaders, for our families, for our lives. But, God is saying we have sinned.”

According to Baird, God wants to reclaim the territory, but the people must first repent from their sinful ways.

“Let us tear down every alter that does not belong to him. Expel the spirit of witchcraft, and expel the spirit of homosexuality and lesbianism; the spirit of prostitution and greed… Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people,” she urged.

The National Service of Thanksgiving and Unity event was attended by several officials including Premier Dr. D Orlando Smith and Governor Augustus Jaspert.

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